15+ Best Artificial Intelligence Courses Online in 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science that focuses on building machines that are smart enough to perform tasks that typically would require human intelligence and intervention.

It is a vast discipline that integrates different approaches and models, but the most conspicuous advancements in artificial intelligence have been seen in machine learning and deep learning.

How do you learn artificial intelligence?

How exactly do you learn artificial intelligence and launch a successful career as an artificial intelligence developer?

Now there are two categories of people or interests here. There are those who want to get into artificial intelligence for the purpose of academics and research, and then there those whose focus is application development, so that they can finally land a well-paying job building innovative AI based applications.

Either way, the best way to learn artificial intelligence, especially if you are a complete beginner, is through a great online course or university training program that convers all the specific skills you need to develop AI applications.

In this article, I’m going to outline the best artificial intelligence courses & certifications online in 2023 if you don’t have all the time and resources to sample the many AI courses available online. 

So let’s get started.

1. Complete Machine Learning Bootcamp | Zero To Mastery 
2. AI For Everyone | Coursera 
3. Deep Learning Specialization by deeplearning.ai | Coursera 
4. IBM Applied AI Professional Certificate | Coursera 
5. Deep Learning Nanodegree | Udacity 
6. Artificial Intelligence AZ™: Learn How To Build An AI | Udemy 
7. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning for Business | Udemy 
8. Artificial Intelligence: Reinforcement Learning in Python | Udemy 
9. DL and Computer Vision AZ™: OpenCV, SSD & GANs | Udemy 
10. Machine Learning | edX 
11. AI Applications for Business Success Course | 365 Data Science 
12. Build Recommender Systems with ML and AI | LinkedIn Learning 
13. Introduction to Deep Learning with PyTorch Course | DataCamp 
14. Artificial Intelligence: The Big Picture | Pluralsight 
15. Ethics in AI and Data Science (LFS112x) | Linux Foundation

1. Artificial Intelligence A-Z™: Learn How To Build An AI [Udemy]

Would you love to know how to craft an AI model?

If so, this is one of the best artificial intelligence courses online for building an AI model from scratch, which will increase your employability skills at tech-hungry companies such as Tesla and Google.

Here are some course highlights:

  • An exciting approach to learning artificial intelligence online without getting bogged down by complex math and jargon.
  • Using proven tools such as OpenAI Gym, endorsed by Elon Musk, to create learning algorithms.
  • Practical hands-on approach, which will feature three real-life applications, including building your very own self-driving vehicle.

However, this class requires some basic background in Python and programming in general, so it may not be the best AI training online for starters. For developers armed with the basics, it offers an excellent launchpad to quickly achieve more. 

2. Artificial Intelligence in Web Design Certification (Special Edition) [Udemy] 

This is among the best AI training courses for AI-powered web design that will enable you to develop websites for your clients at lightning speeds, in addition to the following perks:

  • A beginner-friendly course that requires absolutely no prior coding knowledge, making learning artificial intelligence online easy and fun
  • Learn how to create self-updating websites to ease the burden of manual content updates and website maintenance in general.
  • A deep dive into the latest editing and prototyping web development trends and tools to enable you to create a website in minutes.

For the code-savvy developer looking to bolster coding expertise, this may not be among the best artificial intelligence courses online for you. However, if you’re more concerned about the end results of web development, rather than the coding mountains in between, this program is a match made in heaven. 

3. AI For Everyone [Coursera]

If you’re tired of complex AI tutorials, this is one of the best AI courses as it breaks down artificial intelligence into concepts understandable even for beginners. 

Some course highlights include: 

  • The course wonderfully links AI to real-life business use cases, enabling you to avoid artificial intelligence failures in various workflows. 
  • The instructor’s explanation of deep concepts like reinforcement learning, mixed with socially relevant examples, ensures a non-technical approach to easily getting you started.
  • You’ll also get to learn the workflow of machine learning and data science projects, thereby offering some of the best AI training online for starting a tech career. 

For engineers and the advanced learner at large looking to delve deeper into AI, this may be a little lacking in depth. Nonetheless, you can still benefit from it as an excellent refresher. 

4. Python for Data Science, AI & Development [Coursera]

Python is today’s most popular programming language, ensuring this is one of the best online artificial intelligence courses to help you acquire in-demand skills.

The course content covers: 

  • How to build a program in python, which is great because python is a good programming language for web development as it has enhanced process control features, yet still maintains a relatively simple syntax.
  • Data collection through web scraping and APIs, enabling you to easily find data sets you need for this class and other AI learning courses and projects. 
  • Tons of practical work and timed assignments, which make for an effective way to learn Python and data science. 

However, this course is a little outdated because the IBM Watson environment it focuses on has changed significantly since the course release. That said, it is still one of the best AI courses as it covers underlying concepts applicable across various IBM cloud tools. 

5. Artificial Intelligence Foundations: Thinking Machines [LinkedIn]

Programming AI is typically full of pitfalls that ensure projects don’t end up working as intended. 

This is the best AI training online to uncover the common problems of programming AI, to ensure you can easily build successful models according to your purpose. 

Here’s what else to expect: 

  • The class covers the history of AI and the differences between strong and weak AI. This gives you the knowledge of what type of resource-effective AI system is ideal across a range of potential AI applications. 
  • The course also tackles machine and symbolic learning, which is key to understanding modern neural networks for better AI model building.
  • You get a free month trial with this course, so you can determine if it lines up with your ideal way of learning artificial intelligence online.

Course support may not be the best for this course in terms of instructor availability. On the plus side, many experienced professionals can answer your questions in the Q&A section, so it remains one of the best artificial intelligence courses online. 

6. Artificial Intelligence Foundations: Neural Networks [LinkedIn]

If your interest in AI narrows down to neural networks and their applications in areas such as facial recognition and stock market prediction, then this is one of the best artificial intelligence courses online for you. 

The course entails: 

  • Learning how to configure your own neural network and using backpropagation to eliminate errors and improve your network’s accuracy.
  • Mastering how to classify and cluster massive data sets, as is usually the case with data in the real-word, while avoiding commonly associated problems.
  • 2 CPE credits offerings make it a great option among AI learning courses if you’re actively doing the relevant IT degree.

That said, there are a few arithmetical errors to watch out for, namely when incorporating bias into the first hidden network. Even so, these issues have been addressed satisfactorily in the Q&A to ensure the best AI training online experience. 

7. Artificial Intelligence: The Big Picture of AI [Pluralsight]

 Are you keen on AI for your career and business growth?

Then this is among excellent AI learning courses to get you started. The course encompasses:

  • Learning how to build applications using various AI tools and resources to meet your business goals without having to outsource. 
  • A deep dive into the future of AI, which enables you to also anticipate important changes that could affect your line of work. 
  • The instructor’s 17 years of experience in the tech industry puts this class among the best online artificial intelligence courses that offer a nice mix of theory and real industry working knowledge

Being a beginner-level course, this may not offer the best AI training online if you’re an intermediate or advanced learner. It touches on many AI concepts superficially, but it still proves a worthwhile refresher. 

8. Microsoft Azure Developer: Creating and Integrating AI with Azure Services [Pluralsight]

Almost every office you walk into today relies on Microsoft Azure in some way. Consequently, this is one of the best artificial intelligence courses online to keep up to date with the business world.

This class offers:

  • A breakdown of Microsoft cognitive services, enabling you to use AI to speed up your development process without having machine learning expertise.
  • A well-updated course instructed by a Microsoft VP with 8 years of experience. Therefore, you’ll be tapping into the latest Microsoft Azure version and techniques for learning artificial intelligence online. 
  • Lessons on building a simple Q&A bot and other custom AI models to enhance your portfolio 

On the downside, as far as the best online artificial intelligence courses go, this is more of an introductory class. Nonetheless, it covers vital topics like the bot framework which are useful for all developers. 

9. Deep Learning and Computer Vision A-Z™: OpenCV, SSD & GANs [Udemy]

Are you ready to learn computer vision in a powerful new way?

Then this is one of the best artificial intelligence courses online to consider. Most notably, the virtual wizard box is an excellent standout feature

Here’s what else to expect:

  • A hands-on approach to GANS, SSD, and object detection, which ranks it among AI training courses perfect for beginners.
  • Practical examples and demonstrations on image generation and recognition, which help break down how the theory gets put into work in the real world. This makes it one of the best AI courses in terms of practicality. 

However, the source code is a little outdated with regard to the development environment. Still, they provide a good foundational prerequisite that you can build on and expand to accommodate more modern examples with ease.

10. Machine Learning Practical Workout | 8 Real-World Projects [Udemy]

Are you keen on a machine learning course with high practicality?

As far as AI learning courses and machine learning training go, this class offers great practicality for interactive learning. It is particularly impressive for its 8 incredible real-world projects. This is the largest diversity of examples I’ve come across so far making it one of the best artificial intelligence courses online. 

The course encompasses:

  • How to best understand and make use of neural networks, which is especially useful for successful data science projects.
  • Learning how to build prediction models using Prophet Time Series, which can help you better improve your demand forecasting skills.
  • Mastering natural language processing modeling for better review analysis and to implement an automatic email spam filter.

If you don’t have a great grasp of math, the course code may be hard to follow because it features lots of detailed mathematical steps. However, the mathematical breakdown ensures that it offers some of the best AI training online for intermediate to advanced learners. 

11. Introduction to TensorFlow for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning [Coursera]

This course focuses on the popular AI tool TensorFlow, which outperforms many other frameworks and libraries taught across most AI learning courses. 

In more detail, you’ll get to learn about: 

  • TensorFlow best practices to speed up your model building process using the software’s little-known workarounds.
  • Building a computer vision model using a basic neural network, an application with huge potential for various business functions
  • Important TensorFlow parameters that are often overlooked even in some of the best AI courses, enabling you to better understand complex convolutional neural networks.   

That said, if your Python programming is a little rusty you may fall behind. For intermediate learners, it’s among the best artificial intelligence courses online if you don’t want to spend too much time on the basics. 

12. Building AI-Powered Chatbots Without Programming [Coursera] 

If you have no coding experience but would still like to build intelligent chatbots, this is among the best online artificial intelligence courses for beginners.

Course highlights include: 

  • Logically laid out, step-by-step methodology that makes learning artificial intelligence online simple and easy to follow through.
  • Creating conversational AI using the natural language processing capabilities of IBM Watson Assistant without writing a single line of code.
  • The assignments summarize the chapters well and provide an excellent way to test your practical understanding of the various chatbot mechanics. 

Unfortunately, some of the links provided don’t match up with the plugins you need to download. Be that as it may, this doesn’t take away from it being one of the best AI training courses for chatbots, because these bad links are few and you can easily look up the downloads online.

13. Artificial Intelligence for Project Managers [LinkedIn]

How can AI improve your project management skills? 

This class offers the best AI training online for project managers, and here’s how this course can help:

  • By uncovering AI disruptions from an entrepreneurial point of view, you’ll get to find new ways to stay relevant in any project management role.
  • Via intelligent decision-making, the course illustrates how you can use past project data to determine risks for faster approval and better chances of project success. 
  • With excellent instructor availability, you’ll get timely answers to all your queries making it one of the best artificial intelligence courses online on this front. Moreover, this course also qualifies for professional development units that can help with your career growth. 

Overall, the course could do with more real-world applications and examples, but, for AI training courses of this kind, the possibilities it explores have a concrete foundation and applicability. 

14. Building Recommender Systems with Machine Learning and AI [LinkedIn]

Are you interested in building recommendation systems? 

Then this is one of the best artificial intelligence courses online to get you started. You can look forward to: 

  • An in-depth coverage of proven tools like TensorFlow, AWS SageMake, and Amazon DSSTNE, which you’ll use to create neural networks and test algorithms
  • A focus on content and product recommendation systems using neighborhood-based collaborative filtering. This is one of the most accurate ways to predict user patterns. 
  • Prompt instructor support, which makes it one of the best online artificial intelligence courses if you thrive on guided learning. What’s more, the instructor brings his experience as a former Amazon employee who’s actually built recommender systems for the company. 

If you’re relying on an older version of TensorFlow, then you may run into problems with some of the code, especially in the RBM example. Luckily, you can easily solve this by updating to version 2.0. 

15. Demystifying Artificial Intelligence: Understanding Machine Learning [Skillshare] 

If you’ve taken other AI learning courses but still find the topic complex, this is among the best online artificial intelligence courses for a simple breakdown.

Key course highlights include: 

  • Helpful and practical examples that offer an engaging way of learning artificial intelligence online. 
  • Using Microsoft Seeing AI for various business applications including reading bar codes and improving workplace accessibility for all.
  • A focus on AI from the interface perspective rather than the data science angle that most of the AI training courses take, thereby ensuring a nice way to ease you into the field. 

For advanced learners, you may feel that the amount of actionable content is a little bit limited. Even so, the class contains valuable AI concepts and resources that you may not find even in some of the best AI courses online today. 


Are you ready to kickstart your AI journey? 

Even a small list of the best artificial intelligence courses online like this can still be challenging to choose from. It may be the case that you’re still unsure of which may be the best AI courses for your exact needs. 

If this is true, I’ll recommend the Artificial Intelligence A-Z™: Learn How To Build An AI course if you have some experience in the field of AI, and would like to get actionable knowledge on AI models.

On the other hand, if you’re just starting out with AI, I’ll recommend a simple class to ease you in like the AI For Everyone course. This class is perfect if you have a non-technical background. 

All in all, every one of the best artificial intelligence courses & tutorials online in 2023 we’ve looked at today will help you grow various essential skills in a highly diverse AI niche. 

Josh Hutcheson

E-Learning Specialist in Online Programs & Courses Linkedin

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