How To Host Your PLR Courses


Thinking of reselling private label rights (PLR) courses and how to host your PLR courses?

Private Label Rights courses are gaining momentum as instructors are slowly shying away from creating another duplicate course to sell.

In this ever-growing online learning industry, some online course instructors are now resorting to leveraging Private Label Rights to sell courses on their platforms.

The premise is simple and easy to understand. Why create another introduction to Java course when there are thousands of Introduction to Java courses all over the web including platforms like Udemy.

From poor quality courses to excellent quality courses, you can find them all over the internet, both for free and paid.

A simpler option would be to leverage one of these courses to generate some revenue without the need to create one from scratch.

This can easily be accomplished with Private Label Rights courses. Although the PLR market has been around for years it’s now gaining some momentum in popularity.

There’re various options available to acquire these courses on the market including platforms dedicated to providing these courses to resellers.

That said, another major concern of resellers involves how to create their learning management system to sell these courses.

Luckily, there’re some great options out there that enables resellers to focus on acquiring and marketing courses, without the need to worry about the technical aspect of running a learning management system.

Although there’re various other options on the market, the platforms listed below were selected for their usability, 3rd-party integrations, functionalities, and many more.

Hosting Private Label Rights Courses

Like any normal course, hosting private label rights (PLR) courses is the same as hosting any other course.

Instructors can leverage any open-source learning management system, WordPress-based learning management system, or software as a service (SaaS) focused learning management system.

Why Use Cloud-Based Learning Management Systems (LMSs)

Although most open-source learning management systems like Moodle and Sakai come with the full functionalities necessary to host your PLR courses, they require a lot of technical know-how to customize and maintain.

WordPress-based learning management systems, on the other hand, are built on top of a content management system which makes it very slow at scale.

This is because WordPress by itself isn’t optimized to be used as a learning management system but some plugins can help extend this functionality, leading to bulky code that slows down the application.

Some WordPress-based learning management systems also provide cloud-based learning management options.

However, these all face similar challenges at scale and can only be recommended if you intend to provide your lessons to around 1000 students.

Leveraging a cloud-based learning management system eliminates any worries about the technical aspect of developing a learning management system.

Maintenance, updates, and hosting are already taken care of by the company and content creators simply need to acquire their PLR courses and upload them onto these platforms.

Additionally, some of these platforms come with very useful integration with other applications and 3-rd party platforms.

The online course platforms listed below are recommended for Private Label Rights (PLR) courses because their features make them the best in the industry.

Additionally, their 3-rd party integrations include Zapier which enables them to connect to Amazon.

This means content creators using these learning management systems can easily sell their courses on Amazon.


Price: Freemium

If you’re into eLearning, you might have heard of Thinkific. Thinkific is a fully-functional online course platform, that enables businesses and educational institutions to sell and market their online courses from their very customizable platform.

Although there’re many open-source learning management systems on the market, most of these require some form of technical know-how to customize, integrate features, update, and even fix bugs.

Luckily, this is where Thinkific comes in. Thinkific enables content creators to focus on their content while Thinkific focuses on providing the best platform.

Users don’t need to worry about creating a new learning management system or any of the technical aspects of hosting one.

Unlike some WordPress-based learning management systems that extend the functionality of the popular content management system, Thinkific is built specifically to serve the needs of educators.

This makes it lightweight and faster as compared to WordPress-based learning management systems.

With a dedicated team constantly working to improve performance and user experience, Thinkific ensures that you worry no more about the technical part of your business.

The hosting provider or speed of the platform isn’t an issue with Thinkific. Simply create your free account and host your courses. Pricing plans range from free to premium options with some added features.

My favorite part about Thinkific is its integrations with multiple applications including Zapier. Thinkific is one of a few learning management systems that provide 3rd-party Zapier integration.

Using Zapier integration for Thinkific, course creators can even sell their courses on Amazon, giving them access to Amazon’s broad range of daily customers.

Easily host your PLR courses on Thinkific and drive customers with the various marketing features available on the platform.

Is Thinkific Open Source

No, Thinkific isn’t open source. Thinkific is a freemium online course platform that equips content creators with the necessary tools to create, market, and sell their online courses on their full-featured and customizable platforms.

Is Thinkific A Plugin

Although there’s a Thinkific plugin, it serves a different purpose than the Thinkific online course platform. The Thinkific WordPress plugin enables users to transfer content from their WordPress website to Thinkific.


Price: Freemium

Similar to Thinkific, Teachable is an online course platform that enables content creators to create, and sell their online courses.

Teachable provides a feature-pack learning management system for course content creators to sell their courses.

No need to worry about the technicalities of building a learning management system, updating it, debugging, and even hosting.

Teachable takes care of the technical aspect so that instructors can concentrate on content and acquiring students.

Like Thinkific, Teachable also integrates with multiple other applications and users can also leverage Zapier 3rd-party integration to integrate with even more applications.

Want to market or sell your Teachable courses on Amazon? Look no further, as Teachable’s Zapier integration enables content creators to connect their Teachable site to Amazon.

Amazon customers can now order your courses and Zapier automatically creates a new enrollment on your Teachable site or any custom command you decide on.

Teachable has four pricing plans ranging from free to premium, making it a perfect option to use for your private label rights courses.

Is Teachable Open Source

No, Teachable isn’t open source. Teachable is a cloud-based learning management system that enables content creators to create and sell online courses from their Teachable course websites.

Teachable handles the technical part so content creators can focus on creating and marketing their courses to potential customers.

The Bottom Line

Thinkific and Teachable are two of the best cloud-based online course platforms on the market. If you need a learning management system for your private label rights courses or any other online courses, these are the best options on the market.

They’re free to get started and are fully featured and easy to use. Additionally, no technical knowledge is required as these are already hosted making it easy for content creators to focus on their content as opposed to technical challenges.

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