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15+ Best Marketing Automation Courses Online in 2023

What is the best way to learn marketing automation?

Most marketing automation courses you’ll find online today are outdated and use old versions of marketing automation tools that can only make you terrible at product marketing campaigns at best. 

As a result, you’ll have to work around so many deprecated features if you take such tutorials. So much so that you may eventually have to give up and search for better learning options for digital marketing automation.

To save you the trouble of outdated tools, I’ve put together the best marketing automation courses online. 

These tutorials feature the latest marketing automation tools and their up-to-date versions. In turn, you’ll be able to transition into marketing automation with ease and focus on other aspects of your small business, like boosting growth. 

In this guide, we’ll take a look at the best marketing automation courses online in 2022 that will ease the burden of manually managing your marketing campaigns while enhancing effectiveness. 

Let’s get started. 

1. Digital Marketing Automation: Save Time and Get More Done [Udemy]
2. WordPress 101- Marketing Automation Ultimate 2021 [Udemy]
3. Email Marketing Business Coach Certification7 Coaching [Udemy]
4. MailChimp for Ecommerce Email Marketing Master Class [Udemy]
5. Mailchimp Automation Email Marketing Course For FREE [Udemy]
6. Email Marketing: Sales Automation for E-commerce [Udemy]
7. Startup Marketing, Sales, Post-Sales [Udemy]
8. Email Marketing Automation Masterclass Beginner to Advanced [Udemy]
9. The Complete Marketing Automation System Using Optimizepress [Udemy]
10. Mautic Email Marketing Automation & Amazon SES Installation [Udemy]
11. Getting Started with MailChimp & Aweber Marketing Automation [Udemy]
12. Instagram Marketing- GrowthHacking & Automation MICRO Course [Udemy]
13. Zapier Marketing Automation for Beginners in 2021 [Udemy]
14. Build WordPress ECommerce Store with Marketing Automation [Udemy]
15. Social Media Marketing on Autopilot with Missinglettr [Udemy]


Do you have a WordPress store you’d like to automatically manage? 

The WordPress 101- Marketing Automation Ultimate 2021 on Udemy by Mark Barra is perfect for this purpose. You’ll learn how to link your WordPress store to social media marketplaces, and automation best practices for WordPress.

For a more holistic perspective on digital marketing automation, you’ll want to give a shot at the Digital Marketing Automation: Save Time and Get More Done training on Udemy by Phil Ebiner. 

It covers social media and email marketing automation, as well as many other important marketing automation aspects. 

For more information on powerful marketing techniques as they relate to the internet of things, you’ll find this review I wrote on the best IoT courses to be very helpful. The courses cover how you can build your own IoT devices for analytics purposes and even deploy them to the cloud. 

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