My Honest Experience: Greycampus PMP Review 2024

greycampus review

greycampus pmp review

In this Greycampus PMP review, I will share my experience of learning with them along with some pros and cons.


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My Story: What Made Me Enroll?

I am a Certified and self-motivated Technical Support Professional with an overall 10+ years of experience in Program Management and Agile Transformation experience in deploying leading-edge technologies in a complex Enterprise and Private Sector environment.

I can support all facets of technical solutions successfully; my expertise includes vast and diverse experience supporting such systems within the airline industry.

I planned to take up PMP for many years, but I couldn’t take it up to the next level due to the time constraint and work roles. That when I came across GreyCampus on some social media platform, I approached in no time.

I had the brochure and the quotation for the certification on my screen. The Pandemic of the Covid-19 was a blessing in disguise for me, as like all, even I was at home, and I had decided that I will not waste a single day and started planning for each day.

And every day went so smoothly and turned out to be the most productive time as far as my professional life is concerned. Now, let’s cover my thoughts on the greycampus PMP review.

How Is Greycampus For PMP?

This Course made it look so easier by none other than Jim Owens, ACS Fellow and himself A CP PMP and PRINCE2 certified professional trainer. Also, Laxmi Sir gave so many live examples to make us understand every process.

The portal is more user-friendly and can access all the pointers so well. The training at GreyCampus has a high standard.

You might have done excellently during your mock tests. But, do remember that your exam day can be a little different because of the anxiety and the nerves you might carry to the exam hall. Most of us do not perform well under pressure. There are many variables that you cannot control. Some of the smallest things could rattle us during the exam.

For example, if the washroom is far from the exam hall and you took longer than the time you set aside for the break. 
But, if you stress out and come under pressure your performance is definitely going to be impacted.

Other Materials Which I Followed:

I will try cover all the necessary topics in this greycampus PMP review.

How To Prepare For PMP Exam?

A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) is published by PMI. Becoming proficient with the PMBOK® guide is the single most important step in passing the PMP exam. There are a lot of books out there in the market but nothing can compensate the official guide.

You might say ‘I don’t’ see a lot of questions from the guide’. True, but it gives you the conceptual clarity without which it is impossible to clear the exam. The bad news is that the guide is lengthy and boring to read. Hence, most people prefer other market versions which do not look so unappealing. But ignoring this guide comes with a heavy price.

If you find a lot of people complaining about not clearing the exam even in multiple attempts, it is most likely that they have sidestepped the PMBOK guide. In all, starting your preparation with the PMBOK guide will help build the foundation for your preparation. Further, make sure you revise the book at least twice before you appear for the test.

While taking these reading and solving question bank session, one must not forget to take notes on the key areas, such as ITTO, understanding the concepts and the ITTO’s flow. A detailed understanding will allow you to choose the best-case scenario. Utilize Exam Simulators more often during the practice sessions.

How Do You Handle Stress During The Exam?

Write A Lot Of Mock Tests: The more you face the simulated environment, the better you get at handling it.Tell yourself beforehand that no matter what goes wrong during the exam, you will not carry lose your confidence.

Manage You Time For Well: Remember that difficult and easy questions are spread across the exam. Just because you haven’t done well in some questions, doesn’t mean your exam is not going well. Manage your time well as the pressure of time is what causes the anxiety.

Treat As Project Not Exam: To sum it up, the best way to approach the exam in order to pass it in the first attempt is to treat it as a ‘project’ in itself. As a first step, define your goals or objectives clearly. Next, finalize the resources you want to use (study materials, institutions, mock papers, etc.).

Break Down The Syllabus: Break Down The Syllabus into tasks and a lot of timelines to complete them. Check your progress and make changes to your strategy as you analyze your performance in mocks. Most of all, be confident about your abilities. Believe that if you put in consistent efforts, it is not a difficult task to clear the PMP exam on the first attempt.we will start with some tips in the next topic of this greycampus PMP review

Some Tips For Clearing PMP?

PMP exam questions are mostly scenario-based. These scenarios can be quite diverse. So, just reading the theory doesn’t automatically guarantee that you can apply this knowledge in situations. That’s where the practice questions help.

Further, as you solve a variety of questions, you will notice that questions can be divided into certain categories. Some questions are short and direct whereas others are lengthy. There are questions that are formula-based. There are others scenario-based. You also have the ITTO questions which ask you about the tools and techniques in project management.

So, How Does Solving Practice Questions Help?

It will help you identify the different kinds of questions as you read them and the kind of skills you need to build to tackle them. On the test day, the minute you read a question, you should be able to recall the strategy to solve it. 

There are many sources for practice questions in the market. Make sure that you do your research on the quality of the material and the reputation of the source before you choose one. 

An extension of the above tip is to write the complete simulated tests apart from solving practice questions. If you treat the PMP exam only as a knowledge-based test, you are bound to fail. Yes, it does have a vast syllabus and the questions are tough.

But, do not underestimate the stamina that is required to sit for 4 hours and answer 200 questions of varying difficulty levels with equal efficiency.  So, you need to write the mock tests to get into the psychological zone required to perform effectively in those 4 hours.

Further, practice tests help you monitor your progress and mold your test-taking strategy.

Ask Relevant Questions Before preparing:

  • Am I able to complete the test in 4 hours?
  • Am I taking too long to answer the questions?
  • Which types of questions are giving me trouble?
  • Is my efficiency coming down as the test progresses?
  • Am I able to remember the concepts that I learned?
  • Am I overlooking any information causing me to make silly mistakes?

All these questions are important. And, the only way you can answer these is to write the simulated tests.

If you observe that you are getting more than 80% consistently in your mocks, you can be assured of passing the actual exam. Use the mock tests as a feedback mechanism to tune your strategy to excel on
the exam day.

Impact Of PMP On My Life?

In this Greycampus review we will discuss how it impacted my life.

Some people might view PMP certification as expensive, time-consuming, and difficult. But, many hiring experts treat PMP certification as an essential credential that adds credibility to your resume.

Further, it helps you build essential skills required to excel in your career. So yes! PMP certification is worth the effort in life too.I have started analyzing even minute things of life as individual projects and started finding the scope and giving the deadline.

After the PMP Certification, the mindset and the perspective of the employers and your connections towards me
have changed. And I am sure I will be able to prosper in my future career.

There are several opportunities to upgrade your professional career and definitely to grow at the management level I would 100% recommend coming and joining in hands in PMI and none other than GreyCampus which will answer all your queries related to PMP.

What About Pricing Of PMP?

There is a financial cost associated with it. The cost of the certification includes also the type of training you
are willing to take. It varies from instructor-led training, live sessions (in-house or remote) and self-paced one.

I had opted for instructor-led training as I had lost the complete touch of sitting at one place and in front of an instructor so I had to give it a try and hence the result. So pricing includes the training and exam fee ( PMI).I hope this greycampus PMP reviews is helping you out.

How To Clear Manage Time For PMP exam?

Managing time can be divided into two components: 

  • During the preparation stage
  • During the exam 

  • During the preparation stage

Most people who write the PMP exam tend to be working professionals. So, it is important that you manage your time between your professional responsibilities and the study time for the exam.

As the exam requires quite a bit of studying, solving practice questions and writing the mock tests, planning your
time is paramount. In the months that you prepare, do only the highest-priority tasks. A vacation to relax might sound like a good idea.

But, if you plan it in the middle of your preparation time, you might lose track of your progress. There are some people who complain that they couldn’t complete the test. Well, the problem is to do with the lack of time management on the exam day.

  • During the exam 

Remember that if you leave out more than 1/5th (about 40) of the questions in the exam, it is extremely unlikely that you will pass. You have about 1.2 minutes to answer each question in the exam. If you need to take a break in between the exam, then it is going to be less than that.

When you take into consideration the time to relook at some of the questions, you will roughly have about 50 – 60 seconds for each question.  Some tips to manage your time efficiently on the test day: Decide the maximum time you want to spend on a question. 90 seconds is a good limit.

Once you cross this time, mark the question for review and move on to the next. Tackle the easier questions first and then come back to the difficult ones. Take into account the time that may require for your breaks. Make sure you set aside some time in the end to review some of the questions that you haven’t answered.

What I liked:

The Trainers vast knowledge and giving live examples to make your students understand is the best I liked about GreyCampus.

Before you even apply for the exam, the PMI requires that you spend 35 contact hours on formal project management education. Most people think of it as a task that they need to get done with. Rather, treat it as a learning experience that can take them to the goal of passing the PMP exam.

These 35 hours should be utilized to build a strong foundation of the concepts tested. If there any specific areas you are weak in, the contact hours can help you clarify them. GreyCampus have trainers who are evaluated and approved
by the PMI. So, you need not worry about the quality or the relevance of the content.

What I didn’t liked:

The only factor I didn’t like is that the duration of the training material is 1 year only. Unlike other platforms like Udemy, you buy any training material, and it remains forever with you.

Conclusion: Do I recommend it to others?

PMP is worth the effort to grow in your career, and definitely, I would recommend my connections and all friends to go for GreyCampus only at one condition that if you are going to finish in the desired 1 year.

Earning a certification is the best way to accelerate your career development and broaden your prospects. Companies are looking for trustworthy benchmarks and criteria for this odd job title known as “project manager.”

Anup Painginkar

About The Author

Anup Painginkar

Certified and self-motivated Technical Support Professional with an overall 10+ years of experience into Program Management and Agile Transformation experience in the deployment of leading-edge technologies.



GreyCampus PMP Training®


What If I have a query?

You can mail greycampus at 
Or can contact On:
USA +1 518 302 6767
UK +44 20 8144 4436
IND +91 741 666 4433
HKG +852 8192 9294

Is there any scholarship program available?

Yes, many scholarships are active throughout the year, you can check at scholarship page for active scholarships.Hence I considered writing greycampus pmp review.

How many lessons are covered in this program?

Total five lessons are covered in this greycampus PMP program in which there are several topics covered.

What is the structure of the PMP Exam?

It is composed of 180 Multiple Choice Questions; the time allotted is 230 minutes with two 10 minutes breaks.

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Feel free to write your opinion on this greycampus pmp review.I would eagerly waiting.

Anup Painginkar

Certified and self-motivated Technical Support Professional with an overall 10+ years of experience into Program Management and Agile Transformation experience in the deployment of leading-edge technologies.

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