Mindvalley vs Masterclass 2024: Best e-Learning Platform?

Mindvalley vs Masterclass 2022

Mindvalley vs Masterclass 2022

In this Mindvalley vs Masterclass comparison, I will share my personal experience of learning with them along with some pros, cons, and should you buy it?

If you came this far for the search of the best e-learning platform, then you must read this Mindvalley vs Masterclass comparison.

These two platforms I used personally and after that, I am sharing my detailed review comparing them.


E-learning is the talk of the town. Learning from the best mentors and industry experts at the comfort of the home are a few of the numerous benefits e-learning brings to the table.

You cannot deny the fact that with technology advancing, traditional academic learning is on the verge of being outdated. It does not prepare the students for life ahead.

With the disadvantages of traditional learning, the world is shifting towards e-learning. If you are planning to learn online, you are making the best decision.

While searching e-learning platforms, you would have come across Mindvalley and Masterclass. Both are great platforms to learn. But which one is the best fit for you?

We are here with an in-depth Mindvalley vs Masterclass review to help you decide which platform suits you the best. 

with a clear and competent view of both the online platforms by doing side by side comparison of their reviews, cost, curriculum, features, learning experience, ease of use, and at the last pros and cons of both. Let us dive in!

Overview: Mindvalley vs Masterclass

Before moving towards comparison, let us learn more about both platforms.


The Future of Education


The Future of Education

Mindvalley is an online personal growth platform. It focuses on supporting the spiritual development and lifelong learning of individuals.

Founded by Vishen Lakhiani, New York Times best-selling author, Mindvalley currently has over 12 million students from more than 80 countries. We have a detailed Mindvalley review, that you must read.

Known for its high course completion rate of 333% more than its competitors, Mindvalley believes in and propagates transformational learning.

It not only concentrates on developing skills, but also focuses on living extraordinary, fulfilling, and joyful lives.

The headquarters of Mindvalley is located in New York. Mindvalley centers all its quests (courses) around unlocking the full potential of individuals and helping them find success at work and in life. It aims for balanced and harmonious development.


Masterclass, on the other hand, is an online learning platform that focuses on developing an individual’s creative ability. Based in San Francisco, Masterclass divides its courses into eleven categories-

MasterClass is a one-stop solution for creative professionals to develop and learn new skills. It aims at connecting learners to the best courses from top creators you would not have access to.

Full Comparison In A Nutshell!

Parameter Mindvalley MasterClass
Ratings and Reviews ✔️  
About Curriculum ✔️  
Instructors TIE TIE
Pricing   ✔️
Advance Features ✔️  
Learning Experience & Course Relevancy ✔️  
All About the Courses Offered TIE TIE
Total Points 6 3
Winner- Mindvalley! Go To Mindvalley ➜ Go To MasterClass ➜

Which one is the best? Let us dive in and compare both the platforms, side by side.

Ratings and Reviews


Mindvalley has more than 4.5-star reviews all across the internet. The transformational learning aimed by Mindvalley connects with young and old alike. People love Mindvalley courses, which Mindvalley calls quests.

Mindvalley Trustpilot Review


Mindvalley Trustpilot Review

  • Positive reviews of Mindvalley speak about the amazing learning experience, quality content, best trainers, scientific curriculum, and the fulfillment felt in the heart.
  • Negative reviews of Mindvalley are for its high pricing and ‘Do less accomplish more’ policy. Compared to other online learning platforms, Mindvalley has a limited number of quests. But it is planning to add more.


MasterClass is a great platform with an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. It has great reviews and ratings from its students. It is a great online learning platform that helps in developing the creative ability of individuals.

MasterClass Trustpilot Review

MasterClass Trustpilot Review

  • Positive reviews of MasterClass speak about the ease of learning with any device, audio-only lessons that can be listened to anytime, downloadable resources like PDF workbooks and bite-sized lessons.
  • Negative reviews of MasterClass are about noninteractive community, no certificates, and no live Q&As or sessions for actual interaction.

Winner: Mindvalley

In Mindvalley vs MasterClass, it’s difficult to choose one, but Mindvalley has great reviews because of its unique transformational learning.

Though Masterclass is a good platform, its reviews are more like regular online learning platforms. But Mindvalley focuses on individual growth and hence has received a ton of love from its students.

Visit Mindvalley ➜

About Curriculum:


The courses at Mindvalley are known as quests. Each quest is broken down into bite-sized videos. Every day you have to complete one video and one practice task associated with it that takes no more than 20 minutes. The quests at Mindvalley are of not more than 30-50 days.

Mindvalley follows the principle of ‘Do less and accomplish more. Hence, it uses microlearning every day that helps the students complete the quests and develop themselves 333% more than other platforms.

Mindvalley follows a scientific teaching methodology that pushes individuals past their limits and helps them achieve better results. It teaches things that really matter in life and does not focus on academic learning. Plus, it also provides certificates.


The MasterClass provides bite-sized video lessons, which are also self-paced. You can learn at any time and anywhere from any device of your choice.

However, the number of video classes and the average duration of the classes vary from class to class.

The average length of each bite-sized video is 10 minutes at MasterClass. Every class starts with an introductory video of the instructor, and then the learning begins.

It provides downloadable PDF workbooks, which is a unique feature. The workbooks contain detailed explanations and practice assignments.

Winner: Mindvalley

Masterclass and Mindvalley both have bite-sized videos that can be watched anytime and anywhere. But Mindvalley goes a step ahead and encourages scientific microlearning methods in its curriculum that help learners make the most out of the teaching and implement it in the real world.

Visit Mindvalley➜



Mindvalley brings world-renowned and experienced instructors like

  • Jim Kwik, who is an accelerated learning coach
  • Marisa peer, Britain’s best hypnotherapist
  • Vishen Lakhaini, founder of Mindvalley and NY Times bestselling author
  • Katherine Woodward Thomas
  • Sonia Choquette
  • Dr. Shefali

And many more famous therapists and entrepreneurs, international speakers, CEOs of major companies, spiritual teachers, and celebrity coaches.


MasterClass also brings the masters of their fields to teach students the best from the best in the industry. Their instructors include the world-renowned

And many more experienced instructors.

Winner: TIE

Both Mindvalley and Masterclass have world-renowned and industry expert trainers and instructors sharing their knowledge and guiding students in their learning journey.

Pricing Details:


Mindvalley offers different types of subscriptions.

Mindvalley Membership
Mindvalley Membership

  • Single quest or course at Mindvalley ranges from $199 to $499. You get lifetime access to the course and community, yearly upgrades, and bonus material
  • Mindvalley All-access pass comes with a yearly subscription of $499. You get access to 50+ quests, Mindvalley university, and community and coaching with instructors.
  • Mindvalley Membership pro at $999 a year. You get all-access pass benefits plus exclusive mastermind of peers, monthly group coaching with the founder, and other speakers.
  • Mindvalley offers a 7-day free trial of all-access pass.
  • It also offers a 15-day risk-free money-back guarantee.


MasterClass offers three types of subscription packages.

MasterClass Pricing

MasterClass Pricing

  • Individual All-access pass at $180– It is an annual pass that gives you access to all the classes on the MasterClass platform for a year.
  • Duo All-Access Pass at $240– With this, it also gives you an additional all-access pass that you can share with a friend. Obviously, the all-access pass is worth its price if you want to learn with a friend.
  • Family All Access Pass at $276- With this plan you get access for up to 6 users. A great option for learning with your children.
  • MasterClass offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you feel MasterClass is not worth $180, you can claim a complete refund within 30 days from the purchase date.

Winner: MasterClass

When it comes to being budget-friendly, Mindvalley cannot beat Masterclass. Masterclass offers the best classes at affordable rates. Mindvalley quests are high priced but are worth the amount spent.

Visit Masterclass➜

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Advance/Unique Features:


  • Community Events
    • Offline events, workshops, seminars, and talks that enable face to face interaction with world-renowned speakers
    • Mindvalley university- A 21-day yearly event exclusive to all-access members.
    • Mindvalley Live– 3-day self-improvement retreat
    • Mindvalley A-Fest– 3-day invite-only event
  • Has a mobile app that enables streaming anywhere anytime
  • Bite-sized lessons that use scientific methodology to gain the most from the lessons.


  • Downloadable PDF workbooks and other materials
  • Facebook and web-based community for peer learning
  • Has a mobile app that enables streaming anywhere anytime
  • Audio only versions for some classes
  • Bite-sized 10 minute classes that can be learned in a go.

Winner: Mindvalley

With its community events and well-engaged community, no other online learning platform can beat Mindvalley. It simply provides ample opportunities for learners to meet and gain knowledge from world-renowned speakers and trainers.

This Mindvalley vs Masterclass review article will provide you with all the important details

Visit Mindvalley➜

Learning Experience and Course Relevancy:


Mindvalley gives a great learning experience with its mobile application and website. It focuses on mind, body, and soul with its transformative learning. Visible results are seen by learners. The quests make a difference in people’s lives.

Not taking more than 20 minutes a day, each quest teaches something new, and the scientific methodology of teaching helps learners retain what they have learned.

All Mindvalley quests focus on personal growth concepts like learning faster, becoming productive, feeling fulfilled and joyful, and accomplishing more by doing less. These features make Mindvalley quests relevant for years to come.


MasterClass also provides a great learning experience with its clean website and mobile application. All the categories are clearly mentioned, you can continue the classes where you had left and many other features that make learning a great experience.

All its lessons are divided into bite-sized lessons that can be learned from any time and anywhere. Only audio lessons provided by Masterclass are one unique feature that helps you learn hands-free.

MasterClass also has a separate notes section, where you can take notes while learning from both websites and mobile app. This enables two-way learning.

Winner: Mindvalley

Though Masterclass provides a great learning experience, it cannot beat Mindvalley. Mindvalley, with its quests, brings changes in the life of learners in a way that transforms them.

Plus, all Mindvalley quests will stay relevant no matter how technology changes. In the next topic of Mindvalley vs masterclass, we will discuss courses offered.

Visit Mindvalley ➜

All About the Courses Offered:


Mindvalley offers 50+ quests divided into eight categories. The categories are:

  • Mind
  • Body
  • Soul
  • Work
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Relationships
  • Parenting
  • Performance

The quests vary on topics, like healing from heartbreaks, longevity, energy healing, extraordinary living, conscious parenting, developing super memory, hypnosis, and many more. You can also go through the Mindvalley coupon code article.

Mindvalley vs Masterclass


Browse All Programs Mindvalley


Masterclass has 150+ Courses divided into eleven categories. They are:

Masterclass courses cover topics like content writing, storytelling, creative writing, musical instruments, and many more creative topics.

Browse All Programs MasterClass


Browse All Programs MasterClass

Winner: TIE

Mindvalley and Masterclass both have great courses in different domains. The categories of courses are completely unrelated to each other.

Hence, choosing one among them would be wrong because both provide the best courses in their domains. You can also go through this yeschef vs masterclass comparison.

Pros and Cons of Mindvalley:

✓Pros ✘Cons:
High-quality content and videos Expensive
Highly effective scientific teaching methodology Less number of courses
Well structured and Excellent syllabus  
Highly supportive and Engaged community  
Host of Offline events  

Pros and Cons of MasterClass:

✓Pros ✘Cons:
All course videos are of high quality Noninteractive community
Experienced instructors who have mastered their craft. Does not provide a certificate
Downloadable resources like workbooks and PDFs  
Affordable and Budget-friendly  
Bite-sized lessons  

Final Conclusion: Winner: Mindvalley !

Both Mindvalley and Masterclass are great online learning platforms, but Mindvalley beats Masterclass when it comes to the features and scientific learning methodology.

Mindvalley’s transformative learning has brought changes in people’s lives that make it stand out from the crowd.

Through Mindvalley is an expensive platform, it is worth its cost with the high-quality content, engaged community, and transformative learning. We are not against Masterclass.

MasterClass is a budget-friendly option for individuals seeking creative developments. Mindvalley is a great option for learners seeking personal growth.

Author Jhanvi Shah

Jhanvi Shah

Experienced Freelance Content Writer, Digital marketer and BBA Graduate. I write content that leaves a lasting impact on the readers and helps businesses build authority and trust.

My Story.

FAQs: Mindvalley vs Masterclass

Does Mindvalley give certificates?

Mindvalley offers a certificate of completion for the learners who complete the quest. However, this certificate does not certify you as a practitioner.

Do Mindvalley and Masterclass offer free courses?

Both Mindvalley and Masterclass do not offer free courses. However, Mindvalley offers free 60 to 90 min masterclasses or sessions on certain topics.

Are Mindvalley and Masterclass apps available & free?

Yes, both Mindvalley and Masterclass apps are free to download. However, you will have to pay the charges to access the courses.

Jhanvi Shah

Experienced Freelance Content Writer, Digital marketer and BBA Graduate. I write content that leaves a lasting impact on the readers and helps businesses build authority and trust.

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