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15+ Best Personal Finance Courses & Certifications Online in 2022

If you want to live a healthy, happy and secure life then you must have a tight grip of your finances at all times.

Once you learn personal finance and acquire some basic skills around the fundamentals of budgeting, saving, debt, and investing, you’ll be able to impact every part of your life.

In this article, we are going to look at the best personal finance courses and certifications online to get you started learning how to not only manage your day-to-day financial needs, but also plan your financial future.

Through these personal finance training courses you’ll pick up the fundamentals of personal finance, financial planning for young adults, as well as the core four of personal finance including recession basics.

Besides, there are also classes on financial security thinking and principles, managing your personal investments, and expert asset allocation.

Let’s get started.

1. The Complete Personal Finance Course: Save, Protect, Make More 
2. Acorns’ Guide to Personal Finance | Udemy 
3. The Fundamentals of Personal Finance Specialization 
4. Financial Planning for Young Adults | Coursera 
5. Personal Finance Made Easy (Making Money Simple Not Scary) | Udemy 
6. The Core Four of Personal Finance including Recession Basics | Udemy 
7. The Fab Four of Personal Finance – Get your money in order and live the life you deserve! | BrainyMoney And Son Han, CFA, CPA | Skillshare 
8. Money Management for 18 – 26 Year-Olds with Personal Finance and Investing Productivity | Cal Hyslop MBA, University Instructor | Skillshare 
9. Personal Financial Well-Being | Udemy 
10. Personal Finance: Financial Security Thinking & Principles | Udemy 
11. Financial Basics Everyone Should Know Online Class | LinkedIn Learning, formerly 
12. Managing Your Personal Investments Online Class | LinkedIn Learning, formerly 
13. Bulletproof Personal Finance: Expert Asset Allocation | Udemy 
14. The Personal Finance and Wealth Management Masterclass | Udemy 
15. Remove Your Mental Financial Success Blocks With EFT Tapping | Udemy 

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