CFI FMVA Certification Cost: Is CFI Really Worth?

Is CFI Worth it?
CFI FMVA Certification Cost

Hi, This is Guneet.

I have 10 certifications of CFI & been a learner for quite a while. MSc, MBA, CBCA®, CMSA® Graduate. Research Associate| Finance & FinTech Educator| Author| Global Speaker.

CFI All Access Subscriptions: Code – OCGRAD10

This is an honest review written by CFI graduate.May receive a small fee for some of the courses we refer at no extra cost to you & Get 10% Off in case you go through the links!

Now let’s get started with CFI FMVA Certification Cost.

My Experience With CFI?

Hi, My name is Guneet Kaur. Feel free to call me ‘G’! I am a firm believer that learning is a life-long process. One may not know everything, but yeah, something of almost everything can be learned- and that’s what led me to the Corporate Finance Institute’s website.

In this article, we will discuss CFI FMVA Certification Cost.

I have done MBA (Finance & Marketing), and after working for two years in the industry, I decided to get back to academics and enrolled in the MSc FinTech at the University of Stirling, Scotland, United Kingdom.

To polish my financial skills, I started doing Prep courses to get an idea of the quality of the CFI certification programs. I enjoyed doing Prep courses, including accounting fundamentals, reading financial statements, Math for Corporate Finance, etc. all part of CFI’s FMVA program).

My approach towards life is reasonably practical, and I always ‘connect the dots’ while looking forward. Also, I am pretty passionate about finance, and I always look forward to improving my skills.

Remember- the update on your phone from time to time? Similarly, life allows you from time to time to update yourself. You just need to figure out and stay committed to your goals!

Do I Own All Certifications Of CFI?

In total, I have 10 certifications from the Corporate Finance Institute and 21 certifications in the finance sector.

  • CFI FMVA Certification - CMSA Certificate
  • CFI FMVA Certification- CBCA Certificate
  • Bloomberg Essential Certificate
  • Introduction to equity markets certificate
  • Introduction to corporate finance
  • math fundamentals of capital market certificate
  • reading finance certificate

Also Finishing FMVA & BIDA Certification In Coming Days.

CFI FMVA Cost: All Pricing Plan Explained !

CFI offers four certification programs CMSA, CBCA, FMVA, & BIDA. One can choose to enroll in the complete program or take Prep courses, Core courses, or Elective courses, and the FMVA course fees can be $497 or $847. Overall, the courses are the perfect blend of theory and practical.

The full program can be taken as a self-study or full-immersion program. Other specializations include commercial Real Estate Finance Specialization, Environmental Social & Governance Specialization, and Machine Learning for Finance Courses.

Self-Study Vs Full-Immersion?

CFI FMVA Certification Cost

You will get access to the entire CFI course catalog and all 4 Certifications (FMVA, CMSA, CBCA & BIDA) in both plans.


Self-study courses can be taken at the comfort of your home, workplace, coffee shop, garden, or wherever you can access the internet. You can access such courses for one year at $497.

The package covers all courses (Prep, Core, and Elective), Certification, Quizzes, Assignments, Tests, Excel, PPT, PDF Files, and Digital Blockchain Verified Certificate. This applies to all the certifications mentioned above programs.


Full immersion courses include all the learning experiences provided by the Self-Study Version.

Added Advantages In Full Immersion:

CFI FMVA Pricing-Advantages of Full immersion

For instance, the CFI FMVA Full Immersion Subscription is a complete program that delivers real-world insights into the activities that financial analysts go through every day.

Along with the above-mentioned features, FMVA Full Immersion program provides PitchBook, private equity, venture capital, and mergers and acquisitions database, the ideal tool for completing all FMVA® courses and leading professional investors to utilize this program to gain precise insights into public and private market data.

Other benefits include an LBO case study on Volta Electronics Co, financial modeling competition case, and advanced financial modeling templates.

Though access to PitchBook is not mandatory to complete the Powerpoints and Pitchbook course.

How much I Paid?

  • For CMSA and FMVA, I have paid $847 for each ‘Course Bundle’
  • For CBCA I have got financial aid and have paid $200.

Now the pricing model has changed you get all 4 certificates at $847.

What About Offers & Discounts?

10% Off CFI All Access Subscriptions: OCGRAD10

Opportunites After CFI Courses: Will You Get A Job?

Financial Modeler Salary in United States

Chances are high. Overall, the goal is for you to feel more confident in your financial endeavors after completing this course.

The 50+ hours of video content were created to educate you on how to do real-world tasks experienced by professionals who work in capital markets (CMSA), Investment banks (FMVA), commercial banks (CBCA), Not just to help you pass an exam or gain theory-based knowledge.

While theoretical knowledge is essential, it won’t help you when you’re back at your desk and need to execute a trade for a customer, assess credit application, or forecast sales for the next five years. Go through FMVA Salary detailed article for more.

When you’re in your workplace doing real-world analysis, developing practical skills will help you excel. This is what CFI courses will offer you- an opportunity to be a better version of yourself and build a career that you will love!

“And once you know what you are good at or what really is your passion- you no longer need to be pushed, your vision will pull you-Steve Jobs”

FMVA Certification Cost: Is Pricing Justified?

Based on my experience with CFI courses, I can confidently admit that the FMVA course fees are justified for the skills you will require from fantastic courses.

Those considering to pursue Charted Financial Analyst (CFA) certification but cannot afford to do so as each level of CFA approximately costs $3300 should consider doing FMVA to acquire world-class financial analyst skills.

Similarly, after finishing the CBCA program, you will know how to do a credit assessment, work through credit application paperwork, and complete a credit review, among other things. All of these, as I have discovered, represent excellent value for money.

The real-world knowledge you’ll gain from CFI courses will help you shine in your interview tests by demonstrating the talents that employers are looking for

How Can You Save Money On FMVA Cost?

There are various options by which you can save your money on your FMVA course fees and earn the necessary skills simultaneously. These are discussed below-

Self-study bundle: Instead of going for a full-immersion program, you can access all the courses at $497 for one year if you are an individual user/student. If you are an enterprise looking to upskill your employees, you can buy all-access membership for your employees starting at $399/user per year. You can also request a free demo before paying!

Scholarships: CFI offers annual bursaries (worth $500) to students that demonstrate a passion for finance.

In the next section of this CFI FMVA Certification Cost, we will discuss the pledge.

What Exactly Is 1% Pledge Of CFI?

CFI Pledge

CFI is dedicated to assisting students who face financial hurdles to education and require additional financial assistance to pursue their goals.

CFI’s purpose is to provide students with instruction that will enable them to grow as individuals while also creating a body of knowledge passed down the generations.

  • 1% profit- To support these activities, CFI has joined with Education Without Borders. One percent of CFI’s profit is donated to several educational charities.
  • Education Without Borders, CFI’s main humanitarian partner at the moment, is focused on assisting high school students in disadvantaged regions study arithmetic.
  • 1% time- Additionally, CFI devotes 1% of its time to coaching, mentoring, and teaching people seeking career assistance in its communities. At local universities, it frequently provide free webinars and presentations.
  • 1% product- 1% of CFI’s revenue is contributed to support students from developing nations who have limited financial means attend its programme. CFI’s Financial Aid Program assists these students.


10% Off All Access Subscription Code – OCGRAD10

CFI Certification Cost FAQs:

Are CFI certificates verified?

The CPA Institute has approved CFI as continuing education (CE) provider. In addition, if you want it, CFI can personally verify your certificates with employers.

Will a refund impact the status of my certificate?

Your certificates will no longer be valid and your CFI account will be canceled if you request a refund.

Is it possible to request a refund after completing a certification program?

No. For example, you cannot request a refund if you have completed the CMSA program and achieved your designation.

Which is the best CFI course to pursue?

It depends upon your career ambitions. For instance, if you wish to pursue a career in capital markets, you should enroll in CMSA. On the contrary, if you plan to be a world-class financial analyst, completing the FMVA program should be your priority.

Can I get a discount on CFI courses?

Yes, you may be eligible for financial aid or coupon codes that CFI provides from time to time.

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Thanks and we will end this CFI FMVA Certificate Cost Article here, feel free to share your views.

Guneet Kaur

I have 10 certifications of CFI & been a learner for quite a while. MSc, MBA, CBCA®, CMSA® Graduate

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