Top Online Course Marketing Agencies

Top Online Course Marketing Agencies

Creating an online course is challenging enough but getting users to enroll in your course can be even more challenging.

This is especially true when you don’t already have a dedicated audience willing to patronize your course once it’s available.

Whether you built the course content yourself or you acquired an already made online course to resell, acquiring customers is key to success.

You may be an individual, a company, or an educational institution looking to create content for learners globally or in specific areas or niches, but having the right skills, knowledge, or experience to successfully market your course is just as important as creating the course, if not more.

That said, not everyone has the skill to successfully market their courses to the right customers and get the most out of their marketing effort.

There’s nothing worse than putting in the effort to create the best course on the market, only to find out learners aren’t patronizing them.

It becomes a waste of time and in some cases a waste of your personal or organization’s financial investment.

With social media and other marketing avenues available in our modern age, identifying how to properly leverage them to get the best result is key to success in this industry.

Simply paying for a Facebook advertisement doesn’t necessarily guarantee the best of results in your endeavor.

It is necessary to understand the best options available for your particular course and the best approach to gain the expected results.

This is where online course marketing agencies come into play. This article will look at some of the best marketing companies for your online courses.

Why Hire An Online Course Marketing Agency

Leveraging an online course marketing agency comes with multiple benefits including

  • Create professional visuals and videos for your marketing endeavor
  • Higher SEO rankings with effective SEO ranking strategies
  • Enhanced digital presence
  • Reach relevant forums and groups for your online courses
  • Create tailored landing pages that lead to sales conversion
  • Increase conversion with niche-specific advertising campaigns
  • Precise and convincing product description
  • Identify the best platform to sell your online courses
  • Better conversion rate optimization
  • Strategic and targeted email marketing campaign

Although there’re multiple companies dedicated to helping online courses or content creators to better reach their target audience, those listed in this article are some of the most reputable companies in this industry that can help make your course a trending topic in the right places.

Check out these other popular picks in this category:

Think Orion

Think Orion is a digital marketing company dedicated to providing digital marketing services for eCommerce platforms and online course promotion services to online content or course creators.

The company aims to provide course creators the best way to maximize their returns on investment through strategic marketing and advertisement approaches.

Services Think Orion Provides

The services they provide include:

Social Media Advertisement (Facebook & LinkedIn)

Facebook and LinkedIn are some of the most notable social media platforms patronized by individuals worldwide and organizations alike.

With their global reach, it’s no surprise that these platforms are used by most organizations looking to advertise to their specific demographics.

This is also true for online course marketing. Facebook and LinkedIn are great avenues for marketing your courses to potential learners.

That said, simply paying for some form of advertisement isn’t good enough as this advertisement is expected to translate into sales and enrollment of your online course.

Think Orion ensures that your visuals, videos, description, and landing pages are professionally designed and optimized to guarantee learner enrolment from your Facebook and LinkedIn advertisements.

Forums and other group discussion pages will also be leveraged to target learners with the need of your particular course.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still one of the most efficient and effective means to reach potential students.

Leveraging this approach, Think Orion will help you gather and convert your email list into sales and returning learners.

Tailored Landing Page

With the short attention span of modern learners, grabbing the attention of your potential student is key to transforming them into subscribed or enrolled learners.

This means having a landing page that keeps learners looking through your offering and a landing page that speaks to the audience.

Learners need to know the value of what you’re offering right from the landing page and also easily enroll in your course with little hassle.

With thousands of competitors leveraging the best solutions out there to acquire more customers, Think Orion ensures that your landing page and sign-up processes are streamlined to convert potential students.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Think Orion works to ensure an increase in conversion rates. Getting visitors to your platform or course page isn’t enough.

Visitors need to convert into enrolled students and that’s where Think Orion comes in again.

With years of experience in the field, they tailor your platform to increase chances of converting visitors into enrolled students.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Simply creating your platform, uploading your courses inside your learning management system, or even paying for Google Ads isn’t enough to ensure that you rank higher in search engines.

And although Google Ads has its benefits and will be leveraged, taking steps to ensure you also rank higher generically is necessary to ensure your platform or your page gets more visitors than the competitor.

Think Orion works on optimizing your pages and platform for higher search engine ranking on the most patronized search engines including Google.

Thrive Agency

Thrive is a digital marketing service that provides web design, internet marketing, SEO, social media, PPC, email marketing, content writing, and web hosting services to businesses large and small that are looking to broadcast their messages more efficiently.

Thrive provides digital marketing services in the eLearning industry to individuals, corporations, and academic institutions.

Services Thrive Provides

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With years of experience in digital marketing, Thrive provides content creators with search engine optimization (SEO) services customized to produce the best results in your specific industry and niche.

This is done by conducting extensive industry analysis with relevant keyword research and website speed optimization to produce the best results in search engine rankings.

Paid advertisement is also designed to target your specific niche based on your customer demographic research to produce the best results from advertisements.

Web Design And Development

If you’d like a new website or a revamp of your website to create a better and more immersive experience, Thrive has you covered.

With a dedicated team of designers, Thrive will design and build a customized platform geared towards achieving the best of results.

No one trusts an education company or platform with spelling mistakes or inaccurate information on their platforms, so Thrive ensures that any information provided on your platform is accurate.

Social Media Marketing

Simply having followers on your company page isn’t enough to bring in the returning customers you need for your course.

By providing daily tips, organizing live eLearning events, polls, and providing articles, Thrive is able to help build your reputation and by extension, facilitate revenue increment.

Video Production & Content Writing

Thrive also provides video marketing strategies by creating marketing videos to promote your online course.

Let the team of Thrive designers create promotional videos for your platform, YouTube, and weekly posts.

Using Thrive you’ll be able to provide potential customers with engaging promotional videos that convert viewers on various platforms into enrolled students.

Leverage Thrive’s content specialists to create value-added eLearning content for your online platform to rank organically and continuously bring in potential customers.

Single Grain

Single Grain is a digital marketing agency that helps companies grow their revenue online. The company is a full-fledged digital marketing agency with reputable clients including KhanAcademy, Treehouse, and many more.

Their services include a dedication to helping online course providers reach even greater heights by leveraging their service to increase enrolment.

They do this by leveraging effective digital marketing trends to provide content creators with customized and validated marketing campaigns.

The company aims to provide the best cutting-edge solutions to enable content creators to stay ahead in the competitive eLearning space.

Services Single Grain Provides

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With close to a decade of experience in search engine optimization (SEO), Single Grain is able to tap into their experience to increase your online visibility.

This means visitors will find your platform and content easier and follow up which can lead to sales conversion.

The SEO services they offer include campaign management, trust factor analysis, UX evaluation, SEO tool selection, and integration, web analytic setup, and general SEO consulting.

Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, Amazon, Display Ads Advertisement

With a team of experts and years of experience leveraging various channels for advertisement, Single Grain ensures that your courses and your offerings are reaching the right people on the right platform.

The company works with you to identify your audience, their demographics, and the best advertisement platform to leverage for the best result.

Content Marketing

Simply creating a Facebook Ad or an advertisement on the most patronized advertisement avenues may bring some sales to your platform but a well-crafted marketing strategy and content for marketing are almost guaranteed to exceed any previous experience you had with previous advertisements.

Leveraging the team of designers and content marketers to design a content marketing strategy that relies on the best SEO practices, Single Grain provides quality content that will ensure the success of your marketing campaigns.

The Bottom Line

Although there’re various other content marketing agencies on the market, the three listed in this article have the most experience dealing with eLearning course marketing and are guaranteed to help increase your sales and conversion rate.

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