An Honest FMVA Review 2021: Is FMVA Worth It?

FMVA Review 2021: Is FMVA Worth It?

Hello, This is Joseph.

I graduated from FMVA & CFI a few weeks back. I am a surveillance and investigation analyst with cognate years of experience in financial compliance, capital market regulation, stock market analysis. In the end, I will discuss is FMVA worth it according to me.

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Now let’s get started for fmva review.

My Story: What Made Me Enroll Into FMVA?

I work in Stock Exchange as a Surveillance and Investigations Analyst. I am largely responsible for ensuring integrity, fairness, and orderliness in the stock market by proactively monitoring and preventing market infractions manipulations.

Having studied in the university but privileged to have kick-started my career in the finance industry, there was a serious need to upskill myself, gain more knowledge to become a world-class financial analyst.

Receiving Award

And also bag relevant certifications that will help me not only close the skill gap, but also boost my credentials, increase my pay, and help me accelerate my career.

Those reasons above motivated me to search for more reasonable means to boost my career. Luckily for me, I came across the Corporate Finance Institute certifications on LinkedIn during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

I figured out that the Financial Modeling and Valuation Analyst (FMVA) certification was the best for me at that time.

Out of the four certifications that the CFI offers, the Capital Market and Securities Analyst (CMSA) certification seemed more related to my job.

But FMVA was more appealing and important to me. Because I needed to have a sound understanding of the advanced use of Excel. As well as have a grasp understanding of how companies are valued and stocks are modelled, what drives share prices in the stock market; and when and why share prices are driven.

My Thoughts On Content Of FMVA:

The FMVA syllabus is a very robust, comprehensive, and flexible one. There are about 8 Prep (optional) courses, 11 Core courses, and 10 Electives, from which you’re the take a minimum of three.

I also observed the inclusion of relevant industry courses such as the Forex Market Essentials and the Macabacus Essentials in the prep courses and the Professional Ethics in the Core Courses.

A) Prep Courses (Step 1):

The prep courses are optional, but I took all of them, by the way. I found out that they are as important as the core courses, and they offer some foundational understanding of the entire curriculum.

I found the Excel Crash courses and the Math for Corporate Finance very important and more useful because I learned some important excel shortcuts and some basic math formulas in corporate finance.

B) Core Courses (Step 2):

The core courses cover the main modeling and valuation topics; forecasting, accounting, professional ethics and Dashboard, and Visualization topics.

Although this is intermediate compared to the Electives, I still find it the most important phase-out of the three stages. In this section of the FMVA review, we will discuss more about core courses.

I learned how to build a dynamically linked 3-statement financial model in Excel from scratch, creating a multi-year forecast to project the income statement, cash flow, and balance sheet of companies into the future.

I also performed scenario analysis, sensitivity analysis, accretion/dilution analysis, and other advanced modeling practices using the advanced Excel formulas and functions I had learned in the prep courses.

The valuation part entails valuing a company using comparable company analysis, precedent transactions and discounted cash flow (DCF) modeling of which dashboards and data visualizations were built based on the valuations at the end of each session.

C) Elective Courses (Step 3):

The elective courses offer you the opportunity to pick three courses based on your unique interest and area of specialization.

There are about 10 courses covering LBO, M & A, Advanced Modeling cases for Renewable energy, Real Estate, and Mining industries; Advanced Excel Course, and the Corporate & Business Strategy.

Those courses offered me real-life, practical examples that buttressed my understanding of the entire program. The next section of the FMVA review is about case-studies.


I took about four courses, of which the Advanced Excel Formulas & Amazon Case Study were of most interesting and important.

Via: CFI

I admire how the presenters used many real-life case studies to drive home the learning objectives and their step-by-step approach when using Excel to show practical examples during presentations.

The mode of presentation was 100% online. But it was not only flexible but highly engaging, with interactive courses, case studies, and exercises from industry-leading instructors. Now let dive deep into FMVA review more.

FMVA Vs CFA: Which Is Better?

Pricing $ 497-$847$3000-$4000
Duration:100 Hours600 Hours
Best For-Corporate Finance Individuals
-Finance Students
-Experience Individuals
-Research Roles
-Advisory Roles
Unique Features – Practical Modules
– Access To All Courses
– Job Assitance
-In-depth Knowledge
-3 Final Exam
-Structured Curriculum
Work ExperienceNot required4 Years
ExamsOnline (Anywhere, Anytime)On-Site (Fixed Dates)
Free Trial30 Days Free TrialNo Free Trial
Discounts 10% Off Code: OCGRAD10Not any active Offers
Visit FMVA Visit CFA
Pricing $ 497-$847$3000-$4000
Duration:100 Hours600 Hours
Best For-Corporate Fin. Individuals
-Finance Students
-Experience Individuals
-Research Roles
-Advisory Roles
Unique Features -Interactive Practical Modules
-Get Access To All 4 Courses
-Good Reviews & Feedback
-In-depth Knowledge
-3 Final Exam
-Structured Curriculum
Work ExperienceNot required4 Years
ExamsOnline (Anywhere, Anytime)On-Site (Fixed Dates)
Free Trial30 Days Free TrialNo Free Trial
Pros-Learn Practical Skills
-Credible Courses Globally
-Job Assistance
-Extensive Applications
-Rigorous & In-depth Training
-Most Relevant Certification
Cons-Not Much Rigorous-Expensive & Time-Consuming
-Not For Beginners
Discounts 10% Off Code: OCGRAD10 Not any active Offers

Financial Modelling & Reporting Of FMVA Graduates:

Financial Reporting Of Paypal using PowerBI:

1. 3 Statement Financial Dashboards with vertical and horizontal Analysis using PayPal 5 years financial report.
2. Financial Ratios
3. Income statement from a General Ledger transaction Data directly from accounting software.
4. Aged receivables Report.. and much more

Note: This is for information purpose only.

The dashboard contains vertical, horizontal analysis, and financial ratios Of Twitter.

Key Insights: (From 2016-2020)

  • Revenue increased by 46.87%
  • Net Income decreased by 37.86%
  • Cost of revenue increased by 46.56%
  • Twitter has maintained highly liquid assets of 56.71%
  • Twitter has a gearing ratio of 32.23% in 2020

In the next topic of this FMVA Review, we will talk about opportunities after course.

Opportunites After Course: FMVA Salary?

Reviews and past experience from other students indicate that the FMVA increases your chances to land a better high-paying job.

The average FMVA salary is $121,000 per year, based on a survey of Corporate Finance Institute students conducted. I can testify to the credibility and relevance of the certification as I have been able to gain a promotion a few months after completing the FMVA Certification.

While I am currently working in the capital market, the practical knowledge and skills are good enough to make me eligible for job opportunities in the investment banking, corporate development, and equity research fields.

Of course, my performance at work improved greatly, but the knowledge and skill I got from the FMVA course and one other certification I took the same year made my promotion possible.

Impact Of FMVA On My Life?

I feel that it has had a good impact on my life, both personally and professionally. I have been able to gain more confidence in my work, and I also gained a promotion to show for it.

My Example: My Team Lead requested me to model one of the companies on our watch list. Ordinarily, that was supposed to be a few weeks; work considering the perceived difficulty in valuation and modeling. But that took me less than 3 days. This gained me more respect and recognition in my department.

I hope this FMVA review is helping you in all possible ways.

FMVA Cost: Self-Study Vs Full Immersion?

I am inclined to think that the pricing is too affordable for the kind of quality I got. There are two payment options: The Self-Study and the Full Immersion.

The Self-study cost $497, while the Full Immersion cost about $847. Students who subscribe for either of them get the exact same quality of lectures and equal access to the final exam.

Practical Advantages In Full-Immersion:

  • Additional financial modeling case studies
  • Free entry to the annual financial modeling competition
  • Reviews & Feedbacks
  • Physical Certificate delivered doorstep
  • Premium Support

How much I Paid?

For FMVA, I have enrolled In a full-immersion plan For $847.I suggest selecting a plan according to your needs and budget. Also, CFI has changed the plan now you get access to all 4 courses at $847.

Is Money Back Guarantee Legit?

Yes, There is FMVA’S 30 days Money Back policy where you get full refund in case you did not like the course.

What about Offers & Discounts?

Apply Our Special Code:  OCGRAD10   (Ends-Soon)

My Thoughts On Course Timeline:

I started my CFI journey in August 2020. As of then, I was only taking the eight free prep courses pending when I would have enough money to pay for the certification.

In October that same year, I started taking the core courses because I was lucky enough to register. And in March 2021, I passed the final exam and was designated with the FMVA. That is roughly 7 months in total.

But late payment, coupled with the demise of my late Mom, prolonged the journey. My late Mom’s death was a devastating experience that made me abandon the FMVA classes for more than a month; and even failed the final exam at the first attempt, making me wait for one extra month plus a $50 fee before I could rewrite it.

But the truth is, considering interactive lectures and the determination and zeal I had, My journey would have been way shorter than that (around 4 months). Now in the next topic of this FMVA reviews, we will talk about who is behind CFI?

Who Is Behind CFI?

Tim Vipnod (Founder): He has vast experience in financial research and investment banking, He is active in the financial & capital markets since 2005 and is a great instructor as well as being an Internet Entrepreneur.

In an Interview, According to Tim what makes CFI stands out?

Scott Powell: He has worked in New York, London, and Hong Kong for the majority of his career. Scott has more than 25 years of expertise building and delivering bespoke learning solutions for financial services companies such as JP Morgan, Credit Suisse, and HSBC, to mention a few. 

Lisa Dorain: She has a background in risk and compliance, governance, and business process and strategy. Lisa changed careers to pursue her passion for education and has produced and conducted training programs for financial organizations worldwide.

And more details about instructors you can see on CFI’s website.

Is FMVA Certification Worth It?

My Certification

Finally, gaining the reputable (FMVA)® Certification is one accomplishment I relish and am proud of because I kick-started – and have completed – this journey during the most traumatizing and challenging period of my life.

The certification is worth every cent paid and every sleepless night kept; because the knowledge, insights, and experience gained are highly valuable and practicable.

Indeed, an investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

I must confess that the instructors of the CFI FMVA course deserve an applaud for crafting a robust, rich, world-class curriculum and for making the supposed difficult courses simple, less difficult, and affordable.

Before going to the conclusion of the FMVA review, I will share some pros and cons Of FMVA as per my experience.

What I Liked?

It is “Flexible” in the sense that all the courses and exams are 100% online, and while you are recommended to complete the certification within 6 months.

There are no deadlines whatsoever, Hence making it easier for one to decide to learn at one’s own pace and time without disrupting family or work time.

I also like the “Relevance and Credibility” of the certification in the sense that it is highly sought after in the financial industry. Probably due to its extremely robust and rich course contents. The curriculum covers critical topics in accounting, financial modeling, Excel, pitch book, budgeting, mergers and acquisitions, LBO, ethics, etc.

Secondly. Do I need to state here that once you register for any of the CFI’s certification programs, you automatically become their student for life.

And finally you get 4 certifications (FMVA,CMSA,CBCA,BIDA) at one subscription cost.

What I Disliked?

I do not like it as much as others because it is not as rigorous as I had expected, and the pass rate for the FMVA certification is so high (about 70%) compared to other finance certifications (about 49%).

I know it may seem false if I say there is nothing I dislike about the FMVA certification. Well, if I must highlight any, I’d say that the only thing I disliked.

Conclusion: Is FMVA Worth It?

Naturally, for the people asking “Is FMVA Worth It?”, as there are a lot of unauthentic FMVA reviews. As a graduate, I tried to keep it raw, natural, and honest.

I do recommend FMVA to any finance/accounting professional who wishes to become an excellent financial analyst and gain incredible knowledge in Financial modeling and valuation.

And if you are a finance professional who is interested in corporate finance, financial planning and analysis, private equity, and corporate development spaces, then you can go for FMVA Certification.

As well as close the skill gap between theoretical and practical knowledge, but it is almost hard to find any opportunity as convenient, comprehensive, reputable, and highly practical as the CFI certifications. But getting a job is not 100% sure,as it depends on many factors.

Author – Joseph

I am a surveillance and Investigations Analyst At The Stock Exchange.
5+ years of experience in financial modeling & valuation, market intelligence & reporting, and data analytics.

My Story

Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst (FMVA)®

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

30-Days Money-Back Guarantee


Is there any refund policy for FMVA course?

Yes, there is 30 days refund policy Of FMVA certification in case you don’t like the course.

What’s the difference between self-study and a full immersion plan?

The main differences are added case studies, entry to financial modeling competition, reviews and feedback, and many more.

Do I get a physical certificate & Is FMVA Worth It?

Yes, You can, But it’s only available in the full-immersion plan

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Hope you find this FMVA reviews article Helpful!

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  2. I recently finished FMVA course and it really helped in my professional career. The only thing I didn’t like is it could have more premium templates.

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