15+ Best Growth Hacking Courses & Certifications in 2024

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Where can you get started learning growth hacking online?

Usually, when you hear the term growth hacking, you mostly will think that this has to do with marketing and sales, with less to do with a developer.

However, did you know that a growth marketing team actually consists of not only marketers but also developers, engineers, and product managers?

So if you’d like to become a growth hacker, and drive your startup through different scales of growth, you need to take the best growth hacking courses and certifications online that will teach all the skills you need to be a master of this trade.

The best way to learn growth hacking online involves learning about digital marketing, social media marketing, optimizing your conversions, and most importantly building a growth team.

In this article, we are going to discuss the best growth hacking courses and certifications online to get you ready for an entry-level growth hacking job.

Let’s get started.

1. Growth Marketing Foundations Online Class | LinkedIn Learning
2. Growth Hacking Tips Online Class | LinkedIn Learning
3. [2023] Growth Hacking with Digital Marketing (Version 7.5) | Udemy 
4. 132 Digital Marketing Growth Hacks with Social Media | Udemy 
5. Instagram Marketing 2023 – Build Followers with Growth Hacking | Skillshare 
6. Grow Your Business Through Growth Hacking Experiments | Skillshare 
7. How to Build a Growth Team – Management | Udemy 
8. How to Become a Growth Marketer and Get a Job | Udemy 
9. What is Growth Hacking and How Can You Do it? | Skillshare 
10. Figma for Digital Marketing and Growth Hacking [2022] | Skillshare
11. (NEW) The Complete Growth Hacking & Conversion Course | Udemy 
12. Startup Growth Strategies: Simple Approaches for Fast Growth | Udemy 
13. Growth hacks for entrepreneurs | Udemy 
14. Growth Hacking & Digital Marketing Tactics & Hacks [2018] | Udemy 
15. Powerful Growth Hacking Strategies & Tools – 2021 +Checklist | Udemy 

1. Growth Marketing Foundations Online Class | LinkedIn Learning

Growth hacking is an emerging technique that helps marketers generate new ideas and accelerate sales and customer acquisition. 

It requires companies to rethink their teams, their business, and their customers—but it pays off in results. This growth hacking course online introduces popular growth hacking techniques to super-charge your marketing strategy. 

Through this growth hacking training, you’ll learn how to build a growth team, redefine the customer journey, and identity growth levers and loops: small optimizations that can have a big impact on your marketing efforts and ROI. 

You’ll then find out how to kick off the growth process, survive growing pains, and capitalize on opportunities, such as your current customer base. You’ll also learn how to use content marketing, social media, and advertising to fuel your growth. 

It is one of the best growth hacking courses online for learning the key metrics you’ll need to measure to track your growth process and success.

2. Growth Hacking Tips Online Class | LinkedIn Learning

Learn the latest growth hacking techniques being used by companies big and small to unlock exponential growth through this best selling growth hacking course on LinkedIn Learning today. 

Through this training growth marketing expert and top LinkedIn instructor Brad Batesole shares the latest growth hacking tips and techniques used by top entrepreneurs and startups. 

So you’ll be able to unlock impressive growth with these short, actionable tips. You’ll get to learn new ways to do creative physical marketing, build and deploy landing pages, buy ads, obtain referrals, and create truly compelling incentives. 

Brad also introduces next-level disruptive techniques, such as making intentional mistakes, reaching journalists offline, and leveraging psychological phenomena such as the decoy and the impression effects. 

Each lesson in this growth hacking tutorial on LinkedIn Learning offers an actionable way to supercharge your growth.

3. [2023] Growth Hacking with Digital Marketing (Version 7.5) | Udemy 

Since the demand for digital marketing experts is increasing every day, one of the key factors of success is keeping up with the latest trends. 

This growth hacking course puts you in the driver’s seat with the most relevant, most effective information available. It is in fact developed in partnership with leading instructional designers. 

Once you sign up you get an exceptionally well-crafted course, allowing you to learn growth hacking concepts and apply them immediately. You’ll also enjoy the beautifully animated learning modules, developed by Eazl’s own animation team.  

In the first part of the course, you’ll gain essential “big picture” skills, including developing your customer personas, interviewing your target markets, and analyzing your “buyer center”.

You’ll learn how to analyze your results using digital marketing tools like web traffic analysis and lean analytics.   

4. 132 Digital Marketing Growth Hacks with Social Media | Udemy 

If you want to get fast results with easy digital marketing hacks then this is the best growth hacking course online for you to take.

By learning growth hacking using this course, you’ll be able to sell more products, get more clients, and grow your business using the methods explained herein.

It is because this Udemy course is to the point, practical, and actionable, which makes it a great introduction for beginners and intermediates to practical aspects of digital marketing.

So if you’d like to catch up with the newest digital marketing hacks like email marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), content marketing, and copywriting, then you should definitely get started with it.

Along with this growth hacking training on Udemy, you’ll also pick up skills in sales, market research, productivity, and social media marketing, which makes it one of the best ways to learn growth hacking online.

5. Grow Your Business Through Growth Hacking Experiments |Skillshare

Would you like to learn growth hacking from the best digital companies like Uber, Quora, Airbnb, Zillow, Youtube and many more?

If so, then this practical growth hacking certification workshop is created for you so you can learn the best practices and become a professional growth hacker in record time.

By the end of the course you will be able to develop your own growth strategy and carry out your first growth hacking experiment

In fact, you can take the entire course in just one afternoon as the entire course only includes a little over 1 hour of high quality content, including links to key resources and best examples of growth hack success stories.

Besides, you’ll have access to experiment worksheets, idea templates & growth hacking process checklist, as well as other practical resources.

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