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25+ Best Six Sigma Courses & Certifications Online in 2022

If you are a project manager or business leader then you should definitely consider taking the Six Sigma certification today.

This certification will enable you to improve your team management, leadership, risk assessment, and financial skills, which most employers are always on the lookout for.

In this article, we are going to look at the best Six Sigma courses and certifications to make you ready for leadership roles in your organization, armed with the techniques for cutting costs and increasing revenue.

Through these courses you’ll learn how to get Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certified, process improvement with Six Sigma White Belt, as well as Six Sigma Yellow Belt specialization.

Besides, there are also classes on lean manufacturing, DMAIC methodology, as well as how to become a headhunter.

Let’s get started.

1. Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, BKO Accredited Training | Udemy 
2. Learn Process Improvement Online with Six Sigma White Belt | Udemy 
3. Six Sigma Yellow Belt Specialization 
4. Six Sigma Principles | Coursera 
5. Certified Lean Management | Lean Manufacturing | Accredited | Udemy 
6. Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training, BKO Accredited | Udemy 
7. Becoming a Six Sigma Green Belt Learning Path | LinkedIn Learning, formerly 
8. Becoming a Six Sigma Black Belt Learning Path | LinkedIn Learning, formerly 
9. Complete Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Training | Udemy 
10. Modern Six Sigma: Hands-On White Belt | Udemy 
11. Six Sigma White Belt | For Engineers | Ali Suleiman | Skillshare 
12. Six Sigma Green Belt Training – Complete guide on Six Sigma DMAIC Methodology – Get Pay Hike | OpExGURU. org | Skillshare 
13. Six Sigma In Education | Udemy 
14. Become a Recruiter / Headhunter Lean Six Sigma certificate | Udemy 
15. Insight to Post Pandemic: Importance of Lean Six Sigma | Udemy 

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