A Well Researched JanBask Training Review 2024

JanBask Training Review
JanBask Training Review

JanBask training review 2022:Is It Worth It?


  • Recognized learning
  • Amazing training
  • Flexible payment
  • Live online classes


  • Lacks In Credibility 

Janbask Training Review– Introduction

JanBask Training Homepage

E-learning has gained a lot of popularity over the last few years, especially after COVID-19. There are a large number of e-learning platforms that specialize in different subjects and domains.

An online certification or e-learning platform can be a practical option for you if you’re a professional looking to strengthen your skill set and resume, a recent high school graduate looking to take the next step in your higher education journey, or you’re just looking for another chance to challenge your mind in your spare time.

These platforms have helped children & adults alike learn from the comfort and the safety of their homes. Today, we’re going to talk about JanBask Training.

JanBask Training is an e-learning platform that creates online career-oriented courses. They have their headquarters in Virginia, U.S.A.

JanBask offers courses in various subjects like Cloud Computing, Digital Marketing, AWS, Data Science, Cyber Security, and more.

Learners today have numerous platforms to choose from. That’s why we’re going to take you through the pros, cons, features, and more of JanBask Training. That way you can make a more informed

Key Points:

JanBask encourages learners to learn through practice, leading to a more effective learning experience.

  • The instructors are all experts in their respective fields.
  • Students get access to a great, easy-to-use LMS. Here, they can manage assignments, presentations, quizzes, and more on their student dashboards.
  • Courses can be live instructor-led or self-paced.
  • They also offer career guidance. Learners get assistance with building their resumes. They promise to get you career-ready.

Opportunities After Course:

Most learners looking at JanBask’s courses are career-oriented. Let’s look at the career opportunities you can get after completing their courses:

  • Since JanBask’s training is focused on giving learners a practical understanding of skills, learners will be better prepared for jobs.
  • JanBask prioritizes learning over certificates or rote learning for getting through the exam. This is not to say that they don’t help you get the certification you need.
  • By taking you through real-life scenarios and giving you assignments from industry experts, they are truly preparing you for job interviews, and jobs themselves.

Will It Help Me With My Professional Career?

Yes, JanBask’s training will help you with your career. How?

  • A practical approach to training allows students to learn as they would on the job. It’s almost like gaining real experience even before starting to work.
  • The courses are designed for beginners as well as non-beginners. Even if you’re new to a field, these courses can help you greatly and help you boost your brand new career.
  • They provide learners with professional career counseling and guidance.
  • The courses they offer are all for skills that are in demand in the job market. It’s a great way for new and existing members of the workforce to upskill and stand out from the crowd.

Will I Get A Job?

As mentioned earlier, JanBask’s courses are mostly career-oriented. Their training style, evaluation methods as well as the additional features they offer — everything is career-oriented.

The curriculum is curated by industry experts, so they’re updated and are relevant in actual work environments. So, the answer is that you can get a job, but it also depends on the effort you put in.

JanBask gets you more than ready for the job market. Of course, it depends on the amount of work you put in while learning as well as how you present yourself in interviews, etc.

Now let’s discuss the instructors of this janBask training review in the next topic.

About The Instructors:

JanBask Training Quora

Instructors make all the difference to the learning experience. A good instructor transfers knowledge and understanding effectively without needing to spoon-feed a student.

The instructors at JanBask are all industry-recognized experts. They have years of experience in their respective fields backing them up.

It’s this experience that allows them to be great trainers. Most reviews of JanBask speak about the quality of instructors.

From their teaching style to their vast knowledge and understanding of the subject — JanBask has great instructors and mentors. This makes a huge difference for students, especially for live instructor-led classes.

How can I Save Money?

Upskilling is great, but only if it fits in a learner’s budget. There’s always some way to save some money on their courses.

Start by checking their website. If they have an offer running, you’ll probably see it on the top of the website as a banner. Otherwise, schedule a call with them and find out about all the deals they have running at that time.

Certification and Accreditation:

JanBask Training is one of the world’s leading online certification and training providers for all Information technology courses and programs. 

JanBask Training Quora review

Learners who want to upskill for a boost in their career would need to show a certificate for it. Upon completion of any of their courses, you will be awarded a certificate from them.

You can add this to your resume or LinkedIn and show it to employers.

Many learners also enroll in these courses to prepare for certification exams. Since JanBask is mostly career-oriented, they prepare you for these certification exams.

Courses are designed to give you a practical understanding, but also to get you equipped to gain certifications in AWS, Tableau, DevOps, etc.!

They also provide you with resources like question banks, MCQs, eBooks, PPTs, and more!

I hope this JanBask Training Review will help you.

How successful is jan bask now?

JanBask Training Trustpilot

JanBask Training is gaining popularity every day, but still has a long way to go. It has a 4.6 Stars rating on Trustpilot which is one of the most popular review websites.

JanBas Indeed

They’ve trained over 10,000 students to date. As the number grows, the institute continues to gain a better reputation.

JanBask training has carved more than 10,000 career paths for various technology learners all over the world and provided them an opportunity to work with top Information technology and software companies

Advance Features:

In this topic of JanBask Training Review. Let’s look at the benefits that JanBask offers to its trainees:

Instructor-led live online classes:

This is one of their most prominent features. There’s a vast difference in the learning experience you get from live instructor-led classes as opposed to pre-recorded material.

This allows for interaction between trainer and trainee. It allows students to ask any questions they might have, have discussions, interact with peers, and more.

The benefits of having industry experts as trainers come out with live classes. Plus, learners will find it much easier to focus and follow through on their learning when they’re dealing with live classes with their instructors.

Career guidance and resume support:

JanBask is all about career prospects. The study material they provide, the curriculum, the instructors — everything is designed to help boost your career.

All students are provided with career guidance and counseling to ensure that they are on the right path to success. Plus, JanBask’s team helps review and improve your resume.

They prepare you for competitive exams, for interviews, guide you on how to score a job, and so much more.

It’s perfect for those who are trying to kickstart their career or find a significant upgrade.

Demo Classes:

Before committing to any of their courses, you can go through demo classes.

Get a feel of what classes would be like, how the instructors are, and make an informed decision about whether their courses are for you or not.

Self-learning Courses:

If you miss a class or if you want to study at your own pace, you can go through pre-recorded material or opt for self-learning courses. For those who don’t thrive in a live training environment, and prefer to work on their own at their own pace, this is ideal.


Of course, when enrolling for any course or form of upskilling, budget and pricing do play a role in the decision.

The prices are average, meaning they’re not the cheapest courses out there, nor are they were the most expensive. Also, go through this udacity review.

A course at JanBask would cost you anywhere between $180 and $350, Pricing depends on the course and plan that you opt for.

Considering that you’re getting live, interactive classes with industry experts, you’re getting a pretty good deal.

But to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck in your opinion, take your time to decide.

Enroll in a demo class, do your research, compare with competitors, and then decide.
They also offer flexible payment plans. If an upfront one-time payment doesn’t work for you, you can opt to pay in installments.


On average, JanBask’s programs last anywhere between 4 and 6 weeks. Of course, this varies from course to course.

Depending on the subject or certification you want to master, the duration would vary.

It also depends on whether you’re opting for weekday or weekend classes. Weekend classes would usually have a longer course duration.

Time to break it down. Let’s look at the pros and cons of JanBask Training courses!

Pros of JanBask Training:

What are the top reasons to opt for their courses?

Flexible payment option:

If a student finds JanBask’s courses on the expensive side, they can opt for a payment plan. This way, it’s not a one-time financial burden, but the fees can be paid in easy installments.

Instructor-led live online classes:

Live classes make for a much more efficient and effective learning experience for most learners. Since they can interact directly with the instructor, they can get answers to all questions they might have.

The fact that these instructors happen to be industry experts is just the cherry on top.

Industry recognized learning paths:

The curriculum followed by JanBask training programs is designed as per industry standards, created by industry experts.

They are made to prepare trainees for the real job world and get them ready for certification exams.

Amazing training experience:

Instead of promoting rote learning and sticking to theoretical learning, JanBask focuses on providing students with practical exposure.

They give you projects to work on, case studies, MCQs, and real-life
scenarios. Your newfound skills and knowledge are put to practice before you even enter the job market.

Corporate training programs:

JanBask Training offers corporate training programs for companies and businesses to train employees and teams in a subject or technology.

Corporate training allows teams to grow together and upskill among peers. It leads to higher productivity in the workplace.

Mass upskilling of a team can only yield better results for a team, and ensure consistency and knowledge in necessary domains.

Cons of JanBask Training:

What are the issues with JanBask Training?

Lacks In Credibility:

JanBask is still growing. As we mentioned earlier, it still has a lot of growing to do. Even though they offer 24/7 support, there are some reliability issues.

Negative reviews of this training institute speak of improper management and poor follow-through with support issues.

However rare these support issues are, all the more reason for them to be resolved. It can be more organized.

JanBask Training Review: Is It Worth It?

Two things that help JanBask Training stand out are the fact that they have great instructors, and that they offer live training. These two things impact the learning experience majorly.

They are not cheap, but considering that they offer live classes, the value for money is pretty good.
Plus, for those that find it expensive, they can pay in installments.

In terms of follow-through on student issues and reliability, they need to improve. However, the pros do weigh out the cons.

The best thing to do would be to attend demo classes before committing. This way, you know exactly what you’re getting into before enrolling.

Rhea Mansukhani

Rhea is a Freelance Content Writer. She has over 5 years of experience in the field. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Literature, Journalism, and Psychology and a Post-graduate diploma in Instructional Design.

In the past few years, she has designed courses in Content and Creative Writing and taught them to 200+ students. Outside of work, she loves to read, watch Anime, cook and she’s also quite the foodie.

My Story.

Let’s continue to Faq’s section or you can end this JanBask Training Review now.


Do I have to pay for JanBask’s courses in one shot?

No, they offer flexible payment plans. You can pay the course fees in installments for their courses and programs.

The fees are a little on the higher side. Is there any way to bring them down?

Yes! Check their website for offers. When there’s an offer running, you can find details right on the top of the home page in a banner. Otherwise, get in touch with their support team!

Will these courses help me find a new/better job?

All of JanBask’s courses are designed to help you with your career. The training methodology, trainers, curriculum are all career-focused.

Plus, they ensure that you get practical exposure in whatever technology or subject you’re studying. In addition to this, they offer career guidance and help you with your resume too.

Will they help me get certified?

Yes! When you complete a JanBask course, you get a course from the institute.

Plus, if there’s any official/professional certification exam associated with that subject/technology, they ensure that you’re prepared for the exam too!


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What are your views on this JanBask Training Reviews, do let us know.

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