Udacity Job Placement Rate

Today, the trend of online learning is at its peak. Everyone is trying to learn online and master their skills from the comfort of the home. In this post, we will be discussing the Udacity Job Placement Rate.

There are various online learning and skill development platforms out there but Udacity has its own value and popularity when compared to others.

Udacity is a Massive open online course platform founded in 2011 by Sebastian Thrun, David Stevens, and Mike Sokolsky. 

They offer highquality content courses relevant to various tech fields such as Programming, Engineering, Data Science, Business, Artificial Intelligence, Product Management, Cloud Computing, Security, etc.

The Nanodegree are the most popular courses or programs on their platform. Udacity Nanodegree is the supervised combination of classes, lessons, quizzes, and projects required for learning and mastering a specific skill.

From the years of experience, Udacity has developed a perfect learning model which involves project-based learning, feedback, a group of expert instructors along with friendly mentors, and curriculum partners.

Udacity has gained the trust of thousands of learners and professionals which can be seen on some popular review and rating sites. Udacity has ratings of more than 4.5 stars from Trustpilot and g2 .com. 

One of the most popular online coding education providers in recent years has been Udacity, and for good reason. Many students prefer its nanodegrees over regular classroom settings or self-directed study because they provide a hands-on approach to education. Additionally, Udacity is making waves with its cutting-edge courses that offer programming and data science skills at reasonable pricing.

So let’s explore more about Udacity and its Job Placement Rate.

Can I land a job with Udacity?

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Yup. Most of the Nanodegree graduates are doing a full-time job of their choice after completing their Udacity Nanodegree. The Nanodegree will provide you all the resources for learning and mastering the required skill with the help of which you can easily land a job just like other graduates.

However, Udacity does not guarantee you to land a job as it still depends on your skills and caliber to do your best and qualify for the desired job role. 

Mentors and the other career services will help you a lot in preparing your profile and the portfolio required for grabbing the attention of the employers after that it’s your turn to qualify the interviews for the specific job role in order to get a job.

There are various student success stories available on their website but still, they ensure and state that enrolling in any Nanodegree program does not guarantee you a job.

From the online reviews, rating and our conversation with various Udacity Nanodegree graduates it can be assumed that the Udacity Job Placement Rate is Excellent and up to the mark.

The Udacity Job Placement Rate is one of the major factors in getting the answer to this question. So let’s know how we measure Udacity’s Job Placement Rate.

How do we measure Udacity’s Job placement rate?

It is important to know the Udacity’s Job Placement Rate as Udacity has not mentioned or released the percentage or the ratios of the students who have successfully qualified for a job after completing their Nanodegree. 

Ya, there are ratings and reviews of Udacity available online but analyzing the job placement rate on the basis of their sound uncool and that’s the reason why we have taken the initiative to be in conversation with the Udacity Graduate and ask them how Udacity Nanodegree has helped them in getting a job.

This initiative was quite successful as we have talked with over 50 Udacity graduates asking their experience about the Udacity Nanodegree in order to find out whether they have landed a job or not. 

Surprisingly, we’ve found that every 8 out of 10 Udacity Nanodegree graduates have landed a desired job within the first 6 months after completing the course. 

This was a bit surprising as we were not expecting that. In this survey, we have also found that many of the Udacity Nanodegree Graduates were already having work experience of 6 to 12 months. 

They were also having technical or nontechnical degrees before joining the Udacity for accessing their Nanodegree programs. 

Some of the Graduates were already having a renowned degree with them and on the above of that, they have completed the Udacity Nanodegree. In this case, the Nanodegree was an additional online degree which they have used to master their skills and get the desired job. 

For employers, this Nanodegree was like the cherry on the top of the cake which helped them a lot in filtering the resume and finding the right candidate for the open positions in their firm.

Now, let’s have a look at the Career Services and features provided by Udacity.

Udacity Career services

Udacity Learning Model

Career Service or any other feature associated with any online course is one of the major factors in its quality and trust. Udacity also provides various features with its Nanodegree and Career Services is a part of it.

Udacity provides the feature of career services to all the students who enroll in any of the Nanodegree programs which cover resume reviews, cover letters a.k.a CV reviews, Linkedin Profile reviews, and the Github review. 

In the Resume review, you will get a detailed review from industry professionals to improve the effectiveness of your representation on paper. 

You will also get a personalized review, industry-tested resume templates, and optimization tips which can improve your chance of getting filtered in any shortlisting

Linkedin is a social media of professionals and that’s the reason why you should be creating a professional and informational Linkedin Profile for various reasons. 

With the Udacity Career Services, you will also get Linkedin reviews, personalized reviews, tips on growing your Linkedin network in order to get your profile noticed by potential employers.

Optimizing your profile for recruiter search and boosting your visibility on Linkedin is a bit complex task which is why the mentors and the career services at Udacity will make you understand the process of growing your professional network in a positive way.

If you want to get into the tech or software industry then you already know about Github. Your Github profile is the best place to showcase your projects and your codes. It is also used as a code portfolio by various developers. 

With the Udacity career services, you will also get Github personalized review, a polished portfolio for your work representation, and feedback to add or focus on major projects.

There was a job guarantee feature associated with the Udacity career services, let’s have a look at it. 

Udacity job guarantee feature

Earlier Udacity was providing this job guarantee feature with some special Nanodegree known as the Nanodegree Plus

With that job guarantee feature which comes with Nanodegree Plus, they guarantee you a job within the first 6 months of completing a Nanodegree or they will get your money back.

The Nanodegree Plus program was available for four courses which are as follow  – 

Android Developer Nanodegree
iOS Developer Nanodegree
Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree
Senior Web Developer Nanodegree

This Nanodegree Plus program was for the students in the US and was planned to extend in other countries as well but due to some reasons this Plus program and its idea was dropped and discontinued completely in 2018.

Nanodegree Plus with the Job guarantee feature was a pro version of the Nanodegree as it includes the Career Advisor and the Career Concierge Services along with the features provided in the Nanodegree.

Lastly, Udacity seems to issue different statements for answering the questions of their backdown. 

Now they do not guarantee you a job with their Nanodegree as we have told earlier but they have enhanced the quality and the features associated with their current version of the Nanodegree due to which it is assumed to be perfect for learning and mastering the skills and qualify for the desired job role.

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Udacity’s job placement rate compared to Udemy, Coursera, Edx

There are various online learning platforms and MOOC providers along with Udacity such as Udemy, edX, Coursera, Datacamp, Simplilearn, etc. 

Comparing the Udacity Job Placement Rate with other platforms is required in order to know which platform is really helpful in providing a head start to the career of any student or professional.

Udemy and other platforms are popular for their free courses and low prices courses as well. Thousands of students and professionals are enrolled in their courses but only some of them get a job in minimum time after completing the course. 

Coursera and Udemy have low ratings and reviews on Trustpilot when compared to Udacity. Most of the Students or Professionals do not thank or provide credit to the course they enrolled on Coursera or Udemy even after getting a job

This provides a clue that there is something that is lacking in other online courses and their provider when compared to Udacity.

edX also provides various inexpensive online courses that are popular among beginners who just want to gain knowledge and level up their skills but Udacity is best if your motive is to get a head start into the field of development along with some valuable credentials.

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Udacity success stories

Udacity Success Stories

Success stories from the graduates are an important factor in gaining the trust of the audience so that more enrollment and admission takes place. However, validating those success stories is an important part because no one knows their authenticity

We checked the Linkedin profile of some of the Nanodegree graduates whose success stories are shared anywhere online or the Udacity’s website itself and found that they are real. The Nanodegree graduates are really working in Big MNCs or in tech companies.

For more about the Udacity success stories check this out -> Udacity Success Stories.

Udcity’s partnership with notable companies

Udacity is a worldclass online learning and skill development platform and this is the reason why it has partnerships with some of the big notable companies and universities. 

Udacity Nanodegrees are built in partnership with the world’s biggest tech companies and industry leaders such as Google, Amazon Web Services, Alteryx, IBM, Microsoft, Intell, etc. 

This partnership with world-class companies is viewed as a plus point for various other companies and potential employers. Partnerships with the universities for the Nanodegree program increase its credibility and authenticity.

Udacity Nanodegree Certificate

Certification along with your skills plays a vital role in getting your resume shortlisted, and if the certification is from the most popular MOOC provider then the chance of getting shortlisted increases a lot. 

As Nanodegree is a certified online learning program, you will receive a certificate known as the Nanodegree Certificate after completing the course. 

These Nanodegree certificates are more valuable than any other course completion certificate and have the power to add a different weightage to your resume. 

These Udacity Nanodegree Certificates are widely recognized by various employers in the industry. 

Companies know the curriculum and the quality of the content provided at Udacity which is the reason why they try to analyze or interview the Nanodegree graduates first in order to find the right candidates for their opening.

Conclusion: The reality of Udacity’s job placement rate

The reality of the Udacity Job Placement Rate is as per the expectation. Udacity Job Placement Rate is good enough and the answer for the question “Can I get a Job with Udacity Nanodegree” is “Yes”.

As we have the conversation with the former Udacity Graduates in the recent past getting a chance to know their views on these topics, we can say that yes these Udacity Nanodegrees along with their features have the capability to land you the desired job.

However, it would be great if you have prior experience of the skills that you want to learn more and become a master of it, as most of the Nanodegree are intermediate level courses requiring a level of expertise. At last but not least, it also depends on you, your passion, and your effort for achieving the position you desire.

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