Udacity Blockchain Developer Nanodegree Review 2024: Learn to work with Bitcoin and Ethereum

Become a Blockchain Developer

In this Udacity Blockchain Developer Nanodegree review, I will talk about my journey with Udacity’s Blockchain Nanodegree and whether it’s worth it.

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I am a self-taught web developer with a non-CS bachelor’s degree. The 2017 cryptocurrency boom & a slight previous knowledge of the benefits of blockchain got me interested in learning more about them.

So I stumbled upon Udacity’s Blockchain Nanodegree while searching for technical courses in the blockchain domain. The syllabus was exactly what I was looking for and my prior experience with Udacity (courses & Full Stack Web Dev Nanodegree) compelled me to take on the blockchain nanodegree challenge to further my curiosity and hoping to get a blockchain job in the future.

The purpose of this Udacity Blockchain Developer Nanodegree review is to help you understand whether the course is worth the money or not.

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Demand for blockchain developers is on the rise as blockchain continues to take the world by storm. Are you interested in advancing or launching a career in the blockchain space? Then what are you waiting for? This is the ideal time to start learning the right skills. And if you thought that it is only the demand for blockchain developers that is rising, then you are wrong. Salaries are shooting up as well. 

But what is the Udacity Blockchain Developer Nanodegree program? You are about to unfold the naked truth about this enticing program. This article is a complete evaluation of Udacity’s blockchain developer nanodegree. 

The Udacity Blockchain developer nanodegree program was launched at Future of Fintech. The program emphasizes job readiness and the acquisition of in-demand blockchain skills. A blockchain developer works with organizations to ensure that their digital goals are realized. Processing businesses’ data, coming up with innovative ways that will help a business run smoothly, and producing systematic workflows that boost user experience are some of the tasks blockchain developers engage in. 

Just like many other courses, this knowledge can’t be acquired overnight. As such, you need academies like Udacity which offer learners an opportunity to enroll in this program despite their geographical location. But is this program worth it? Let’s study the Udacity blockchain developer Nanodegree review in detail.

Understanding Udacity and its nanodegree programs

Founded in 2012 by two University professors, Udacity’s main goal was to offer top-notch computer science classes to students from every corner of the world. But to date, Udacity  has now transformed into an online learning platform that leads while others follow. 

The online academy has succeeded since then in bringing successful graduates and large companies together. It has also partnered with world giants such as Google, Amazon, and Uber. All of Udacity nanodegree programs take less than a year to complete and come with lucrative incentive perks. 

Some of the perks you can expect with Udacity nanodegree programs include;

A supportive environment

The environment can be the students around you, instructors, or mentors. With the students’ forum, you can socialize or seek guidance in anything that seems difficult. Interaction with fellow learners helps you build networks that may prove vital as you advance in this program. The mentors will always be around you don’t run into any technical difficulty during the course tenure.

An entirely flexible learning schedule

The best thing about all the courses offered at Udacity is that you can learn as per your schedule. The courses are open and you may learn as long as you would wish. You are privileged to select the time and location of your choice that will be ideal for your learning. Isn’t that flexible enough?

Quality career services

Do not worry about joblessness after graduation. Udacity has got you covered. Udacity works itself out to ensure that all their successful graduates enter the job market. Udacity reviews its graduates’ resumes and LinkedIn profiles and also conducts a mock interview preparation with the career staff member. This forms the basis of your preparation for a job interview. 

Industry projects that are real

Forget about the long hectic theories. A lot of the projects included in Udacity’s nanodegree programs focus mainly on practical issues. This ensures that learners acquire real experience of what is expected of them once they graduate. This is while Udacity nanodegree programs teach you how to solve real business problems from the onset. 

Who are the Course Instructors?

Want to know the course instructors? Udacity doesn’t sit back in sourcing instructors for all its programs. The online academy ensures that it brings the best tutors to facilitate all its programs. It also collaborates with giants like Amazon, Google, and Amazon to bring the best of the instructors. Some of the instructors you will have a look at this Udacity Blockchain Nanodegree review are;

Brandy Camacho

Now, who is the founder of Network designs? This needs no guess. You will be interacting with a network design founder and the lead of curriculum for blockchain developer nanodegree. What an honor? Brandy Camacho specializes in software solutions. She designs and shapes architecture.

Jessica Lin

Jessica Lin hails her background in Biomedical Engineering. This background drove her into working in the healthcare field. She is a professional instructor at Udacity and also carries on with her work. 

Joe Nyzio

Before joining the Udacity team, Joe Nyzio studied neuroscience. Tech Entrepreneur and Data Analyst are some of the other nanodegree programs this tutor has taught.

Rachna Ralhan

Her impressive educational background is just icing on the cake of her vast work experience. Rachna Ralhan has already worked with AMD, Intel, and Cypress. This was after completing her master’s in Software Management.

PK Rasan

Once the Founder and Chief Officer for LINCD, PK Rasan has adequate experience in Crypto intelligence. 

Nick Kalyani

As a blockchain architect, Nick Kalyani has also worked with the building of micro-contacts. He is the founder of Walkstarter and TryCrypto startups and also the co-founder of CTO.

Those are some of the main instructors you should expect to interact with. Be sure to benefit a lot from them.

What are the prerequisites for this course?

Blockchain developer nanodegree program is not a just dive in course. It requires one have to have prior knowledge and experience before enrolling. This way, you will find the course an exciting one. 

So to be at par with the rest of the students and avoid getting lost in the middle of the course as a result of unfamiliar things, Udacity requires that;

  • You have some bit of understanding of how servers are built.
  • You need to be proficient with remote API.
  • You should have a variety of application development skills that make use of JavaScript.
  • The student ought to have at least 1-year experience with an object-oriented programming language.
  • The learner must have some basic knowledge of client-server models.

Thoughts on some Udacity features

1. Mentorship

I didn’t really take advantage of this since I like to work on my own. But the mentorship support is quite nice in the initial stages and helps you become more self-reliant on the studies and solving any difficulties you face in the same.

2. Project reviews

Usually, the reviews are very nicely done. They help you understand exactly where you went wrong and if perfect, will appreciate you accordingly. Only once out of ~10 reviews did I feel that the review was not up to the mark.

3. Career services

Didn’t feel the need for it, but I suppose it should be beneficial for young graduates or folks in their final years of college.

What I liked about Udacity

The project structuring and content are well done. The completely online aspect, even though taken for granted, is the most amazing part for me. Everything from the platform, teachers, mentors to the support staff, is all quite nice and friendly.

What I didn’t like about Udacity

The term 2 start date wasn’t announced well and I missed it, so I had to join the next cohort. So, some lack of communication was there, but it was sorted out eventually.

Syllabus of Udacity’s Blockchain Developer Nanodegree

We are now looking at the course itself. For easier learning and understanding of the course, the blockchain developer nanodegree program has been into four sections. The four sections are capped up with a capstone that helps you put everything in one place. The sections are;

Fundamentals of blockchain

At the beginning of the program, you will learn an introduction to blockchain. Here, you will get to know everything about how the blockchain works. The idea behind the intro is to help you come up with your blockchain with Node.js.

Ethereum Network

After you grasp the basics and understand how the blockchain comes together, the nanodegree gets a little bit complex requiring a lot from you. This section introduces you to Ethereum. By using this network, you will be able to build Dapps.

Blockchain Architecture

For desired results, the architectures of blockchain ought to be used. This module highlights the ability to design custom workflows for various types of organizations. You will also learn how privacy and security benefit through the building. By the end of this section, you will have worked with a lot of tracking items as they find their way through blockchains.

More about Dapps

Ever wondered how decentralized applications work? You will get to know about that in this section. This section also teaches the students how they can create triggers that make the Dapp react based on external factors. The climax of this module is the application of what you have learned while working with a Dapp or Dapps that are designed for flight delay insurance. 

The Capstone Project

This is the time to stand out from the rest by collectively putting together all you’ve learned and been able to develop your own Dapp from the scratch. In this project, a property listing app with extra features is given. All eyes will then be on you to do the rest.

My Thoughts On The Syllabus

If you have zero technical knowledge in blockchain and want to get an overview of different technologies, not just a specific one (e.g. web3 JS), then this course is for you.

The syllabus covers a plethora of hot topics, ranging from different kinds of blockchains to different kinds of blockchain implementations and various existing tools that can quickly get your project up and running.

Term 1 is mostly about blockchain basics (identity, data, web services, and contracts fundamentals) and getting you up and running when starting a new blockchain project.

It will also introduce certain commonly used tools and technologies.

Term 1 projects were simpler than term 2 ones, but some of them were still challenging enough. They test your understanding nicely.

And the usual bugs or issues you would face make you search & learn more on the topic, which was the best part for me.

Help is often available via the study forums or slack chatroom in case you can’t find your way out of something.

Term 2 is more about architecting solutions for different blockchain problems, understanding the requirements and correctly using different technologies.

Basically structuring various term 1 basics into more holistic real-world applications.

Term 2 is much more challenging than term 1, but again, Udacity support will be there to help you if need be.

IMO, the capstone project could have been a little more challenging. I felt it was much easier than all other projects, but nevertheless, it was a real-world application and the final outcome made me feel like a true blockchain developer.

How long does this course take?

You can take all the time you need to complete this course. However, you should keep in mind that there are a few projects with due dates that you will be expected to meet. For learners who spend 10-15 hours a week, Udacity estimates the completion period of this course to be four months. 

The content is vast, so if you have a full-time job, you need to allocate dedicated time to complete the degree on time.

I struggled quite a bit towards the end and needed a one-week extension, which the Udacity support team happily granted given my circumstances (full time startup job, recently married, etc.)

Although some of the projects have must-meet due dates, you will be given ample time to prepare. To get the most out of this online program, you should set a learning schedule and adhere to it keeping the few projects that have due dates in mind.

And this point is very important to note. The longer you take to complete this course, the more cost you will incur. Let’s break down the course cost in this Udacity’s Blockchain Nanodegree review.

Course cost

Udacity has a unique approach to pricing the cost for this course. The pricing covers all budgets, both small and hefty to ensure that as many students as possible enroll in this course. There are two options when it comes to paying for the blockchain developer nanodegree program. Before having a sneak peek into the payment options, note there is a current offer by Udacity that comes with the whole month of free access to any course of your choice. This is regardless of the payment option you will choose. 

And now into the payment options;

Monthly pay

This is a payment system that gives you access to the course monthly. With this payment system, you will have to meet a price of 399 US Dollars to enjoy this course. A personalized discount is available, and there is also a free month to make the most of. But it is important to note that the cost will go up if a lot of time is taken to complete the course. 

Get your personalized discount, Enroll Now  

A deal by Udacity

This is a superb deal with the aspect of FREE month access in mind. When you opt for this plan, the price will go as low as 206 US Dollars per month. However, in this option, the whole amount is required to be paid in a lump sum before the course commences.

Market scenario

The demand for blockchain developers is skyrocketing with the power of blockchain still in its very early stages. The development of more complex and reusable algorithms will see more possibilities to join the mix. What are the remedies of adding a blockchain to the way a business carries out its functions online? It surely comes with a world with opportunity. And what does this mean? People with such skill or skills are in high demand. 

As the recent Blockchain Council survey states, the average salary of a blockchain developer lies in the range of 150,000 USD to 250,000 USD. This career doesn’t require individuals to sleep on their skills. Since technology and systematic functions continue to evolve every day, professionals have to continually sharpen their skills to avoid inefficiency. 

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Udacity Blockchain Developer Nanodegree Student Reviews

Reviews from current and past learners of this course allow you to understand the course properly. This online course has an average rating of 4.3 stars out of the possible 5. Although the rating is a little lower than several other nanodegrees offered at Udacity, the program is enticing to enroll in as illustrated by the following past and current learners.

So far so good. This is my second attempt to clear this nanodegree, I enrolled last year when this program was divided into two terms, I was almost done with Term-1 at that time but couldn’t finish it, Now, it seems both terms are merged in one term. Excited to finish this program”– SHEIKH ATHER A.

I think it has been great learning about different aspects of Blockchain since the start of the program. I am pretty happy and looking forward to meeting and beat more challenges in upcoming projects and lessons in the program” – Shaheer F.

This is a really good program for anyone who wants to know about blockchain technology. I will always recommend this to everyone interested in the field.”– Deepanshu H.

Conclusion: Is Udacity’s Blockchain Nanodegree Worth It?

The blockchain nanodegree is quite awesome. If the syllabus seems the right fit for you, definitely go ahead. It’s surely worth it.

Having gone through the Udacity blockchain developer nanodegree review, it is now your task to render the final verdict. As shown, Udacity is a great academy that strives to rise above any competition.

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Ashish N Patil

Husband, Engineer, Pythonista. I’m an autodidact with a passion for technology. Love enabling the community by building or helping build high impact products or services.

Ashish Patil

Husband, Engineer, Pythonista. I’m an autodidact with a passion for technology.

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