5 Best PLR Websites For Courses

Best PLR Websites

The online course business is booming in this technologically advancing era. With devices now readily available globally and getting smarter, most of the world’s population now has some form of online presence or uses the internet daily.

Creating an online course can be very resource-intensive and with numerous courses online on almost any topics you can imagine, creating another course may seem pointless to some.

That said, there are multiple ways to get into the online course business without the need to create another online course.

Reselling online courses has gained popularity in recent years and some online course entrepreneurs, teachers, and businesses are leveraging this option.

Creating courses can be challenging on its own but successfully creating them doesn’t guarantee success.

If you have the right skill set and the audience to market an online course, you can either create one from scratch or leverage some of the options available to resell courses.

This article will focus on providing some insight into four of the best private label rights (PLR) websites available on the market for entrepreneurs, teachers, and corporations looking to obtain courses to resell.

It is worth noting that, when it comes to reselling online courses, the most used licenses include the Master Resell Rights (MRR), Private Label Rights (PLR), and Resale or Resell Rights.

Terms Used In This Article

Personal use rights – Someone who enrolls in a free or paid course owns this right

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What Is Private Label Rights (PLR)

Private Lable Rights (PLR) enables individuals and businesses to acquire any form of content, modify it, resell it on their websites and keep the full profits from these sales.

The terms of Private Label Rights (PLR) can differ based on the agreement made with the original content creators.

You can buy the course, edit it and use the full course or part of the course but the owner of the course can still sell the same course to as many people as possible.

If you’d like to sell the course on marketplace platforms like Udemy, it is necessary to ensure that the product owner agrees to these terms to avoid any legal ramifications.

Most PLRs restrict the sale of the course on any marketplace platform like Udemy. Buyers can still sell the course on their own platforms.

Giving the course out for free on YouTube is also not allowed by most PLR terms, so it is necessary to ensure that you verify this before purchasing especially if you intend to provide the course for free on YouTube.

Learners can still pay to enroll in the course once it is available on your website but learners cannot buy and own resell rights to the course.

Can I Upload PLR Courses On YouTube?

Most Private Label Rights (PLR) licenses do not allow resellers to upload to free membership sites including YouTube.

This is meant to protect and avoid the devaluation of the cost of the course. PLR courses are available for resellers to enroll their learners.

Once a reseller decides to provide the course for free on YouTube, monetization becomes near-impossible for other resellers.

To avoid such challenges, most PLR courses do not allow resellers to make the courses available for free on most membership platforms.

What Is Master Resell Rights (MRR)

The Master Resell Rights (MRR) license affords the buyer or owner of this license all the privileges that come with the Private Label Rights (PLR) and more.

This means buyers can purchase this license, edit the content of the course or rebrand it and sell on their own websites at whatever prices they prefer and keep all the profits.

Additionally, the Master Resell Rights (MRR) enables license owners to sell resell rights to consumers and these consumers can then leverage the resell rights to sell personal use rights to their customers or learners.

That said, you should note that the Master Resell Rights (MRR) does not allow the license holder to sell Private Label Rights to their customers but only the resell or resale rights.

It is worth noting however that some Master Resell Rights (MRR) licenses do not allow the holder to edit the courses so it’s necessary to verify this

Can I Upload MRR Courses On YouTube?

Like the Private Label Rights (PLR), most Master Resell Rights licenses do not permit owners to upload content to free membership platforms which include YouTube.

This serves to avoid the devaluation of the product and protect other license holders monetizing the course.

What Is Resell/Resale Rights

Resale or resell rights are given to sellers looking to sell courses for consumption to customers or learners.

This form of license does not give the holder the right to edit the course, the author, or any parts of the content, but to simply sell personal use rights to learners.

Where To Buy PLR Courses

Several platforms offer PLR courses to individuals and businesses. Unfortunately, the quality of content is one of the biggest concerns with these platforms.

We’ll be listing some of the positively reviewed PLR platforms available on the market for both individuals and businesses where individuals can acquire quality content.

1. PriorityLearn

We know getting access to quality private label rights (PLR) courses can be challenging, which is why we’ve partnered with some of the best content developers on Udemy to provide their courses under PLR license.

These instructors have hundreds of thousands of students on their courses and buyers can easily watch previews of these courses on Udemy. Student reviews and course ratings are also available to ensure resellers of content quality.

Businesses looking for courses to use for corporate training and entrepreneurs looking to sell online courses on their websites can leverage these courses and rebrand them as needed. No need to invest huge sums into creating online courses.

The language courses available are either bestsellers or highly rated on Udemy and taught by natives and experts in each respective language. They’re beginner-friendly with some having durations of over 110 hours.

Creativity courses carry students through adobe products (After Effects, Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe XD, Lightroom), Figma, Blender, Cubase, Pixel arts, Rhino, Unreal Engine, and more. Guitar courses by professional fingerstyle and blues guitar players are also available for licensing.

Once you purchase any of the available courses, you can resell them on your own websites while keeping 100% of the revenue generated through sales. Unlike some other PLR course providers, you get a lifetime license which means you don’t need to renew the license every year.

How Does It Work

  • Simply click this link to visit our PLR courses page.
  • Choose from our language, creativity, productivity, and technology courses
  • Use available links to check student reviews and course ratings on Udemy
  • Copy links to the courses you’d like to license
  • Email us links to your selected courses

2. ProblemIO

Alex Genadinik is an Udemy instructor with courses in marketing and business. His courses are available for private label rights licensing to both businesses and entrepreneurs.

Additionally, he’s also partnered with other Udemy instructors to provide PLR licenses to courses in technology. These courses have been positively reviewed by students on Udemy.

How Does It Work

  • Visit Alex’s page
  • Pick the courses you want from the available list of courses
  • Email him with your selected courses and Alex will get back to you


If you’re into coaching, PLR.ME claims to have over 15k coaching resources ranging from coaching courses, articles, worksheets, and content.

This means all available content on this platform is geared toward coaching, making it the perfect place for anyone reseller in this space or with this type of audience.

However, like most PLR courses, selling the courses or offering them free on your own website is allowed but selling them on third-party marketplace platforms like Udemy is not permitted.

If your primary sales and marketing strategy is through such platforms, leveraging other means of acquiring online courses may be the best option for you.

PLR.ME License

  • Modify and resell – rebrand, take parts of the video, or rename
  • Sell the course or give away, bundle on your website
  • Translate product into another language
  • Keep 100% of sales

How To Buy PLR.ME Courses

Buying PLR.ME courses require the use of credits. Resellers can leverage one of two pricing plans available on the platform.

  1. Monthly and yearly plans for a specified amount of credit each month or year. Unused credits from the previous month simply rollover as long as you still maintain your subscription.
  2. The second option is a pay-as-you-go plan. Simply pay the amount equivalent to the credit you need for a particular course or bundle, as a one-time fee.

4. Uthena

One of the most popular online course marketplace platforms for Private Label Rights video courses is Uthena.

Whether you’re looking to make your courses available as PLR courses or you’re looking for PLR courses for your online platform, Uthena has you covered.

Simply purchase a course with PLR on Uthena to be able to download the course, edit if you’d like to make changes or rebrand and then resell on your own website.

Resellers on Uthena can either purchase the Private Label Rights (PLR) or the Master Resell Rights (MRR) license to their preferred course.

Uthena PLR License

  • Modify and resell – rebrand, take parts of the video, or rename
  • Sell the course on your website
  • Translate product into another language
  • Keep 100% of sales

That said, Uthena PLR does not enable resellers to post the courses free on YouTube or any other free membership platform.

Additionally, resellers cannot sell PLR courses on marketplace websites like Udemy and Skillshare.

It is worth noting that owning a PLR does not afford the reseller the right to resell the PLR rights to a third party, but can simply be able to sell the courses to their students or target market.

Uthena MRR License

  • Modify and resell – rebrand, take parts of the video, or rename
  • Sell the course on your website
  • Translate product into another language
  • Keep 100% of sales
  • Resale rights

Uthena’s Master Resell Rights enables content creators to leverage all the advantages of the Private Label Rights with the added advantage of resale or resell rights.

MRR license holders can buy Uthena courses, modify and brand them as they see fit, and then sell the resale rights to the course.

Customers who buy these resale rights can then sell the personal use right to the course to their students.

These students will only be able to view the course but not edit it in any way.

5. IDplr

IDplr is one of the largest collections of private label rights (PLR) courses on the market. The company also provides PLR to software, eBooks, graphic packs, and video courses.

Their categories range from business, marketing, web & development, health and fitness, dieting, and many more.

Frankly, they have some of the largest collections of PLR products on the market covering a broad category.

IDplr also has available free PLR content for resellers who can leverage these as giveaways to their visitors.

How It Works

IDplr provides both a free membership and a gold membership. Free membership subscription gives resellers access to 200 products and basic training.

Gold membership gives resellers access to IDplr’s catalog of over 12k+ private label rights products and a lot of other perks.

Support is available and IDplr guarantees a 30-day money-back if you’re not satisfied with your purchase.


Although there are multiple PLR platforms available on the market, these are four of the best to consider.

It is however advisable to ensure that you ascertain the quality of a course before making a commitment.

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