My Experience: CFI CMSA Review 2024: Is CMSA Worth It?

cfi cmsa review

Hi, This is Marie Zgheib, CMSA® l FMVA® l CBCA™ l

A Young specialist with a passion for Accounting & Finance. As a graduate with CFI with FMVA® l CBCA™ l CMSA®, I am probably a little more well-versed than most to answer these questions.

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This is an honest review written by CMSA graduate.May receive a small fee for some of the courses we refer at no extra cost to you & Get 10% Off in case you go through the links.

My Motivation: Why Did I Enroll Into CMSA?

I am Marie, a young specialist with a passion for Accounting & Finance. I got my Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Financial Analysis.

We all agree that 2020 was one of the most challenging years that we have lived through.

But even in the challenges personally, it taught me the importance of setting goals for myself in order to grow mentally and learn new skills as well.

There’s always the need to acquire more education or learning in our professional life, an update of knowledge or skills will be needed in order to continue to excel in our professions.

After a ton of research, I find out that Corporate Finance Institute, a well-designed and reputed institute offers not only this opportunity but also a world-class certification course. 

On top of that, during my first year of college, I had to take a class about Financial Market and Portfolio Management.

Being fascinated by its role in our economy, helped with growing my interest in financial investments and analysis, which was one of the biggest reasons why I decided to enroll in the (CMSA®) after the hard work and dedication of earning my FMVA® and CBCA™.

It was this journey that also pushed me to write an honest CFI CMSA Review.

  • CFI CMSA Certificate
  • CFI CBCA Certificate
  • CFI FMVA Certificate

What Is The Syllabus Of CMSA?

The CMSA™ Program covers the most important knowledge and skills required to become a world-class capital markets expert including equity markets, fixed income, foreign exchange (FX), commodity markets, and derivatives.

It taught me all the procedures used in the capital markets, as well as the experience to make investment decisions and utilize appropriate trading strategies for different scenarios.

The CMSA™ program includes 34 courses. You can start with 6 optional Prep Courses. There are 8 Core Courses required to complete, and you choose a minimum of 7 electives out of 21 courses. The recommended study time is 60-100 hours and the average completion time is 6 months.

1. Core Courses:

CFI CMSA Review - CFI student dashboard

The core courses covered topics about equity markets, fixed income, foreign exchange, commodities, derivatives, and professional ethics as well.

First, it helped me have a thorough understanding of fixed income markets and more advanced topics such as convertible bonds and credit fixed income. 

With real-life case studies, I learned how to analyze all the aspects of equity markets with an understanding of commodities and derivatives.

Keep in mind that most careers in corporate finance need a solid understanding of equity markets and global capital markets.

After finishing all the core courses, I was able to identify foreign exchange currency codes, calculate their rates as well as understand the various risks associated with the foreign exchange market, and employ market strategies to enhance market returns and reduce market risk.

2. Prep Courses:

CFI’s prep courses are optional, but I chose to take all of them.

CMSA Prep Courses

I have to admit, these courses weren’t as easy as I expected them to be like the Math Fundamentals or Economics for Capital Markets but it made the process of studying for the other courses easier.

On top of that, I really enjoyed the Bloomberg Essentials, where I learned how to use this software and the different types of functions that will help evaluate companies based on various financial metrics and analytical tools.

3. Elective Courses:

You can find a wide list of elective courses, from which you are free to choose at least 7 of your unique interest.

I would advise anyone to take all of them if they have enough time because each one of these courses would enhance their knowledge and skills.

You will learn about professional asset management of securities using portfolio management and behavioral aspects of finance.

Specific topics include trading using technical analysis, the behavioral aspect of investment strategy to understand the real-world functioning of securities and their derivatives.

In the next section of the CFI CMSA review, we will talk about the case studies & presentations of CMSA.

Opportunities After CMSA: Will You Get A Job?

Employers seek candidates who are dedicated to continuously improving their skills and are committed enough to complete professional certificates like CMSA.

The average CFI graduate salary is $121,000 per year, based on a survey of Corporate Finance Institute students conducted in 2018. CFI targets and helps you prepare for the work environment if you really want to remain relevant in today’s fast-paced business environment.

You will gain a firm understanding of corporate finance, including financial analysis, how value is created by global markets, the choices firms face when making financial decisions, and defining attitudes towards risk.

The Specialization concludes with a Capstone project that allows you to apply the skills you’ve learned throughout the courses.

Impact Of CMSA On My Life?

In this topic of CMSA Certification Review, we will discuss the impact on my life.

Personal and financial development is the ongoing act of assessing your life goals and values and building your skills and qualities to reach your potential.

It helped me boost my professional career by adding relevant knowledge and certifications, Thanks to Tim Vipnod.

CFI helped me with that by offering me great content that contributed to my success and satisfaction. I was able to strengthen personal development skills that help with advancing my career.

In the next section of CFI CMSA Review, we will discuss CMSA’s Pricing.

CMSA’s Pricing: Self-Study Vs Full Immersion?

CFI annual pricing is quite economical compared to the other educational platforms. You get access to all CFI courses including, CMSA, FMVA, CBCA, and BIDA. I consider it a cost-effective program to teach you the practical knowledge that you can use at work on a daily basis. The materials and classes you get of of a very high quality. 

CFI offers two payment options; self-study subscriptions costs $497/year or the full immersion costs $847/year. Both the Self-Study and Full Immersion bundles provide access to all the courses, exercises, and downloadable files included in the program.

Added Advantages In Full Immersion:

  • Premium Support
  • Physical Certificate Printing
  • Premium Templates
  • Additional Beta courses

How much I Paid?

I paid $847 for the ‘Full Immersion Subscription’. I have completed the CMSA, FMVA and CBCA courses. For just the extra professional support and premium templates alone, the full-immersion plan was definitely worth it. I also got access to the entire CFI course catalog and certificates. I hope to complete the other courses soon. I suggest selecting a plan according to your needs and requirements.

Here is a BIDA Review from another graduate.

What About Offers & Discounts?

Presentation & Case Studies Of CMSA:

  • CFI CMSA Review - Case study graph
  • CFI CMSA Review - Case study

The course material is packaged and delivered eloquently and efficiently in the form of lectures, which was generally easy to understand.

You can see clearly the hard work that all the instructors put into this course, it clearly made the journey uncomplicated to grasp.

The best part about the assessment is that until you pass with 80%, you will not be able to see the answers which makes it more challenging till you pass and get the certificate by providing a great learning opportunity.

The courses offered not only teaches the theoretical aspect but also simultaneously focuses on practical life situations.

Views On CMSA Certification?

The CMSA Certificate is a blessing in disguise for all out there who are majoring in Finance or working in the finance industry.

Obtaining the internationally recognized certificate can help you advance you career. I would recommend it to everyone who is interested in learning and enhancing their knowledge.

It is a well-organized certification program that allows all levels of Finance professionals to be involved with the most innovative educational tools for improving your career.

Views On Course Timeline:

The recommended CMSA® program study time is 60-100 hours and the average completion time is 6 months.

A student can learn at his/her own pace as there is no specific time frame to complete the assignments thus providing convenience and flexibility especially to those who are working professionals. 

Does Anything Makes CMSA Unique?

Coming to an important section of this CFI CMSA review, let’s talk about what makes CMSA different.

CFI stands out to be a verified and recognized online institute. Access to the entire CFI course catalog is a major bonus for this program.

It grants you access to over 5,000 classes and 4 internationally recognized certificates in corporate finance. The Full Immersion subscription comes with access to some useful integration for financial analyst professionals.

When you aren’t testing your skills frequently, you end up forgetting how to do things. There are a number of quizzes and assignments throughout the course to help you remember everything you’ve learnt.

In addition, the support from the CFI team was world-class. You will be provided with dozens of templates which you can use in your practical work.

The information provided is deep, insightful, and up to date.

What I Liked And Disliked?

It was an amazing and unforgettable educational journey. Instructors were covering the subjects in a very effective manner.

The CMSA course exceeded my expectations by giving the right blend of practical knowledge and the skill set required in Capital Market and Security Analysis. 

Honestly, The only thing is disliked is training is not as hard as expected.

Conclusion: Should You Enroll CMSA?

So, is CFI CMSA Program worth it? When it comes to choosing the right courses, we all become hesitant about our decision. Is it going to be a waste of money or not? Will it offer valuable content? Or will I regret purchasing it? Coming from a student just like you, who is always ready to learn new skills, here is my honest review.

Most significantly, this program had a huge impact on advancing my career and staying ahead of the competition in the workplace. It’s as simple as that.  

It was really one of the best experiences, and I can confidently say I have a much firmer grasp of Capital Markets and Securities Analysis.

Thank you once again, CFI Tim Vipond, Lisa Dorian, Scott Powell for this extraordinary educational journey and for being such great instructors.

I hope this CFI CMSA review was insightful and useful to you.


FMVA® l CBCA™ l CMSA®.Passionate & Well-Experienced In Finance, Capital Market, Portfolio Management. &. Accounting.

My Story

Capital Markets & Securities Analyst (CMSA)®

For All-Access Subscription Try Limited Code: OCGRAD10

Hope you find this CMSA review helpful! Leave your honest opinion on CFI CMSA Review.

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Marie Zgheib

A Young specialist with a passion for Accounting & Finance. As a graduate with CFI with FMVA® l CBCA™ l CMSA®, I am probably a little more well-versed than most to answer these questions.

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