Udacity Agile Software Development Nanodegree review

Udacity Agile Software Development nanodegree

In case you didn’t know, Agile Software Development is currently one of the hottest and most in-demand IT skills you can learn. It encompasses various practices and frameworks that are part of the Agile methodology and leads to efficient software development through effective collaboration. Agile developers can earn more than $ 105,000 per year!

Udacity’s Agile Software Development Nanodegree is an educational program that teaches you the fundamental of Agile development and prepares you for a variety of job roles in the development job market.

Read on to learn more about Udacity’s Agile Software Development nanodegree program review in this guide and find out whether it is worth the money. Happy reading!

Platform: Udacity.com

Duration: 3 months (at 5 to 10 hours per week)

Price: $ 399/month or $ 1017 for three months

Certificate: Available

Level: Certified online educational program (Beginner)

Where to apply? https://www.udacity.com/course/agile-software-development-nanodegree–nd144

Overview of Udacity Agile Software Development nanodegree

Udacity is an online educational platform that offers online courses in a plethora of disciplines, especially Information Technology (IT). These include programming, business, mathematics, computer science, and information security courses, among others. 

The platform is also known for offering Nanodegrees that are in-depth certifications for specialized skills and disciplines. These Nanodegrees consist of several constituent courses or modules that you can complete one by one. Udacity’s Agile Software Development Nanodegree has been developed in cooperation with Thoughtworks, which is a global technology consulting company. 

Agile software development is a popular and in-demand tech skill to have right now. Essentially, it involves adhering to a set of frameworks and practices during software development. It also involves collaborating with multiple teams to develop quality software products efficiently. 

Check out this guide for more information about Agile software development.

In a nutshell, Agile software development is a valuable skill to have, and Agile Project Managers earn a salary of around $103,000 on average.

Udacity’s Agile Software Development nanodegree syllabus

The syllabus for Udacity’s Software Development Nanodegree program is divided into 3 courses or modules. Each module has its own learning outcomes and projects. Here is a list of these courses and what they cover:

Course 1: Covers the basics of the Agile methodology and frameworks

In this course, you will learn about the basics of the Agile methodology and the Agile Manifesto. You will also discover the set of frameworks and practices used in software development that make up the Agile methodology. The project for this module entails the creation of a solution for Agile delivery.

Course 2: Covers Agile planning

The second course of the program focuses on the importance of planning, which is an integral part of Agile development. You will learn about roadmaps, product vision, and gathering and prioritizing requirements. The project for this module involves the creation of an MVP release plan.

Course 3: Covers organizational agility and communication

The third and final course in the program is all about effective communication and organizational agility during software development. Students will learn about numerous communication strategies and methods in this course. The project for this module is about the creation of a Big Visual Information Radiator (BVIR).

To find out more about the syllabus for this program, head over to this page and click on “download syllabus.”

Instructors of Udacity’s Agile Software Development Nanodegree

Knowing who is going to be your instructor for an online course or Nanodegree program is important. Fortunately, most online educational platforms, including Udacity, have detailed profile descriptions of instructors who will be teaching a particular course or degree program.

Here are the instructors who will be teaching Udacity’s Agile Software Development Nanodegree program:

  1. Hasnain Rizvi (Agile Coach): Agile trainer and coach who has trained more than 25,000 individuals around the globe
  2. Vincent High (Agile Delivery Lead): Agile instructor and Scrum Master who currently has the role of an Agile Delivery Lead at one of the leading banks in the US
  3. Mark Ginise (Agile Engineer and Coach): Agile coach who heads Agile training for the federal government

Time to complete

The time it takes you to complete an online course or degree program is an important consideration that you must factor in before you enroll in it. Most courses and programs are usually self-paced and the time it takes to complete them depends on the number of hours you study each week.

Udacity claims its Agile Software Development Nanodegree program can be completed by most students in about 3 months. This estimate is for 5 to 10 hours spent studying each week, according to Udacity. If you think you can put in more hours each week, you can finish the program well before the estimated completion time of 3 months.


Knowing a course’s or degree program’s prerequisites is important before you choose to enroll in it. Without the necessary prerequisites, your learning journey can be seriously affected and you’ll have trouble grasping various concepts.

Udacity’s Agile Software Development Nanodegree program has no major prerequisites, so any beginner who has no prior development experience can easily enroll themselves in it. Udacity does state, however, that students should possess basic computer skills and should be able to navigate the Internet and use third-party tools online.

Pros and Cons of Udacity Agile Software Development Nanodegree

It is important to factor in the pros and cons of taking an online educational course before you enroll yourself in it. Here are some pros and cons of taking Udacity’s Agile Software Development Nanodegree, in our opinion:


  • The syllabus content is comprehensive, well-organized, and easy to follow
  • There are plenty of resources and projects in the program to help you learn
  • Udacity is an accredited platform and its nanodegrees offer plenty of extra benefits 
  • The program has no prerequisites
  • The estimated duration of 3 months for the program is ideal for most professionals 
  • Agile Software Development is a valuable skill to learn, with great demand in the job market 


  • Professionals who want a more to learn Agile Software Development in greater depth and detail may be better off trying some other intermediate or advanced course

Potential Job Roles

As we mentioned before, there is great demand for Agile Software Development in today’s job market and it is one of the most promising IT skills you can learn. This means the career and job prospects are excellent and you’ll be working in several different roles once you learn it.

According to Udacity, here are some of the numerous job roles their Agile Software Development Nanodegree program will prepare you for:

  1. Project Manager or Agile Project Manager
  2. Agile Delivery Lead
  3. Delivery Lead
  4. Scrum master
  5. Product Owner
  6. Engineering Manager
  7. Product Manager

Is the Udacity Agile Software Development Nanodegree worth it?

So, is Udacity’s Agile Software Development Nanodegree program worth it? In our opinion, it is. There are several reasons for this.

First, this program is great for any beginner who wants to venture into the world of Agile development. The course is well-structured, and well-organized, and comes with plenty of resources, projects, and other benefits. So whether you want to switch careers and try out development or feel the need to add a new IT skill to your resume, this program definitely has a lot to offer.

Another reason that makes this program worth the money is the platform itself. Udacity is an accredited educational platform that is known for providing high-quality educational courses and programs. Moreover, by enrolling in this course, you get access to benefits like class content, student services, and career services.

In addition, Udacity offers you plenty of flexibility in terms of payment. You can either pay upfront for 3-month access or pay for each month. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

All of these characteristics make Udacity’s Agile Software Development Nanodegree worth the money and we certainly recommend it.

What else do Nanodegrees courses from Udacity include?

Real-world projects from industry experts:

With the aid of real-world projects and learning material developed in collaboration with some of the world’s leading firms, you’ll be equipped with exactly what companies are looking for.

Technical mentor support:

Udacity’s mentors will always be there to help you during each stage of your learning journey and will help you stay motivated and focused.

Career services:

To help you land a well-paying role, you’ll be able to enjoy access to features like LinkedIn profile optimization and GitHub portfolio review.

Flexible learning program:

With Udacity’s self-paced Nanodegree programs, you’ll be able to create your own learning schedule that best fits your busy lifestyle.

Final thoughts

In this Udacity Agile Software Development Nanodegree program review, we provided an in-depth review of this program and went over everything you need to know about it. 

We think the program is a good start for anybody wanting to venture into the world of Agile Development and open up exciting new career opportunities. In our opinion, the program is worth it and we do recommend it to our readers!

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