Udemy PLR Done-For-You Courses

Udemy PLR Done-For-You Courses

Thinking of selling online courses on your website or acquiring courses for corporate training? Done-for-you-courses are the best option especially when you’re looking to sell courses on varying topics on which you have no expertise.

Fortunately, we’ve partnered with some of the top Udemy instructors to make their courses available under Private Label Rights (PLR) licensing.

This means businesses no longer need to invest ludicrous amounts in creating the best quality courses on the market. These courses are either bestsellers or highly well-rated on Udemy and provided by experts in their fields.

Simply visit our category pages to view the wide range of quality Udemy courses available for PLR licensing.

Our Process

Visit our category page Or courses list page
Select your preferred courses
Use Udemy link to check student reviews and course ratings
Copy links to your preferred courses
Email links to (info@prioritylearn.com or prioritylearn@gmail.com)

We’ll get back to you within 24 hours
Once you’re ready to make payment, we CC the instructor
PLR contract is presented and signed by both buyer and instructor
Payment is made directly into instructor’s account of choice
Courses are delivered via Dropbox or Google Drive within 48 hours (business days)

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What You Get

Lessons delivered by experts in their field
Lifetime license
Sell On Your Website
Keep 100% revenue
Support from PriorityLearn


Prices for our courses can be found on each course page. Note that all prices are one-time payments for lifetime licenses.


Should you require an update in the future, the available new chapters of the course can be licensed at a small fee.

Available PLR Courses

Available courses include the following categories

  • Web Development
  • Technology
  • Music
  • Language
  • Productivity
  • Creativity

Visit this page to find out more or click here to visit our PLR course category page

Who We Are

We at PriorityLearn have partnered with some top-rated Udemy instructors to make their courses available under Private Label Rights (PLR) licenses.

Businesses looking for courses for corporate training and entrepreneurs looking to sell online courses on their websites can leverage these courses and rebrand them as needed.

No need to invest huge sums into creating online courses. Our partners are experts in their fields and their courses have been reviewed and rated by hundreds of thousands of students directly on Udemy.

Benefits Of PLR Courses


Content creation is resource-intensive and this is one of the key advantages of private label rights courses. These courses are already made and do not require any of the usual expenses associated with creating an online course.

Creating courses requires investment in both time and money including equipment like microphones and cameras.

According to research conducted by the Chapman Alliance, creating an hour-long eLearning course could cost as much as $10,000.

This makes purchasing an already built course a preferable alternative especially when you’re unable to commit that level of resources to the content creation.


Creating an online course is a hectic job that can take anywhere from weeks to months. Content creators need to spend time putting together their lessons, filming, and then editing them.

This process can be time-consuming and may even require additional expertise from professionals to produce the quality standard necessary to compete in your specific niche.

Private label rights courses on the other hand do not require any amount of time or expertise since everything has already been done for the reseller.

All the reseller needs to do is take the courses, choose a platform to host them, and then simply start selling.

Control Pricing

Using any course under a private label rights license affords the reseller the right to control pricing and also keep 100% of sales made on their online courses.

Unlike becoming an affiliate marketer for online courses where you receive a commission on sales, reselling private label rights courses means you get to keep 100% of profits generated on your platform.

The reseller owns rights to the course and can sell it on their platform while keeping any generated revenue without the need to share with the original course creator.


PLR courses provide resellers with access to the original course materials. This enables them to edit the content and reuse it as they see fit.

The course can be rebranded and some content can be deleted or included, subtitles if not available can also be included and the final product can be sold on their reseller’s website.

Variety Of Courses

PLR courses enable resellers to sell courses even outside their area of specialty. A reseller with experience and skill set in the line of software development can own and sell a course about health care without the necessary expertise in the health industry.

Resellers aren’t limited to any particular industry but can sell courses from any available industry by leveraging PLR courses.

Updated Content

Most private label rights content producers ensure that their content stays up to date with the current technology.

Resellers are given a Dropbox or Google Drive link where the necessary files for the purchased PLR courses can be found.

Content creators then work to ensure that the content is up to date with any changes in the market or technology.

That said, some PLR content creators do not regularly update this content which can become a problem for resellers.

It is, therefore, necessary to identify and buy your private label rights courses from a reputable source.

Why Purchase PLR Courses From PriorityLearn

To alleviate the concerns of resellers, we’ve partnered with some of the best and highly rated Udemy instructors to make their courses available under private label rights (PLR) license. Courses available on PriorityLearn PLR:

  • Are provided by top-rated Udemy instructors
  • Are highly rated or bestsellers on Udemy
  • Include lifetime license
  • Well-reviewed by students on Udemy

What Our PLR Contracts Entail

Terms used

Licensee – Refers to person/organization purchasing the license to the course
Licensor – Refers to the original instructor (company/individual) of the course

  • The licensee may resell courses in the library only on websites owned by the licensee. The licensee may not sell courses from the licensor’s library on websites owned by other parties, including marketplace sites such as Udemy.  The licensee may not grant a license to sell courses in the licensor’s course library to any other party.
  • The license period begins upon receipt of payment from the licensee. Upon receipt of payment, the licensor will provide download links for the courses licensed within 48 hours (business days).  This license is perpetual and does not expire.
  • The license fee may be paid by domestic wire transfer (US), international wire transfer, or Stripe payment. Should the licensee prefer other methods of payment besides wire transfer, transaction charges for the transfer will be covered by the licensee.
  • Licensee has the unconditional right to rename, translate, optimize and edit the course videos and documents provided by the Licensor.

How To Host PLR Courses

PLR courses can be hosted on any learning management system. Depending on your company or business, there’re multiple learning management systems on the market.

However, we recommend Thinkific and Teachable for hosting online courses for various reasons. You can find out more about why we recommend these two learning management systems for hosting PLR courses in this article.

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