Udemy Vs Skillshare

Udemy Vs Skillshare : Which is Best for me?

Looking to choose between Udemy vs Skillshare ? These article is a complete comparison between the two giant online course providers.

There was a time when I wanted to learn digital marketing during my early college days, but I was unaware of the platform that could give me best return on investment.

After ruminating the web for a couple of days, I found Udemy and Skillshare along with Coursera and LinkedIn Learning to be valuable.

What fitted my budget were Udemy and Skillshare moreover I was impressed by their customer feedback. Hence, the war began, Udemy Vs Skillshare.

After doing through research on both the course providers, I came to know which one best suited my requirement.

Everything has gone digital in today’s advanced world, including the ability to pick up in-demand skills at home. Thanks to ever advancing technologies!

Doing a thorough research before choosing an online course is always recommended 

I am sharing my research on both Udemy and Skillshare so that you could help yourself to choose the right online course.


“After all any investment should turn valuable”

Udemy Vs Skillshare - a Detailed Review 2019

Udemy Vs Skillshare Cost Comparison

The major difference what sets Udemy and Skillshare apart is the cost structure.

Note: Neither Udemy nor Skillshare are free, although both offers some free courses.

Let’s start with Udemy first. In Udemy, you have to pay for individual courses, i.e you follow pay-per-course model and have lifetime access to those courses.

Most of the courses on Udemy starts at $10.

Sign up on UdemyLearn On Your Schedual

This is not the case with Skillshare. It has subscription based model where you have to pay a very little amount of $15 for every month and get access to all “Premium” courses.

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Hence, learners can take as many courses as they want during that month. The cost is even low up-to $8.25/per month if you pay for complete year in advance, that makes $99 a year roughly. Now in $99 keep learning as much as you can.

  • Udemy: $10 /course
  • Skillshare: $15/month or $99/year

Conclusion: For students who want to learn consistently, Skillshare wins. For one-time learners Udemy add value (Also if luck beholds you can get good discounts)

Quality of Education

After all, what matters is the amount of exposure you get on both the platforms.

By reading all reviews about both the platforms, I can say Skillshare has better quality content than some of the similar Udemy courses. The reason is top industry professionals prefer here. Leaders from Google, GitHub love teaching on Skillshare.

On the other hand, Udemy hosts several courses on the same topic that sometimes it confuses readers which course to choose.It’s always preferable to take the course based on the ratings given.

Not only quality content, but also course size matters a lot.

Skillshare has short and precise courses than Udemy , that gives former an added advantage of teching valuable content in shorter time.

Also, Skillshare emphasis on project based leanings. Every course here ends up with a project giving students practical exposure to the subject.

Whereas Udemy has quizzes that help to test the leanings absorbed by students.

Overall I shall go with Skillshare when it comes to providing quality content.

Till now, we have covered two important factors, cost and quality content to help students to choose the best online course

Udemy Vs Skillshare for Instructors

For teachers looking to earn some extra-income through their expertise, both the platforms are suitable. Udemy has access to larger audience and pays 50% of the earnings to their teachers. But with a large audience comes competition.

At Skillshare you can earn $1-2 per premium enrollment. But here you continuously have to create courses to get noticed ad earn potentially. Creative content is more demanded on Skillshare.

Overall, when it comes to teaching, Udemy wins.

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Does Udemy and Skillshare Provides Certificates

Certificate of Completion of K Liddell

Udemy does provide you certification on completion of a course. Unfortunately Skillshare doesn’t.

Skillshare believes in providing real education to students in the form of their education, and it doesn’t want its students to run behind certification.

In my view, Skillshare is also right if your aim is to learn and acquire that knowledge.

Do you agree with this or not?

My Take on Udemy Vs Skillshare

Both platforms are completely good and provide valuable knowledge.

If you are looking for one or two good online courses, then Udemy serves better destination. (I suggest selecting those courses based on ratings)

While Skillshare is valuable to those looking for creative content like Photography, Animation etc. Also, a yearly subscription will give you access to Skillshare’s wide library.

Udemy Vs Skillshare Vs Coursera

Coursera offers free courses from leading universities, but without a certificate(Audit courses). To get certified, Coursera charges an average of $50 for regular courses. Overall, Coursera has a lot of added advantages over Udemy and Skillshare.

You just read the comparison between two online titans, Udemy and Skillshare. If you like this article, share it with your friends.




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