Rouxbe Review 2024 – Should You Choose Rouxbe?

Rouxbe review

Rouxbe review

Honest Rouxbe Review 2023: Is It Worth It?

In this Rouxbe Review article, we will talk about Honest Rouxbe reviews and some important topics one should highlight.

Rouxbe Courses Introduction:

Rouxbe review

The fast-paced environment that is our lives calls for easy access and flexibility when it comes to learning new skills. That can apply to mastering your kitchen too! Not having the downtime to attend an in-person culinary school does not disqualify you from sharpening your cooking skills and sitting with the pros.

The Rouxbe online program can take you from zero to a hundred without ever leaving the comfort of your kitchen. Here are some standout features that make Roxbue our top pick when it comes to online culinary programs;

Features Of Rouxbe Cooking School

Rouxbe features
  • Learn anytime and anywhere at your own pace
  • Interactive courses with video lessons
  • Well-structured courses with valuable content
  • Active online community

Who is Rouxbe Online Culinary School For?

  • Want to improve your cooking skills.
  • Are a complete beginner and aspire to become a chef.
  • Want to learn to prepare delicious home cook food.
  • Want to master culinary art in the comfort of your home.
  • Are a food blogger and want to improve your cooking knowledge.
  • Want to start up or work in a restaurant.
  • Want to teach culinary arts to high school students.

What Are The Opportunities After Rouxbe Course?

  • The hands-on assignments during the course will help you get started on the journey of becoming a great food writer.
  • With the help of these online courses, you can also become a certified teacher to teach culinary skills to high school students.
  • You can get into managing and training cooking staff.
  • You can become a chef in your dream restaurant.
  • Start your restaurant or food business.
  • Besides, you can also win the hearts of your family and friends by preparing delicious food.

Courses Provided:

Plant-based Professional Certification 6-month Course


  • It is a six months course with 110 hours of learning. 
  • It has 18 units and over 85 lessons that include premium chef recipes and 400+ tasks that aim at providing hands-on training.
  • Premium video lessons that give step-by-step instructions and focus on basic cooking methods.
  • Lifetime access to the course content.
  • Instructors that provide personalized support and grading to the assignments.
  • Teaches about raw methods that include no oil, low sodium, and gluten-free food.
  • Provides a certificate of completion if you finish the course within six months.

Professional Cook Certification 6-month Course


  • It is a six months course with 110 hours of learning. 
  • It has 27 units and over 85 lessons that include premium chef recipes and 500+ tasks that aim at providing hands-on training.
  • Premium videos that give step-by-step instructions and focus on core cooking techniques.
  • Lifetime access to the course content.
  • Support and grading of assignments from professional chefs.
  • Provides a certificate of completion, if you graduate within six months.

Rouxbe Membership Access any time | Free trial!

Rouxbe Membership Access Any Time- Free Trial


  • Consists of 75 lessons and hundreds of professional chef recipes.
  • World-renowned chefs provide personalized support and grading to assignments.
  • Consists of more than 12 courses ranging from knife skills to pasta making and many more.
  • Certification of completion once you graduate.

Additional Courses Offered by Rouxbe

Rouxbe is most famous for the professional classes however, everyone can benefit from these less popular alternatives;

Forks over knives 90-day course

Rouxbe Pro Certification


  • All the features of basic certification.
  • White labeling and branding.
  • Chef instructor and live grading.
  • Third-party platform integrations.
  • Spanish, French, Mandarin, and Arabic.

Budget Cooking

This is a great course for anyone looking to make the most out of meals without having to bump up the grocery budget. It focuses on emphasizing the flavor and versatility of your meals and more importantly, how to store and reheat them

Soup Basics

If the soup section of your dining experience has always intrigued you, you can learn the basics of a great soup with this course. It features expertise on soups and broths and how to garnish your soups to get the picture-perfect presentation.

The Main Dish

This is the star at every dining table and it should live up to the expectations. This course helps you perfect your roasting and meat cooking techniques, easy side salads, and your entrees to ensure your main dishes remain the main topic days after you’ve hosted your guests.

The Cooks Road Map

This is a foundational technique class to help you master knife skills, roasting, pan frying, and everything you need to know to make your cooking experience a walk in the park

Celebrate Plant-based

Plant-based doesn’t have to be boring and this course is the step towards making heart plant-based recipes. It features insight into starters and small bites, soups, salads, side dishes, entrees, main dishes, and desserts.

Introduction to plant-based

Transitioning to a plant-based diet can be hard but it doesn’t have to be! This course features everything from cooking grains, and kitchen techniques to steaming vegetables to help you make the best out of your new lifestyle

Seafood Literacy

This is a course in collaboration with chef Barton Seaver to help you understand how to buy, prepare and cook seafood. It also takes an in-depth look at the different kinds of fish and how to accentuate their individual flavors

Introduction to Chocolate

This course helps you figure out the basics of identifying quality chocolate, the different kinds of chocolates, and preparation and mixing techniques when baking with chocolate.

Introduction to pastry arts

The baking and pastry courses are taught by top educators from The French Pastry School with the introduction placing focus on baking and basic cake decorating skills

Bread Baking Art

This course goes into the details of making quick bread, artisan bread, and breakfast pastries to help you perfect your baking skills.

Cake Baking and Decorating Arts

This course focuses on baking the perfect cakes and decorating like a pro.

Pricing Details: Rouxbe Review

  • Membership certification
    • Monthly plan at $10 per month
    • Annual plan at $80 a year. You get a 33% discount if you choose the annual plan.
  • Professional certification
    • Plant-based food certification- Lifetime purchase at $1440
    • Professional cook certification- Lifetime purchase at $1040.
    • Basic certification program- $199.99 per cook.

How Long will it take to complete a course?

The courses at Rouxbe come in varying lengths however you can plan to dedicate 10-15 hours a week to this program to avoid falling behind and having to pay extra to complete your course.

Things to keep in mind when taking the course

Plan and schedule

Theoretically, taking an online class may appear more convenient however, failing to plan will leave you overwhelmed. Dedicate time during the week to handle the coursework and cooking tasks and read ahead in order to leave the hefty tasks for the weekend and handle easier tasks during the week.

The More the Merrier

Feel free to have people over to help you enjoy the meals you will be preparing as it can be a bit too much to handle if you have a small household.


As you explore your culinary skills, you will begin to introduce ingredients that may be foreign to your kitchen. This could lead to a slight hike in your grocery budget however, we can assure you that it is worth the extra buck.


If you already have a well-stocked kitchen, you may need to worry less about equipment; however certain units will call for items you may not already have. Try to prepare your kitchen long before you start your course to avoid getting stuck midway or having to move your budget around to accommodate an unforeseen item you missed while reviewing the outline.

Freezer space

We cannot emphasize this enough! If you’re spending 10-15 hours in your kitchen there’s bound to be a lot of food to show for it. You need all the space you can get so be sure to clear as much space in your freezer as possible.


Like any other course, the Rouxbe offers assignment tasks which in this case involve preparing certain recipes, describing certain aspects, and taking photographs of the meal. Don’t worry, you won’t be needing a professional crew for this! There are also assessment flashcards at the end of every unit and written exams during the course.

Duration Details

Instructors: Who is Behind Rouxbe?

Rouxbe review instructors

Chef Sarno

Jacques Pépin

Pros and Cons


  1. Learn anytime and anywhere from world-renowned chefs.
  2. Deeper understanding and execution of many recipes.
  3. A faster and more organized kitchen.
  4. Active and engaged online community.
  5. Certification of completion.


  1. Expensive compared to other similar courses.
  2. Requires a significant time commitment.

Conclusion: Is Rouxbe Worth It?

In conclusion, we think Rouxbe is worth the buck, it’s an affordable way to improve your kitchen experience and make wholesome meals. The learning environment in collaboration with supportive staff makes for a pleasant experience and more importantly, a wonderful learning experience.


Ashu Vikhe

Author at OnlineCourseing

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