An Honest Lingoda German Review (Updated 2024)

lingoda german review
Lingoda German Review

Honest Lingoda German Reviews 2022: Is It Worth It?

In this Lingoda German review, we will talk about Honest Lingoda German reviews and some important topics one should highlight.

Introduction – Lingoda German Review

It’s a fallacy that learning German is difficult. Any language requires dedication and time to learn. The German language is the same way.

Thinking of learning German on Lingoda? Then you’ve come to the right place. In this Lingoda German Review, you’ll get a breakdown of all things German that Lingoda has to offer including pricing, duration, instructors, pros, cons, and more. It’s always best to make an informed decision. Read the complete Lingoda German Review to see if it’s the right choice for you.

An Overview of Lingoda as a Language Learning Platform

Lingoda is a language learning platform on which individuals can learn English, Business English, German, French, and Spanish. This platform offers live, online classes that can be attended one-on-one or in small groups.

The course curriculum and learning material are affiliated with the CEFR, i.e. the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

All of Lingoda’s courses are taught by native speakers of the languages taught. The platform is available 24×7 for classes as well as support. Learners from across the globe can sign up on Lingoda. Having taught over 80,000 students so far, the platform has gained popularity and built a name for itself. This can be seen in the 4.5 rating it has on Trustpilot. 

Along with regular language courses, the platform also offers faster-paced courses called Sprints and Marathons. These allow learners to pick up a language quicker and also have some interesting promotional offers that come along with them.

In this Lingoda German Review, we’re going to be focussing on its German courses. Keep reading to find out more!

Why German?

Did you know that German is the most widely spoken native language in the EU?

As if learning a new language wasn’t beneficial enough already, German takes this to a whole other level. Here are some of the top reasons you should learn German:

  • German is widely spoken. — It’s one of the ten most widely spoken languages in the world. It’s also among the top three languages that people set out to learn. 
  • Open up career & educational opportunities! — Working in Germany or for a German company becomes a lot more achievable if you know the language. Even if you plan to study in Germany, many courses require you to have at least a basic understanding of German, if not more. Since Germany boasts of both good working conditions and a great educational system, we’re sure this one caught your eye. 
  • An easy language to learn — German has a lot of similarities with English. This makes it an easy language to learn for English speakers.

Now that you know why learning German is a good idea, let’s see why you should learn German from Lingoda in this Lingoda German Reviews.

Lingoda German Details & How It Works?

how lingoda german works

Lingoda’s German courses promise to help you both professionally and otherwise. Lessons cover all aspects of German — reading, listening and also provides you with content to watch. The courses encourage learners to travel minus the language problems and make friends irrespective of the languages spoken. 

Lingoda German aligns with CEFR language learning levels. Lingoda offers a free placement test to understand your level. So, you don’t have to worry about that.

These are the CEFR levels:

  1. Absolute Beginner (A1)
  2. Beginner (A2)
  3. Intermediate (B1)
  4. Upper-Intermediate (B2)
  5. Advanced (C1)

We’ll dive deeper into each of these levels later in the article. 

Now, let’s understand more about how Lingoda German works, course durations, etc.!

While enrolling for Lingoda German, you can choose between a monthly subscription, a marathon, and a sprint. Monthly subscriptions allow for flexibility in terms of schedules, whereas Marathons and Sprints have more fixed schedules. The two of these are designed for students who want to learn faster and can commit time regularly. 

As for classes, Lingoda allows you to choose between group or one-on-one classes. This choice completely depends on your learning style and personal preference. Group classes make the process of learning more fun and interactive as you’re learning alongside other people at your level.

However, if you think having peers slows you down, or if you learn better solo, then opt for one-on-one sessions.

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What is Lingoda German Sprint? Who should choose it?

The Lingoda German Sprint is essentially a challenge extended by Lingoda to language learners. It’s a fast-paced course. Choose between a Sprint or Super Sprint. The Sprint involves 15 classes a month, scheduled on alternate days. The German Super Sprint involves 30 classes with one class every day. Both of these are for a set duration of three months. 

The most striking feature of Sprint is the cashback offer. If you attend all classes on time, have a stable network connection, and meet all requirements, you can get your fees back. For the Super Sprint, you can win back 100% of the amount paid, and for the Sprint, 50%. 

Enroll for the Lingoda German Sprint if:

  • You can commit to all of your scheduled classes and know that you can attend them for sure. 
  • You are looking to learn German over a shorter timeline. 
  • You’re ready for a fast-paced course. 

The Lingoda German Marathon, on the other hand, offers a little more flexibility. You can choose between 3, 6, and 12-month plans for Marathons. There are fewer classes to attend each month, and the rules are more relaxed. You must attend 90% of your classes to earn up to €400 cashback. 

If you’re looking to learn German at your own pace over a long period, opt for Lingoda’s monthly subscriptions instead.

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Features Of Lingoda’s German Course

Let’s talk about all that Lingoda has to offer German language learners!

  • Group and private sessions — Lingoda offers classes either as group sessions or one-on-one between learner and tutor. Group sessions involve a small group of learners (3-5) attending a class together. Private classes are for those who want to get dedicated classes with Lingoda instructors. 
  • 24×7 accessibility — Students can access the platform and schedule classes 24×7, making it accessible globally. 
  • Quality of instructors — All instructors on Lingoda are qualified, native-speakers who also have experience in language training. 
  • Free Placement Test — Gauge your current skill level using the placement test. So, you can opt for the appropriate level. 
  • Free Trial — Lingoda offers a free 7-day trial to all learners. With this trial, students can enroll in up to three group lessons or one private lesson. 
  • Classes on Zoom — All Lingoda classes are online and interactive. These are instructor-led classes that happen on Zoom.

Let’s get into more details like Lingoda Instructors, Pricing, Pros and Cons in this Lingoda German Review.

Lingoda German Instructors

The quality of teaching that Lingoda offers makes it stand out. The platform has over 1500 native speakers on board as instructors across all the languages it offers. When you want to learn a language, it is best to learn it from native speakers. The quality of most teachers is top-notch. They are professional, experienced and they know their subject.

The German instructors make sure to answer all your queries to their best ability. They also create an interactive session rather than a one-sided lecture. They encourage students to participate, answer questions, speak in German, and practice their new skills. 

Another point to note here is the rotation of teachers. You will not be learning from a single instructor. Your instructors will keep changing, and you do not have a choice. A problem faced here is that some teachers are not quite as impressive as the rest. Meaning the overall quality of learning comes down.

Lingoda says the reason for the rotation is to expose students to different accents, dialects, and phrases used in a language. They believe it results in a more rounded learning experience.

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Pricing Structure

The pricing of your Lingoda German monthly subscription depends on two major factors:

  1. The number of classes you can commit to in a week.
  2. Whether you’d like group or private lessons.

There are a few plans that Lingoda offers in terms of class frequency:

  1. Maintain — 1 class a week.
  2. Improve — 3 classes a week.
  3. Improve a lot — 5 classes a week. 
  4. Immersion — 10 classes a week.

Your Lingoda German monthly subscription can range from $68/month for the Maintain plan with group lessons to $880/month for the Immersion plan with private lessons.

As for German Sprint and Marathon, the pricing varies.

  • With the German Sprint, you have to choose between the Sprint or Super Sprint. Accordingly, you will be eligible for 50% or 100% cashback if you meet all the requirements. 
  • With the Marathon, the pricing changes from 3, 6, and 12-month plans. Plus, you can be eligible to win back 50% of the amount paid. 

So, these plans could make your course either free of cost or incredibly affordable. However, even if you don’t meet all the requirements for the cashback, Lingoda is priced pretty reasonably. 

Lingoda also offers a free 7-day trial to all students. Try the platform and German courses out before committing. With this free trial, you can join up to 3 group lessons or one private lesson.

Course Duration

The duration of your Lingoda German course depends on the number of classes you opt for weekly. If you were to opt for 1 lesson a week, you could complete the A1 level in a year. On the other hand, if you opt for five classes/week, you could complete the course in about two and a half months. 

If you opt for faster-paced plans like the Marathon or Sprint, you can finish these even sooner.

Levels Of Lingoda German

Lingoda offers German lessons across all CEFR levels from Absolute Beginner (A1) to Advanced (C1). Let’s dive a little deeper into these levels:

  • Absolute Beginner (A1) — This level prepares learners to engage in simple conversation, using everyday phrases. Learners will be able to communicate at a minimal level and slow pace.
  • Beginner (A2) — You’ll be able to take conversations in German a step further. Describing your background and description and conversing about your routine will be easy. However, taking the conversation beyond that will be tough.
  • Intermediate (B1) — When you complete your German B1 level, carrying on a simple conversation will be a breeze. You’ll also be able to write simple sentences about topics you’re comfortable with.
  • Upper-Intermediate (B2) — Understanding and writing complex sentences becomes easier. Your vocabulary begins to widen, and interacting with native speakers gets more comfortable.
  • Advanced (C1) — After this level, you will be comfortable in reading, writing, and speaking in German fluently. Your language level will be suitable for social and academic situations.

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Pros of Lingoda German

Let’s get down to the positives of learning German on Lingoda:

  • Most of the instructors are great. All of them are native speakers of German. 
  • CEFR aligned courses.
  • Based on your budget and schedule, you have several course structures to choose from.
  • The curriculum offered is excellent. The courses cover reading, writing, and speaking skills. 
  • The pricing is reasonable and competitive. 
  • Classes are interactive. Depending on the level of interaction you want, you can choose between group and private lessons.

Cons of Lingoda German

Now, it’s time to look at the cons!

  • A few instructors are not up to the mark and can bring down your overall learning experience. 
  • The cashback promotion for Sprint and Marathon has some tough rules that bring down your chances quite a bit. 
  • You can’t choose your teachers, and the platform rotates teachers. This reduces the consistency of your learning experience and can throw you off.


In this Lingoda German review, we covered all aspects of German learning on the platform. So, what’s the verdict? Do we recommend Lingoda German? 

Yes, Lingoda is an excellent option for anyone looking to learn German. The two top reasons being the quality of teachers and the quality of the curriculum. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the platform offers different learning plans and paces suited for varying goals and schedules. 

German is a relatively easy language to learn, but it benefits your career and overall life. It makes all the difference when you can learn from native speakers through plenty of practice.


We have tried to cover most of the topics in this Lingoda German Review. Here are some of the Frequently asked questions.

Will I get access to any learning materials other than classes?

Yes! You will be able to access class materials, and exercises to take your learning a step ahead. All of these are aligned with CEFR and complement what you learn in live classes.

Will I receive a certificate at the end of the course?

Yes! Upon completion of each level of the Lingoda German course, you will receive a certificate. Lingoda certificates are globally accepted and are issued in alignment with CEFR. Note: You must attend 90% of your classes to be eligible for this certificate.

How will I know what level I need to opt for?

Lingoda offers a free placement test that will help you gauge your current German level.

Are there any requirements to attend Lingoda German classes?

All you need is a computer with the Zoom software installed, and a stable network connection.

Can I do these courses while working or studying?

Lingoda classes and support are available 24×7. You don’t have to compromise on anything in your daily schedule or routine. Find a time that works for you, since Lingoda offers flexibility.



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