An Honest Lingoda Sprint Review 2024:Is It Worth It?

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Lingoda Sprint Review

Lingoda Sprint Review 2022: Is It Worth It?

Considering learning a new language using Lingoda Sprint? Here’s a detailed, honest lingoda sprint review.

Overview of Lingoda:

Lingoda is an online language learning platform. It offers live lessons in English, German, French, and Spanish taught by native speakers. It offers classes 24×7, thus promising flexibility to students.

Proven by a rating of 4.5 on Trustpilot, Lingoda has earned a reputation for itself. Read the complete Lingoda Language Sprint Review to see if it’s the right choice for you.

The platform has catered to over 80,000 students to date. Courses range right from beginner to advanced levels and are aligned with CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). 

Lingoda was started by Felix and Fabian Wunderlich in 2013 out of Berlin. After studying abroad and living in different countries, the two brothers brought together their enthusiasm for languages to create Lingoda.

Their vision is to see people around the world learning languages and have access to quality resources for the same. Lingoda was recognized as one of the top 25 startups in Germany in 2018.

One prominent product that Lingoda has to offer is the Language Sprint. This allows people who aspire to learn a new language to do so in a short period. Keep reading to find out more about language learning apps!

What is Lingoda Sprint?

Since this is a Lingoda Sprint review, let’s get right to it. 

As the name suggests, the Language Sprint is a way to learn a language fast & effectively. That is to say, you will run (efficiently) through the language learning process. The timeline for this offering is 2 months. So in two months, you should be proficient in a new language. Students can find classes and choose between the Super Sprint and the Sprint.

The Super Sprint consists of 30 classes per month, i.e. a total of 60 classes for the entire sprint. Private or group classes are one hour long and are scheduled for every day of the month. 

The Sprint consists of 15 classes per month, i.e. 30 classes in total. Once again, classes are an hour long each and happen on every alternate day. 

One thing that makes the Language Sprint stand out is that learners can receive a cashback on their course fees. Check out our Lingoda Spanish review as well.

How Does Lingoda Sprint Work?

Lingoda Sprint how it works

The main idea behind Lingoda Sprint is to use consistency to strengthen language skills and to provide for a more efficient learning process. The language sprint is intended to help learners pick up a language in two months.

These sprints are pre-scheduled and are like events that Lingoda announces. They don’t run throughout the year so it’s best to keep an eye on their website to find out when the next one is happening. As opposed to the regular language courses by Lingoda, here you will have more frequent lessons. 

As we mentioned above, Lingoda also offers students cashback for attending all classes of a Sprint or Super Sprint. For Sprints, students can avail a cashback of 50% of their fees, and 100% for the Super Sprint. 

To be eligible for this cashback, learners cannot miss a single class, must always be on time, and must attend the class from start to finish. Lingoda puts up the list of rules for each edition of Sprints, making sure to go through them beforehand.

Languages Taught in Lingoda Sprint:

Process of lingoda

Lingoda offers five languages for learners to master — German, English, Business English, French and Spanish. It also has placement and skill tests to assess your current level. That way you can start at the level appropriate for you.


Lingoda offers German classes for learners of all levels. The curriculum is aligned with CEFR and strengthens grammar, vocabulary, speaking skills, reading, and more.

The courses also cover a ‘Life Abroad’ model to prepare learners for different scenarios of German-speaking.


Learn English from native speakers, and gain expertise in reading, writing, speaking, and more. The Lingoda English course curriculum is comprehensive and created by professionals, for the best results.

Business English

Lingoda also offers courses in Business English. These are designed to prepare you for scenarios in the workplace. The course curriculum includes examples and practice activities that prepare you for conversations with your colleagues and boss.


The French Sprint aims to make you fluent in speaking French in just two months. With intensive classes with native French speakers, Lingoda promises to equip you with speaking, writing, and reading skills.


Finally, the last language that Lingoda offers is Spanish. Since Spanish is a popular language spoken in many parts of the world, learning the language can greatly benefit you. Plus, the Sprint will allow you to learn it in a short duration.

Lingoda Sprint Vs Super Sprint?

Let’s cover all the differences between the Sprint and Super Sprint:

ParameterSprintSuper Sprint
Classes Per Month1530
Total Classes3060
Duration2 Months2 Months
Eligible For Cashback 50% 100%
Pricing Each Month – $220
Total – $440
Each Month – $430
Total – $860
Visit Lingoda Sprint Visit Super Sprint
*Note: Prices may vary, Visit official website to see exact prices

Unique Features of Lingoda Sprint:

Let’s round up all the advanced features that Lingoda Sprint has to offer!

  • Flexibility — The classes are 24/7, which gives learners have a lot of flexibility in terms of timings. 
  • Small groups — Classes at Lingoda are live and not pre-recorded. Plus, you will learn alongside a group of 3-5 learners. This ensures fewer distractions and provides a better learning experience.
  • Cashback — As we’ve already mentioned, the Lingoda cashback sprint promotion allows you to learn for free, or for a steal!

Thoughts On Instructors?

lingoda sprint instructors

One thing that many Lingoda reviews speak of is the instructors. Learning from native speakers makes a lot of difference. It allows for more trust and faith in the courses. Plus, it means there’s less room for error.

Lingoda has instructors from around the world on its platform. They claim that all of their instructors are not only native-speakers but have experience in teaching and training. 

The quality of the teachers is excellent. They encourage learners to practice everything they learn and ensure that the learners are learning. They are very supportive of students and go the extra mile to give students a better learning experience.  

Lingoda also collects feedback about instructors at the end of each class. Thus, allowing for improvement whenever and wherever needed. 

One issue you might face with the instructors is the difference in teaching styles, accents, and dialects. You will have classes with different teachers, and this leads to some inconsistency.

Thoughts On Pricing:

Before we discuss our thoughts on the Lingoda pricing, let’s go over the pricing once more:

Lingoda Sprint Prices

  • English, French, and Spanish — $220 for the each month. Thats a total price of $440.
  • Business English and German — $240 for the each month. Total price $480.

Lingoda Super Sprint Prices

  • English, French, and Spanish —$370 for each month. Total price $740.
  • Business English and German — at $430 each month one the total price is $860.

Who wouldn’t want to get an intensive, high-quality, well-reviewed language course for free or at 50% off? The reward-based learning method stimulates good behavior and since this will be attended by adults mostly, giving a cash reward would work as a good motivator.

Pros: Lingoda Sprint Review

Let us quickly go over the pros of Lingoda Sprint:

  • The quality of the instructors is excellent.
  • Classes are conducted in groups of 3-5. This allows for a lot personalized experiences.
  • Provides placement tests to gauge your current skill levels.
  • The curriculum is designed well, keeping in mind all aspects of language learning.

Cons: Lingoda Sprint Review

These are the cons of Lingoda Sprint:

  • Cashback polices are bit strict .
  • Lingoda only offers a few languages, so it does not cater to all language learners.

Finally, is Lingoda worth it? Considering that it’s an intense 2 months course designed to make you fluent fast and encourage consistent learning, it seems pretty worth it. Plus, if you meet all the eligibility criteria, you could get all or half of your course fees back.

However, keep in mind that you will have to be dedicated to completing the Language Sprint. These are frequent classes for faster learning. The course can look expensive, especially since you’ll have to pay two large chunks for each month, but in the end, it’s worth it.

Lingoda Sprint®

Money-Back Guarantee

FAQs – Lingoda Sprint Review

In this complete Lingoda Sprint 2022 Review, we have tried to cover everything about Lingoda Sprint to help you. The following is the Frequently Asked Questions about Lingoda Sprint.

What languages can I learn with Lingoda’s Language Sprint?

You can learn English, Business English, French, Spanish, and German.

Is everyone who enrolls for the Sprint automatically eligible for the cashback?

No, there are strict eligibility criteria to receive a cashback. Make sure to go through the rules on the Lingoda website.

What are the Lingoda Sprint rules in 2022?

Here are a few of the important Lingoda Sprint rules if you want to be eligible for the cashback. You must complete all classes and be in attendance for the full 60 min class. You can only take 1 course per day and 5 courses per week. Read all the Lingoda Sprint rules here.

Are Lingoda classes live or pre-recorded?

All of Lingoda’s classes are instructor-led and taught by expert teachers who are native speakers of that language.

Can I attend the Lingoda Sprint classes from anywhere?

Yes, anywhere in the world. Especially since classes are available 24×7, you don’t have to worry about this at all.

How many students attend each session?

Classes only have small groups of 3-5 students. This allows for interaction with other learners and is a great way of practicing your new language skills.

Is the Lingoda Sprint a challenge?

Lingoda Sprint is meant to be quite difficult and is designed to push you. Thousands of students have completed the course though, so it is definitely achievable if you’re willing to put in the effort.

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