My Story: Amaka Madueke


I am Amaka Madueke a Product Manager and Agile Facilitator.

In the last 3+ years, I have managed to successfully deploy over 8 unique software Projects/Products across various sectors largely based on customers preference.

I am a design thinker, with great communications skills that helps me standout in clients management

What fascinates me the most about the various projects/products that I have worked on in the Tech space, is how each one gives you the opportunity to implement lessons from the previous project.

Prior to transitioning to Tech, I come from a rich research background in business consulting and client relationship management in advertising and e-commerce.

I work full time as a Product Manager, and part-time as an Agile Execution Facilitator for an online Tech platform in Nigeria.

I am also currently pursuing a Masters degree in International Management and Information System with South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences in Germany

I strongly believe in the power of improving my knowledge base, hence I continuously attend various online courses in my field, including that of Product School.

I love music a lot, and I constantly play music even while working.

I am also quite passionate about helping people looking to transition into Tech, so I offer FREE mentoring/coaching sessions for aspiring Product Managers.

The goal is to continuously improve on existing knowledge, and eventually lead the operations of a Tech company.

The Product Management NanoDegree has definitely improved my Product Management activities. Implementing the knowledge gained, is something that has been experienced and commended by both colleagues and manager. I strongly recommend.

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