Best UX Design Bootcamps 2024: Master UX Design

Best UX Design Bootcamps 2022

UX stands for User eXperience design, it is a process that produces a meaningful and easy-to-use user interface. 

User Interface and User experience design (UX UI Design) is not like putting this color to the left or that search bar to the right.

It involves a complete process of understanding, researching, analyzing, designing, launching, and then rechecking.

This process is completed and requires time along with a workforce. UX can be the most important factor affecting your business.

It is important for holding your customers for a long duration of time, keeping the competition in mind.

But Why it is so Important?. Well, let’s check out.

Importance of UX Design 

Today, the competition between online businesses and products is very high. It’s very important to hold your existing customers while attracting new ones to stay ahead in the race.

End-users might be knowing the functionality of your online product or services but what they see first is the User Interface and experience of using it along with the perceptions which make it important.

UX always tries to provide a positive experience to the end-user and keep their entire journey interactive.

If your online product or business does not have a proper UX then it’s possible that your users or customer would jump to your competitor having good UX.

This ultimately leads to loss, that’s the importance of UX.  As a fully online, part-time you can improve your career from anywhere even if you have a full-time job.

If you’re new to the field, you can get started with our boot camps in UX Fundamentals, User Research, and Design Thinking.

In fact, the Design Thinking Bootcamp is also great for anybody who wants to master problem-solving skills for any line of work, not just UX.

On the other way, good UX UI design helps you and your business in gaining more conversions.

Users always try to explore the alternatives to the solution they want and they decide to try with you if other things are fine and UX is comparatively prettier. 

These points are important and make it clear why you should be learning UX Design from any of the bootcamps in this list of the best UX Bootcamps in 2022.

Due to this and some other reasons, the demand for UX Design and UX designers is increasing day by day. Let’s have a look at this point.

Increasing Demand of UX Design 

Increasing Demand of UX Design


Due to the evolution of various frontend technologies and UI/UX tools, the User experience has evolved.

Everyone is trying to provide a perfect UX to the end-user from their products or services.

As the User experience is evolving the demand for skilled UX designers is increasing day by day. LinkedIn has ranked UX design as one of the top 5 skills of 2020 which are in demand.

In some places, the requirement for the UX design team members is higher than the number of designers available and that’s keeping the UX designers high in demand.

The average salary of a professional UX designer in the United States is between $69,000 to $114,000 per annum. For beginners, the journey starts with UI as a UI designer, and then it leads to UX.

UX is one of the most important aspects of Web Development.

Web and Software developers also know the importance of UX and its potential and this is the reason why some of them switch to the UX Design and Development field.

These are the reason why you should start learning UX Design from these UX UI Design Bootcamps for 2022.

UI UX Design can be one of the most promising careers for you if you like to simplify things making them more attractive.

The market for top-notch bootcamps is expanding in tandem with the need for UX designers. Choosing the best bootcamp to enroll in can seem like a hard undertaking with so many alternatives available. Fortunately, we can help you.

If you want to learn UX then we have listed down some of the best UX Bootcamp online courses and programs down below, let’s check them out -.

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List of the Best UX Design Bootcamps 2022 

There are thousands of online courses, programs, and boot camps for learning UX design, but we have tried to list only the best UX/UI Design Bootcamp 2022 that are great for beginners and even professionals. 

Let’s check out the list of the best UX Design courses and know more about them one by one – 

1. Treehouse UX Designing Course

Treehouse is popular for its tech degree and high-quality tech courses.

Treehouse is offering a UX Designing online Bootcamp and certification with their UX Design Techdegree. 

You will be learning and practicing UX Designing on the Treehouse Learning Platform.

They will make you work on real-world projects so that after the end of the full time program you certainly have a quality portfolio.

There will be various Interactive Quizzes and code challenges that will be testing your learning and skills.

Along with that, you will also get an in-depth code review so that you keep on improving.

There will be 9 projects and a capstone project which will increase your UX understanding a lot and help you to become a professional UX Designer.

Course Link here ->

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2. Springboard UX Designing Bootcamp

Springboard, popular online learning, and training platform is offering a User Experience Bootcamp which comes with a job guarantee.

In this UX Bootcamp: Become a UX Designer you will be getting 1-on-1 mentor support, hands-on experience, career support, and guidance.

Here also you will be building your portfolio and gaining real-world skills. You will get to understand industrial design projects.

1 on 1 career coaching calls are kind of unique here. This can help you to create a successful job search strategy, build your UX network, find the right profile and company, and many more.

The Admission process consists of four-stage i.e submit your application, interview, skills survey, and then join the program.

This UX Career track Bootcamp can cost you $1590 per month.

Course Link here ->

3. BrainStation UX Designing Bootcamp

BrainStation is a digital learning company that provides premium digital skills training.

Thousands of students choose this Bootcamp for learning UX design and development and got hired within 180 days of graduating.

BrainStation provides a dedicated career success and coach team that helps you to start your career in a structural environment.

You will be working full time with hands-on workshops throughout the program. Architecture, prototyping, usability testing, UI design, and app design are some of the common things that you will be learning in this BrainStation UX Designing Bootcamp.

This BrainStation UX Design Bootcamp can prepare you for the jobs like UX Designer, User Researcher, UX Researcher, Usability Tester, Information Architect, and many more.

Course Link here ->

4. Beginex UX Design Bootcamp

Beginex Web Design Bootcamp is an online learning and training course. It is a UX career accelerator with real client projects that makes it more hirable to land a UX job.

Live online format, team collaboration, career support, and part-time or self-paced are some of the common features of this Beginex UX Design Bootcamp. 

They have mentors who are already UX practitioners at top MNCs such as Google, Etsy, ThoughtWorks, etc.

It’s a 15-week program that runs part-time, you will be having live interactions with clients and experienced mentors.

The cost of this program is $4,995 which is covered by a money-back guarantee i.e either you land a UX role or you get your money back.

Course Link here ->

5. Thinkful UI/UX Design Bootcamp

Thinkful is an online education platform founded in 2012 has over 250 mentors supporting the students to learn and master UI/UX and get a new job with a promising career. 

UX Design Bootcamp consists of various beginner-friendly practice exercises that make you learn about user-friendly design and experiences.

Thinkful UI/UX Design Bootcamp promises you to provide job-ready skills in 6 months.

This Bootcamp will help you prepare for the jobs such as Web Designer, Product Designer, UX Researcher, UX Designer, UI Designer, etc.

Wireframe Prototype, User Research, Information Architecture, User Empathy, Interactive Design are some of the skills that are required for the above job roles. You will learn these skills throughout the Bootcamp.

Course Link here ->

6. Udemy User Experience Design Essentials 

Udemy is the most popular online learning platform providing high-quality courses at an unbeatable price. There is a large variety of free courses also available on the platform. 

Most of the online learners start their journey on this online learning platform only. Udemy offers User Experience Design Essentials – Adobe XD UI UX Design course which is created by Daniel Walter Scott.

There are 93 lectures that are structured for gradual learning and understanding the concepts of UX. No previous design experience is required for this course.

It’s one of the top-rated courses on the platform and it should not be missed out on by anyone who is trying to learn UX Design.

Course Link here ->

7. General Assembly UX Design Bootcamp

General Assembly offers training in the field of Tech, Data, Design, Business, and more since 2011. It has transformed thousands of careers via pioneering and experiential education. 

They have over 10,000 hiring partners and claim that their graduates get a job at the top companies.

General Assembly is offering a UX Design Immersive online learning program which is a full-time UX Bootcamp consisting of expert instruction, one on one career coaching, and connection to top employers.

With this Bootcamp, you can go beyond technical fluency and understand the concepts of UX design more clearly.

Full-time payment, Income share agreement, and Loans are the three options for payment of this UX Designer Bootcamp. Full-time payment or Full Tuition fees is $15,950.

Course Link here ->

8. DesignLab UX Academy

DesignLab as the name suggests is an online learning platform that is very popular for learning UI and UX design.

The UX Academy: Learn UI UX Design Bootcamp is a popular option that is known for learning and mastering User Interface and User experience design. 

This Bootcamp has a flexible schedule and flexible payment options so that you don’t face any problem in scheduling your calls and always have an option to pay monthly or defer your core tuition.

With this Bootcamp, you will learn the UX design with the design tools of your choice such as Figma, Sketch, and Adobe XD. 

Course Link here ->

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9. CareerFoundry UX Design Program

CareerFoundary has a UX design course job guarantee program that promises a UX Design relevant job in under 10 months.

It’s a flexible and self-paced program so you don’t have to quit or compromise your current job.

You will be learning and mastering UX under expert mentors and build an appealing UX portfolio that will help you to land a UX-relevant job quickly.

You will be learning all the tools and skills that are required to become a UX designer. 

Careerfoundary believes in Human-centric learning, flexibility with accountability, and satisfied graduates.

There are various success stories of the CareerFoundary graduates over the internet.

Course Link here ->

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10. Interaction Design Foundation UX Bootcamp

With the Interaction Design Foundation Remote UX Bootcamp, you can learn UX design, User Research, User Interface Design, and more under the guidance of expert mentors.

Remote UX Bootcamps is a job guarantee program but you need to check the eligibility on the course page.

You will be working on various real-world projects and adding them to your portfolio to attract recruiters.

The Pricing of this Bootcamp is comparatively less than other average UX Bootcamp.  1 on 1 session with mentors and course facilitators along with group critiques make this Bootcamp interactive.

Course Link here ->

So, these were the list of the Top 10 UX Design Bootcamp that you should not miss out in 2022.

Some have less pricing while others have more features, more or less these boot camps are more than enough to make you learn and understand the UI and UX concepts in more depth.

Abhishek Verma

Author at OnlineCourseing

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