15+ Best Airbnb Hosting Courses & Certifications in 2023

What is the best Airbnb hosting business success roadmap?

If you read online, you’ll some research by low-interest lender Earnest that states that the average Airbnb host earns about $924 per month. This figure probably gets you cracking your head because, despite your digital marketing efforts, you can’t get to book guests that pay close to this amount at the end of the month…. 

However, if you’d like to up your Airbnb game, book more hosts, and improve your personal finances, you can learn from the best AirBnB hosting courses and training online.

By taking these AirBnB courses you’ll learn how to improve the quality of your home, spice up your Airbnb listing, and generally deliver a better customer experience so that you can have more bookings.

In this article, we are going to look at the best Airbnb courses and certifications online to provide you with an Airbnb hosting business success roadmap.

Let’s get started.

1. Remote Airbnb Host Automates Rental Process | LinkedIn Learning 
2. The EASY 5 Step Guide to Listing Your Space on Airbnb | Skillshare 
3. Airbnb Experience Creation: Host Events for Business | Skillshare 
4. Airbnb Masterclass: Start Your Short Term Rental Business | Skillshare 
5. How to Create an Empire on Airbnb without Owning a Home | Udemy 
6. Airbnb Entrepreneur : Become the Best Listing in Town | Udemy 
7. Mastering Airbnb | Learn from SF’s top host, 100+ lectures | Udemy 
8. Vacation Rental, AirBNB Management – from Beginner to Pro | Udemy 
9. Airbnb Made Simple: Make Easy Residual Income This Year | Udemy 
10. Airbnb Automations : Get rid of repetitive tasks! | Udemy 
11. Airbnb Hosting Mastery: Run a Business Using Your Own Home | Udemy 
12. Post COVID Airbnb A to Z starter kit | Udemy 
13. BnBold | Begin your Airbnb hosting experience! | Udemy 
14. Airbnb Business for Beginners : Comprehensive Guide | Udemy 
15. Introduction to Travel & Tourism Industry Course | FutureLearn 

1. Startup Stories: Remote Airbnb Host Automates Rental Process Online Class | LinkedIn Learning, formerly Lynda.com 

Have you heard of Airbnb rentals being a super lucrative venture, but could you really imagine managing a whole collection of properties from afar? 

In this popular Airbnb course online, author and entrepreneur Chris Guillebeau explores this idea, while sharing the story of Josh Strawczynski, an Australian living in the Caribbean who stumbled onto the lucrative endeavor of managing Airbnb properties for other people remotely. 

From years of experience, Josh now has a structured process to help clients prepare their Airbnb properties for rental, and he has automated the parts of his property rental process that don’t require a personal touch. 

Chris concludes this course for learning Airbnb rentals on LinkedIn Learning with resources and links to help you learn more about this story.

2. How to Create an Empire on Airbnb without Owning a Home 

If you are looking for a way to earn big on Airbnb without even owning a home then this is the best Airbnb course online for you.

In 2016 the instructor along with 2 other business partners Luis and Gabriel teamed up to start their first listing on Airbnb, fast forward, they now have 25 and are growing and earn a significant income without owning a single home. 

Through this course, you will get to understand the core concepts of creating a business on Airbnb. So you’ll get to learn exact formulas and techniques to increase profit and how to create systems for self sustainability.

By the end of this online course for learning Airbnb, you’ll know how to turn a property and rent within 48 hours, how to earn money from your new skills, as well as how to effectively build a team or outsource certain tasks.

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3. Airbnb Entrepreneur : Become the Best Listing in Town! | Udemy 

Do you plan to start renting a space on Airbnb? Or are you already renting but feeling like your competitors are doing better than you, and that you can improve and earn much more? 

If yes, then this is the Airbnb course online for you.

Through this Airbnb training, you’ll learn how to become the best Airbnb option in your area. This will allow you to generate the maximum amount of money that your space can bring in – in other words, make the most out of your local Airbnb renting market. 

You’ll also learn how to avoid making mistakes that can lead to bad reviews, and consequently have a negative impact on your renting business. 

It is one of the best Airbnb tutorials online because it provides practical knowledge that you will be able to use to generate a good income by renting your space on Airbnb in the most efficient way.

4. The EASY 5 Step Guide to Listing Your Space on Airbnb! | Skillshare 

If you want to take your Airbnb hosting game to the next level, then join Airbnb SuperHost Ravi Jaipaul for an informative 25-minute class on creating the perfect Airbnb listing and getting your first booking.

While the world of Airbnb Hosting is appealing to many, creating the listing may seem too daunting to even know where to start from.

The course instructor, Ravi, is an Airbnb Superhost, who has met amazing people, has Airbnb as a great second source of income that pays for his holidays but has also made plenty of mistakes. 

By taking this Airbnb training you’ll learn from his mistakes and realize how easy it is to gain a little more freedom in your life. You’ll learn what Airbnb is, why you should host, and how to create an epic listing for your space. 

5. Airbnb Experience Creation: Host Events for Business, Art, Health, and Entertainment! | Skillshare 

Imagine having the job of your dreams doing what you love and sharing that with those interested in the experience?

Believe it or not, but Airbnb hosting experiences can empower you to become an entrepreneur online by hosting events for business, art, health, entertainment, and nearly anything else you love.  

In this Airbnb class on Skillshare, you will focus on the skills necessary to create an Airbnb experience, submit it for approval, and start getting clients booking your gig. 

By taking this course on Skillshare, you also get case studies of approved and successful experiences with detailed instructions on completing the review process and tips to earn the most money from an experience.  The skills you’ll learn as an entrepreneur online in creating this Airbnb experience will prove helpful.

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