Rocket Languages Vs Rosetta Stone 2024: Which Is Best For You?

Rocket Language vs Rosetta stone
Rocket Language vs Rosetta stone

In this comparison article, we will talk about comparison between Rocket Languages vs Rosetta Stone and whether it is worth recommending to you.

Rocket Languages vs Rosetta Stone: Introduction

Whether it’s for better career opportunities or more enriching travel experiences — languages are a great add-on to your skillset and your personality.

They can increase your employability in other countries and help you stand out. Plus, globalization has led to an increased need for culturally diverse employees proficient in different languages. This helps companies cater to clients and customers across the world.

Other than that, learning a language is a great way to exercise your brain. It’s also a great way to enhance your travel experience. You can consume content, music, movies, and so much more from other nations when you know the language.

Learning a foreign language broadens one’s perspective on the world, liberalizes one’s experiences, and increases one’s adaptability and tolerance. If one is as bilingual as attainable, they will have a clear advantage in the global economy.

There is no downside to learning new languages. However, it can be intimidating. With a wide range of platforms to choose from, it doesn’t become any easier.

That’s why we will give you a rundown of two of the top language learning platforms — Rocket Languages vs Rosetta Stone.


Rocket Languages is a platform that focuses on learning a language through words and phrases, and expressions. It’s available online on their website, and they have a mobile app as well. They offer 13 languages, including Spanish, French, Russian, and American Sign Language too.

Most of their courses are designed for native English speakers.

● Depending on the language, they offer different levels of courses. For some languages,
they offer only a beginner level. For others, they go up to an advanced level.
● They also teach you about the culture of the place that the language is spoken in.
● The Rocket Languages App is available for both iOS and Android.

Rosetta Stone is a language-learning platform that offers users a choice of 25 languages.This platform is also available on the web and as a mobile app.

Here, a lot of visuals are used to help learners build their vocabulary. The languages they offer include Greek, Hebrew, Spanish, Korean, and more.

● Their subscriptions are time-based rather than level-based.
● They have packs that give you access to all languages at once.
● The courses aren’t limited based on native languages. They teach you through visuals.
● They have speech recognition software that helps learners with pronunciation.
● Their app is also available for both iOS and Android.

Rocket Languages vs Rosetta Stone: Which One Is The Best?

Ratings and Reviews:

This is one of the first things we look at before downloading an app or buying a new product/service. There’s always a difference between what a website says and what customers say about a product. Let’s look at ratings and reviews from actual language learners:

Rocket Languages:

● Rocket Languages has a lower number of ratings and users on both app stores. The
average rating is 3.4 for iOS and about 4.5 for Android.
● Negative reviews on the web speak of.
● Positive reviews by users appreciate the curriculum offered by Rocket Languages.Users also like the fact that they cater to different levels of language learners.

Rosetta Stone:

● They have a much larger user base for their mobile apps, and the average rating is
between 4.5 and 4.8.
● As for web reviews, most negative reviews speak of too much repetition in their course material. Users have also complained that it’s more suited for beginners.
● Positive reviews speak of a great user experience, interactive content, and a user-friendly interface.

Winner: Rosetta Stone

The difference in the user base and the ratings spoke for itself.It has a much higher rating from users, making it the clear winner. At the end of the day, if an app or service has good reviews from real customers, it gives you a lot of confidence in that service.

Trusted by top organizations

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What do Rocket Languages and Rosetta Stone cover in their courses? Depending on your learning goals, your needs from a language course’s curriculum would vary. Let’s look at the course structure and curriculum of their courses.

Rocket Languages:

● Offers 13 languages at different levels of learning. Course material is in-depth.
● Their curriculum is constantly updated and designed, keeping Native English speakers
in mind.
● They provide you with audio lessons and flashcards, which makes learning more
interactive. They also give you lessons on different cultures, which makes it a more
rounded language learning experience.
● They also give you picture games and several workbooks.

Rosetta Stone:

● Focuses more on learning through visuals.
● They also allow you to book lessons with actual instructors if you need to. The first session would be free. After that, you can book them for $14-$19.
● Topics are repeated often to reinforce learning.
● They have voice-recognition software that helps you improve your pronunciation too.

Winner: Rocket Languages:

This one has to go to Rocket Languages because their course curriculum is more diverse. They also design their courses for native English speakers, which makes them easier to understand.
Their material also focuses on all aspects of a language.

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About Instructors:

When you’re learning a new subject — any subject — who you’re learning from can make a world of a difference to your learning experience.

Rocket Languages:

● This is purely interface-based. There is no interaction with tutors or instructors.
However, the instruction itself on the platform is well-designed and interactive.

Rosetta Stone:

● Here, you can opt-in for lessons with tutors. The first lesson would be free for all
members, and after that, you can book these sessions for $14-$19.
● Positive reviews of Rosetta Stone talk about how these lessons help in enhancing their learning experience.

Winner: Rosetta Stone

Since Rocket Languages doesn’t offer interaction with real human tutors, this one has to go to Rosetta Stone. However well-built a software can be, there’s nothing like the good old teacher-student interaction.So the winner between Rocket Languages vs Rosetta Stone is Rosetta Stone.

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When we buy any product or service, the price is an important factor to most of us. Let’s look at the pricing of these two language learning platforms and which one is more worth your penny:

Rocket Languages:

● Offers prices depending on the level you opt for. If you’re taking the beginner level, it would cost you about $150. If you opt for levels 1 and 2, then they charge $299. And Levels 1, 2, and 3 together would cost you $450. However, with offers and promotions, this price can come down significantly.
● These packages give you lifetime access.

Rosetta Stone:

● If you’re opting for a monthly subscription, it would cost you $11.99 per month. You can choose between a 3-month plan and a 12-month plan.
● They also offer a lifetime access plan which costs $299. This is a one-time fee that gives you access to all their languages for a lifetime.

Winner: Rosetta Stone:

Rosetta Stone is much more pocket-friendly as the price is still in double digits rather than triple digits. Plus, they offer a monthly subscription. However, if you plan to keep learning languages and do it slowly, you should do the math and see which one gives you more bang for your buck.

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Learning Experience And Ease Of Use:

Ultimately, when you’re learning something, your learning experience is the only thing that matters.

If a platform is challenging to use and leads to you having a terrible learning experience, you’ll have to start over elsewhere. To avoid that, let’s look at how these two platforms fare in this department:

Rocket Languages:

● They offer a lot of material that can be downloaded. This makes it easier for users to learn on the move.
● In terms of their user interface, many users and experts have felt that they’re a tad bit old-fashioned and can use some updating.

Rosetta Stone:

● Overall, users and experts have been very satisfied with the user interface that.Rosetta Stone offers on its app and website.
● Lessons with Tutors offer a better learning experience.

Winner: Rocket Languages

With experts and users being more satisfied with the user interface and experience of Rocket Languages, we have to give this one to them.

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Advance Features:

Advanced features can take your learning experience to the next level. These are features that give you a more enhanced experience or make these languages more accessible to you.
They could also be features that make learning itself easier.

Rocket Languages:

● Rocket offers you several audio lessons. These audio lessons are also not too short and not too long. They’re great to do on the move.
● They have voice-recognition software that helps you reinforce your pronunciations.
● Lessons on culture ensure that you learn the language and are also exposed to the culture behind the language.
● A mobile app makes it easy to understand on the move.

Rosetta Stone:

● Here, too, there are audio lessons that can be listened to offline.
● You have a phrasebook that helps you learn common phrases as well as enhance your vocabulary.
● Sessions with Tutors take your learning experience to another level since it gives you a
chance to have honest conversations in a language and ask any questions that you may have.
● TruAccent is their speech recognition software that ensures the correct pronunciation of words and phrases.

Winner: Rosetta Stone

This was a tough one, but Rosetta Stone’s Tutor sessions and TruAccent give it an edge over
Rocket Languages.

You can visit our onlinecourseing’s homepage to get an better idea of what we do.

Certification And Career Prospects:

As we mentioned earlier, learning languages can offer you a huge career boost. If you’re learning a new language for this purpose, then certifications and career prospects are going to be important to you.

Rocket Languages:

● Offer certificates after modules. These certificates are from Rocket Languages themselves and not from an external body.

Rosetta Stone:

● On completion of a course, you receive a basic certificate from Rosetta Stone themselves.
● Since Rosetta Stone is a well-respected platform used by educational
institutions and organizations alike, their certificates hold more value.

Winner: Rocket Languages

Since they’re a well-known and respected name, they have the upper hand when it comes to career prospects.

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What stands out about each of these platforms? Let’s look at the pros:

Rocket Languages:

● Great for native English speakers.
● Offers a wide curriculum that provides a rounded learning experience.
● Library of audio lessons with additional voice-recognition software.
● Gives importance to conversational skills in a language.
● Focus on cultural aspects makes it stand out.

Rosetta Stone:

● Choice of many more languages than Rocket Languages.
● A lifetime subscription will give you access to all the languages they offer, so your learning doesn’t have to end.
● TruAccent, their speech recognition software, is great for ensuring correct pronunciations.
● Their app has a great interface and user experience.
● Lessons with actual tutors complete the language learning process and experience.
● They’re more pocket-friendly.

Winner: Rosetta Stone

Overall, Rosetta Stone has an ever-so-slight edge in this list of pros. The scales could tip
either way, depending on your needs from a language course.

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What are the negatives of Rocket Languages and Rosetta Stone? Here are the cons:

Rocket Languages:

● Users have faced more technical issues, and tech support isn’t as reliable.
● Their courses are on the more expensive side.
● Users feel like they don’t have enough practice for speaking skills.
● No interaction with actual trainers or instructors.

Rosetta Stone:

● Not designed for native English speakers, making their material a little
challenging to work with at times.
● The curriculum could be more diverse.

Visit Rosetta Stone ➜

This platform has fewer cons from what we’ve seen, and the cons don’t impact a learner’s experience too much. This would also depend on your personal learning goals.

If you need acourse designer for a native English speaker or work well with different types of learning material, you should opt for Rocket Languages.

Rocket Languages vs Rosetta Stone: Final Conclusion

So, in the end, which of these two platforms do we recommend for language learners?
Ultimately, it does depend on your learning preferences and goals. Both these platforms will help you learn a language and add a new skill to your belt.

However, we promised you a choice and so we’re going with Rosetta Stone.Being a well-known and well-respected name among organizations and institutions, Rosetta Stone does have the upper hand.

Especially for people looking to learn languages for career boosts. It’s also lighter on the wallet, provided you’re looking to learn a language over a shorter duration of time. Plus, they offer a much wider choice of languages.

The app has got great reviews and offers an excellent user interface and experience. Overall, it’s easier to access in terms of price, user-friendliness, and choices of languages.

The cherry on top is that they allow you to book sessions with actual language instructors.However, if you’re looking for a more varied learning experience and one that’s designed for native English speakers, we’d recommend Rocket Languages to you.

Or if you want to learn American Sign Language then Rocket has to be your choice because very few language platforms even offer it.So the final winner comparing all the aspects between Rocket Languages vs Rosetta Stone is Rosetta Stone.

Rhea Mansukhani

Rhea is a Freelance Content Writer. She has over 5 years of experience in the field. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Literature, Journalism, and Psychology and a Post-graduate diploma in Instructional Design.

In the past few years, she has designed courses in Content and Creative Writing and taught them to 200+ students. Outside of work, she loves to read, watch Anime, cook and she’s also quite the foodie.

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Rhea Mansukhani

Rhea is a Freelance Content Writer. She has over 5 years of experience in the field. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Literature, Journalism, and Psychology and a Post-graduate diploma in Instructional Design.

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