Master Of Project Academy PMP Review 2023

Master of Project Academy PMP Review

Vaibhav Arvind Sonar

Hello, I’m Vaibhav Arvind Sonar

I am a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with 10+ years of experience in project conceptualization to end-user handover. In this article, I will give a detailed review of why to enroll for the Master Of Project Academy PMP course, career opportunities after the course, course curriculum, pricing, pros, and cons.

Are you interested in becoming a Project Management Professional(PMP) but you have no idea how to get started?

The Project Management Professional (PMP) examination is a significant step on the path of any project manager. This exam can strengthen you as a working professional and can also provide you with many career enhancement opportunities. If you want to grow in your current employer, it can be quite helpful. In terms of climbing the job ladder, it puts you well ahead of your peers. To get well prepared for it you need to get proper preparation and this can be done by taking up various certification courses.

Perhaps you are interested in becoming a PMI-ACP i.e Agile Certification or CAPM( Certified Associate in Project Management). No matter which project management certification you are interested in Master Of Project Academy is a one-stop platform for you to study!

If you are confused about whether to get enrolled in Master Of Project Academy PMP checkout our Master Of Project Academy PMP Review to get a detailed review by a graduate.

Importance of Review on Master of Project Academy

We review the Master of Project Academy in-depth since we are aware that selecting an online school can be confusing and overwhelming for many people. One of the best things you can do for your career is to take an online course since it will give you the confidence you need to advance and land a better-paying job.

Online courses are more convenient and time-efficient than traditional ones because you can do them whenever you have free time from anywhere. Although an online master’s in science in project management can be helpful, it does not adhere to the rules of certification exam organizations and instead takes a more generic approach. A course taken online is much more focused.

The only thing to think about is picking the correct courses that meet your standards for engagement and quality. This can be done by taking the following actions:

  • Search for reviews at to see comments.
  • Look carefully through their course catalog.
  • Compare the features and prices of various services and the formats of the instructions.
  • Are flashcards more effective for learning? Please confirm that the course includes them.
  • Do you favor in-person instruction? Check out the tutors they have.

The company offers free samples of its services and goods to make things simpler. Keeping this information in mind, you will choose the best course of action for your career.

Continue reading to get the most out of this review.

My Journey: What Made Me Enroll In A Master Of Project Academy?

I have around 10+ years of experience in the project management field. When I entered the USA as a student, I was studying for a master’s in engineering management. On the basis of my previous experience and current master’s degree, I decided to continue my career in the project management field.

Initially, I referred to the PMBOK and Rita book. After some time, I decided to try to learn from an e-learning platform. I came to MOPA PMP through a google search. Initially, I was skeptical regarding how to choose a good e-learning platform but after intense research of various platforms and referring to the Quora forum I purchased a Master of Project academy subscription.

My Thoughts On The Curriculum Of MOPA PMP:

The PMBOK is always a reference and a good point to start as PMBOK is written in very clear and good language. I will say that you can use PMBOK and this MOPA PMP E-learning combined will be really helpful.

When it comes to MOPA PMP, The curriculum of PMP is designed by a subject matter expert. PMP is designed in such a way that it touches each and every point of the syllabus. Video lengths are small so concentration is not an issue. Video quality and content are really excellent.

MOPA PMP provides excellent easy remember examples. MOPA PMP also comes up with a numerical exercise that will give good clarity and confidence on how exactly we should approach the numerical.

The most unique function I think MOPA PMP has is that if you have any questions you can post them in the post section below the video and the subject matter will respond to your question. This unique function creates the feeling that you are attending a live lecture and someone is listening and responding to your question.

The response is though not spontaneous but it is quick. Further, you can send an email if you have any technical queries. You don’t need to make any lecture notes as it is there in pdf format you can refer to that too. Full credit to MOPA PMP for their quality content.

In the next section of the Master Of Project Academy PMP Review, there’s a full rundown of materials to assist in PMP exam preparation.

Materials You Should Follow While Preparing For PMP:

PMBOK is the core material one should use and as per your choice you can refer to other supporting material such as other books and E-learning platforms such as MOPA PMP, YouTube channels, discussion forums,

The Material I used for PMP

  • I referred traditional physical book reading from PMBOK, Rita
  • I used online E-Learning tools such as MOPA, YouTube Channels, Discussion forums
  • Also I used mock exam tools such as Rita book, Udemy, and MOPA

Does the Master of Project Promise Better Scores to its Users?

The business offers a 30-day money-back guarantee because they believe in its courses’ capacity and qualified instructors’ capacity.

Within the first 30 days, you can request a refund if you are unhappy with the course’s content. The organization promises that you will improve your score, and back up this claim, they have put in place an exam simulator that allows you to take a practice test and track your progress on their platform.

Accessible Courses for Professionals

With 99,723 enrolled students and a first-attempt pass rate of a whopping 99.6%, Master of Project Academy may be proud of its accomplishments. Every week, this percentage is calculated and updated.

Additionally, they provide a 30-day money-back guarantee on all their premium standalone courses and bundles. Customers can request a complete refund of their subscription fees by email during the first 30 days, no questions asked. The company occasionally offers exclusive discounts for a short period, such as a 50% off special offer for yearly and lifetime subscriptions on some currently available courses that will end on March 8th.

Suggestions To Clear PMP Exam Effectively?

I am so happy that I have cleared my PMP exam. My suggestions to all PMP aspirants are that

  • ITTO is important to understand. Don’t try to mug up or memorize only. Try to understand how each piece is connected to each others.
  • Understand the PMP concepts thoroughly as that only helps you to get the right answer.
  • Give 3 – 4 mock exams and after the result invest time to analyze the entire exam questions i.e. to maintain an error log and work on your weakness.
  • Depending on time, use your resources like if you have plenty of time and you aim to gain deeper knowledge then go with book reading, or if you aim at clearing exams in a short span then use video series to learn the concepts quickly.
  • PMP is not easy but it’s not that difficult too so don’t be too afraid of it.
  • Make a study plan and stick to it.
  • Time management is key to the PMP exam.

Opportunites After PMP Certification-Why You Should Take PMP?

This section of the Master Of Project Academy PMP Review gives a closer look at what are the opportunities after PMP certification.

PMP can be useful if you are currently working in the Project department. If you don’t have a project background it will be a stepping stone to enter the project world. But you must convince the interview panel aggressively that you will make a difference.

A positive side is that if you are PMP certified you will know best practices in the project world and with job experience, your value in the market rises.

In my opinion, PMP is a competitive advantage that comes under preferred qualification. This means that we must meet basic job requirements. PMP is a cherry on top if you are at the initial stage of your career.

How PMP Impacted My Life?

My life is changed with PMP certification as I am having a broader view of project management. PMP is great learning which will give you benefits after some experience in which you will apply all project management principles in the real world.

As many applications ask you how many years you work on projects after PMP certification. I will surely recommend you to go for PMP. It will be a new angle to view the project world.

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Thoughts On Pricing & Duration Of MOPA?

Mater of Project Academy Review : MOPA Pricing

I personally did my own research and I found that MOPA is an affordable option in the market. I was a little skeptical as I never used such a program and as a student, every dollar was hard to earn money.

Initially, I took a lot of time to conduct my research regarding which e-learning I need to buy but I can say that after completing the course, my full money invested was totally worth it. I am more than happy. Pricing is affordable and you can get some discounts and offers too.

Duration definitely depends on the person and will vary from one person to another. Major factors that define the duration are reading speed, listening, and comprehension speed. But on average 30 – 45 days is sufficient to complete the whole MOPA PMP syllabus. In this, I am considering that if one doesn’t understand he/she will go back and watch the videos until they fully understand the concept.

My suggestion will be no hurry to complete the syllabus. What really matters is how you understand well. The concepts should be in your brain for a long duration of time. At no point, you will be required to mug up things. One can complete the syllabus at their own pace. One can jump to any topic or video, this particular will definitely help when you start to work on a weak area of study.

Some Unique/Advance Features Of MOPA:

Master of Project Academy Review MOPA - Features

1) You can get expert help if you don’t understand anything you can comment below the video, and you will get an answer for it.
2) Ready PDF Lecture Notes as a presentation slide
3) One can jump to any topic or video

What I Liked & Disliked About MOPA?

MOPA - Likes & Dislikes

Verdict : Is Master Of Project Academy Worth It?

In conclusion to Master Of Project Academy PMP Review, I will recommend MOPA for PMP preparation and it will save time for preparation. You can revisit concepts as many times as you want to get confidence in the subject.

Master Of Project Academy PMP® Certification

30-Days Money-Back Guarantee

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1. How good is Master Of Project Academy?

Master Of Project Academy has a 99.6% pass rate. This shows how good the courses are.

2. Can I access the materials of the Master Of Project Academy even after the certification?

You can have access to the course material as long as you want to but you need to have paid subscription.

3. Who can take up Master Of Project Academy Courses?

People who are looking for career advancement in project management.

4. What are the requirements for PMP Certification?

-You should have had a 4year degree or equivalent diploma, you should have 3+ years of project experience. If you do not have a 4-year degree, you should have 5+ years of project experience.
-You should have attended a 35 contact hours project management education.

Vaibhav Sonar

I am a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with 10+ years of experience in project conceptualization to end-user handover.

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