Udemy PLR Videos With Resell Rights

Udemy PLR Videos With Resell Rights

Why stick to purchasing generic, mass-produced, and poor-quality PLR videos when you can get PLR rights to top Udemy courses? PriorityLearn offers resellers the opportunity to acquire Private Label Rights (PLR) licenses to bestselling and highly-rated Udemy courses.

Creating video courses for your courses can be frustrating and resource intensive especially if you’re new to the process. Additionally, you’re never sure how well these courses are going to do in the competitive online course market.

This is no surprise as you can find hundreds of courses on almost any topic you can imagine on Udemy and other marketplace platforms. The only advantage here is that the majority of these courses aren’t well-rated by students.

This provides an opportunity but you’re never sure how well your courses will do against the competition. Fortunately, we’ve simplified the process for you.

You don’t need to invest any huge sums of money into creating these courses yourself. We’ve partnered with the top-rated Udemy instructors to make their courses available for Private Label Rights (PLR) licensing.

Available PLR Courses

We have a wide range of quality Udemy courses available for PLR licensing. Simply visit this page to view our available PLR courses.

Course categories include:

  • Language
  • Productivity
  • Creativity
  • Technology
  • Personal Development
  • Business Development

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How To License Our PLR Courses

To license our Partners’ courses, simply visit the PLR course page and use the links available to check out student reviews of the courses directly on Udemy.

Once you’ve determined the quality of the course, copy and forward the course link to us at prioritylearn@gmail.com OR info@prioritylearn.com, to begin the licensing process.

We’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Why Buy PLR Courses From PriorityLearn

There’re various platforms online providing private label rights courses to individuals at cheaper prices. So, you might ask, “what makes PLR courses from PriorityLearn special”?

Quality PLR Courses

Unlike traditional private label rights courses that are mass-produced at a cheaper cost to ensure return on investment, courses licensed on PriorityLearn are provided by some of the best online instructors on platforms like Udemy. This means these courses are produced by instructors with expertise in their respective fields.

Bestselling And Top-Rated Courses

PriorityLearn only licenses courses that are rated bestsellers or highly rated on Udemy. No need to worry about what your students will think about the course as these courses are bestsellers on Udemy or highly rated.

You can use the Udemy links to check out what students think of these courses before you decide to license them.

These courses are all on the world’s largest course marketplace platform (Udemy) and are provided by instructors with hundreds of thousands of students each.

Support Available

Our team is readily available to provide you with any support and information to help you get your courses onto your website. We can also recommend the best white-label learning management systems (LMSs) available on the market for hosting your courses without technical difficulty.

Value For Money

While the prices of our Udemy PLR courses may be higher than content produced by mass PLR content producers, resellers who license our partners’ courses are guaranteed the best quality courses available on the market for licensing.

We don’t do much talking, we simply let the students’ reviews do the talking. Additionally, you can be sure that we didn’t manipulate student reviews as these reviews are directly available on Udemy.

Student Reviews

One of the biggest challenges with private label rights (PLR) courses is the lack of reviews. Buyers are unable to ascertain the quality of the courses as only a few copies of each course are sold yearly which leads to little to no reviews from buyers.

Potential buyers have no way of determining the quality of these courses which leads to buyers with poor impressions of the PLR industry.

Reviews are therefore essential in the PLR industry like other marketplace platforms like Amazon and Udemy that provide reviews from existing clients to help potential buyers make their decisions.

To ensure buyers are confident in the courses they’ll be buying, we provide direct links to the course pages on Udemy so buyers can ascertain course quality, from student ratings and reviews.

This enables companies and entrepreneurs to make informed decisions when purchasing private label rights (PLR) courses from us.

Lifetime License

No need to worry about renewing a yearly license for our courses as we only provide lifetime PLR licenses to courses on our platform. Purchase a PLR license to any course on our platform and you can use it for corporate training in your company without paying any other charges.

Entrepreneurs with an audience, looking to sell courses on their websites can also simply license our courses and sell them on their websites while keeping 100% of the revenue they make from these websites.

License From Instructor

While PriorityLearn facilitates the process, the license is signed between resellers and the instructors directly. We present the license terms to both the client and our partner instructor to sign.

This means resellers get the PLR license directly from the instructor which eliminates the possibility of any misunderstandings in the future.

How To Sell PLR Courses

It’s easy to enter the PLR course market but how can you sell courses purchased under PLR licenses? In the case of PLR courses, there’re various platforms that can be leveraged.

Since most PLR course licenses restrict resellers from selling directly on platforms like Udemy, where else can they sell them? The truth is that not everyone who licenses PLR courses intends to sell them.

Some companies leverage PLR courses for employee training as a means of saving money. This means they don’t need to subscribe to Udemy for Business which can be quite expensive per employee.

Such companies simply need to upload PLR courses on their online training platforms to provide training to their employees. In the case of entrepreneurs looking to leverage PLR courses to generate revenue, there’re other options available including:

Sell On Your Website

If you have a website with the necessary audience, selling courses becomes easy as various plugins can be leveraged to turn your WordPress website into a fully-functional learning management system.

Once you’ve set up a learning management system, you can easily upload PLR courses and sell them to your audience. 100% of revenue generated from PLR courses sold on your platform belongs to you alone.

White Label LMS

Another option is to leverage a white-label learning management system to sell your courses. We at PrioriyLearn recommend Thinkific and Teachable for hosting and selling PLR courses to any audience for various reasons.

Thinkific and Teachable are two of the best cloud-based online course platforms on the market. If you need a learning management system for your private label rights courses or any other online courses, these are the best options on the market.

They’re free to get started and are fully featured and easy to use. Additionally, no technical knowledge is required as these are already hosted making it easy for content creators to focus on their content as opposed to technical challenges.

What Our PLR Licenses Entail

The License Grants The Reseller, The Rights To The Following:

  • Rename the course
  • Edit any sales materials
  • Edit contents of the course
  • Rebrand course
  • Sell course on their website
  • Sell course on other websites if agreed to by the course creator
  • Keep revenue generated from sales on their website

The License Does Not Grant The Reseller, The Rights To The Following:

  • Sell Private Label Rights to other resellers
  • Sell Master Resale Rights to other resellers
  • Sell the course on free membership sites
  • Sell the course on Udemy, Skillshare, or other marketplace platforms
  • Host on free websites like YouTube

Liability Notice

Note that if the above terms are breached, the reseller is legally liable.

Under no conditions is the Course creator responsible for editing the materials for the reseller.

Failure to read this notice in its entirety does not void your agreement to this policy should you decide to use this product.

Terms Used

Course Creator: Refers to the original creator of the course

Reseller: Refers to Private Label Rights holder

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