Where To Sell PLR Courses And Products

Where To Sell PLR Courses And Products

Private label courses are a great way to enter the online learning market without ludicrous amounts of investment. You don’t need to be an expert in any particular field to acquire a Private Label Rights (PLR) course to sell.

Individuals and businesses looking to enter the online learning space can simply leverage these courses with little investment. With no professional experience in the health industry, PLR courses will enable businesses to own courses on health-related topics and sell them on their websites while keeping 100% of revenue generated.

However, how do you sell these courses once you’ve purchased them? You can’t simply sell them on marketplace platforms like Udemy and Skillshare as PLR course licenses prevent resellers from selling courses on such platforms.

Resellers have a lot of flexibility with PLR courses as they can modify and rebrand the course however way they’d like to. But the only limitation is that they can only sell the courses on their websites.

Any attempts to sell PLR courses on any other platform besides the platforms they agree on with the original content creator means a violation of the PLR contract. Resellers are contractually bound to sell PLR courses on websites they agree on with the original course creator.

What Are PLR Products

Before we dive into the details, let’s first take a look at what PLR products are in simple terms.

Private Label Rights (PLR) products are videos, eBooks, articles, and other forms of content or products that include a license allowing the owner of the license to modify the content and resell them as their own.

To simplify, PLR products can be purchased and modified as needed to suit the reseller’s brand and intended purpose. These PLR products can be modified and rebranded by anyone who purchases a PLR license from the original content creator.

The reseller becomes an owner of the products, although there may be limits to where they can sell PLR products in the case of videos. That said, PLR products come with their advantages and disadvantages.

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Where To Get PLR Products

With the demand for PLR products continuing to grow, various platforms now provide PLR products. While some of these platforms provide articles, eBooks, and videos, others specialize in providing only one format PLR product.

That said, identifying the best platforms to acquire PLR products from can be challenging as one of the biggest challenges the industry faces has to do with the poor content quality provided by some of the PLR content provider platforms.

We’ve already put together the best platforms to acquire PLR courses in a previous article. Our focus in this section will be on the best places to find PLR articles and eBooks.


The platform has over 12k products available for PLR licensing. This includes videos, eBooks, articles, graphics, and audio which can be modified and leveraged for various purposes. Their library of PLR products keeps increasing and membership ensures that resellers get access to their huge portfolio of PLR products.


If you’re into coaching, PLR.ME claims to have over 15k coaching resources ranging from coaching courses, articles, worksheets, and content.

This means all available content on this platform is geared toward coaching, making it the perfect place for anyone reseller in this space or with this type of audience.

PLR Database

Another membership platform that provides a huge portfolio of PLR products that can be leveraged in many forms. Some of the courses available on the platform are also free of charge.

Content available includes articles, eBooks, Graphics, Software, and videos. With an expanding database, resellers can be assured of additional content once they subscribe to the platform.

How To Sell PLR Courses

It’s easy to enter the PLR course market but how can you sell courses and other content purchased under PLR licenses. In the case of PLR courses, there’re various platforms that can be leveraged.

Since most PLR course licenses restrict resellers from selling directly on platforms like Udemy, where else can they sell them? The truth is that not everyone who licenses PLR courses intends to sell them.

Some companies leverage PLR courses for employee training as a means of saving money. This means they don’t need to subscribe to Udemy for Business which can be quite expensive per employee.

Such companies simply need to upload PLR courses on their online training platforms to provide training to their employees. In the case of entrepreneurs looking to leverage PLR courses to generate revenue, there’re other options available including:

Sell On Your Website

If you have a website with the necessary audience, selling courses becomes easy as various plugins can be leveraged to turn your WordPress website into a fully-functional learning management system.

Once you’ve set up a learning management system, you can easily upload PLR courses and sell them to your audience. 100% of revenue generated from PLR courses sold on your platform belongs to you alone.

White Label LMS

Another option is to leverage a white label learning management system to sell your courses. We at PrioriyLearn recommend Thinkific and Teachable for hosting and selling PLR courses to any audience for various reasons.

Thinkific and Teachable are two of the best cloud-based online course platforms on the market. If you need a learning management system for your private label rights courses or any other online courses, these are the best options on the market.

They’re free to get started and are fully featured and easy to use. Additionally, no technical knowledge is required as these are already hosted making it easy for content creators to focus on their content as opposed to technical challenges.

Where To Buy PLR Courses

Buy PLR Courses From PriorityLearn

We know getting access to quality private label rights (PLR) courses can be challenging, which is why PriorityLearn has partnered with some of the best content developers on Udemy to provide their courses under PLR license.

These instructors have hundreds of thousands of students on their courses and buyers can easily watch previews of these courses on Udemy. Student reviews and course ratings are also available to ensure resellers of content quality.

Businesses looking for courses to use for corporate training and entrepreneurs looking to sell online courses on their websites can leverage these courses and rebrand them as needed. No need to invest huge sums into creating online courses.

The language courses available are either bestsellers or highly rated on Udemy and taught by natives and experts in each respective language. They’re beginner-friendly with some having durations of over 110 hours.

Creativity courses carry students through adobe products (After Effects, Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe XD, Lightroom), Figma, Blender, Cubase, Pixel arts, Rhino, Unreal Engine, and more. Guitar courses by professional fingerstyle and blues guitar players are also available for licensing.

Highly rated business and technology courses by Udemy instructors are also available for licensing through PriorityLearn.

Once you purchase any of the available courses, you’ll receive access to lifetime updates as these instructors ensure constant updates to their courses in order to stay competitive in the online learning market.

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