International Open Academy TEFL Review 2024: Should You Enroll?

international open academy tefl review
International Open Academy TEFL Review

We will check all the IOA TEFL courses & Academics in this International open academy TEFL review blog. We are going to share detailed information on IOA academic performance & practices. 

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Reviews From Graduates:

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Isha K.

English Teacher at Private Tutoring

Congratulations to me for obtaining a TEFL certificate from the international open academy. A certificate that qualifies you to teach English as a second language. I am happy ????
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IOA TEFL Certificate 3

Via: Linkedin

Alicia IOA

Alicia Olivia Lazarus

TEFL Educator | Content Producer | Secretary

This is something I’ve been wanting to pursue for such a long time. I’m so excited to finally begin my teaching journey and build on my love for the English language – and teaching it. Thank you for the really informative and well-designed course, International Open Academy!

IOA TEFL Certificate 2

Via: Linkedin

Lucy Ashcroft

Happy to have completed a TEFL course with International Open Academy which will compliment my current role of EAL coordinator.

IOA TEFL Certificate

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IS it worth it to buy the courses from IOA? Let’s see through our International open academy TEFL review blog post.

What is IOA

IOA – International open academy, an online learning platform that provides courses & classes for every kind of subject /category that you want to pursue your career or job. 

The range of courses has no boundaries, and it includes every category of a profession.

IOA offers courses in Teaching, fashion & designing, life skills, Photography, animal science & care, writing & media skills, computing & It, & many more.

The International Council accredits IOA for Online Educational Standards ( Every online Course & exam is available for every student around the globe. 

Once you get the certification from IOA, you can get a job landing with your certificate. 

The criteria for obtaining a certificate is by scoring 55% or more in the exam. It also provides you with a different platform for your online training & job.You can read more about International Open Academy.

What is IOA TEFL ? 

A TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language); TEFL comes under the vocational Course of teaching English as a foreign language in foreign countries. 

TEFL certification is required for getting hired as a foreign language professor in a non-native English- speaking country.TEFL course duration is 100-120 hrs of coursework.

TEFL certificate provides worldwide teaching opportunities as English professors who have received well-informed training.

Who should opt for these courses? 

  • College students – if you want to develop a skill during your college period, you can opt for IOA courses.
  • Seeking employment – someone who is looking for a job opportunity can opt for this Course.
  • Looking for side hustle income – if you are looking for some side hustle income through online space, you can opt for this IOA course.
  • Online Tutor – IOA TEFL Certification is the best grab for people who want to pursue their career as an online tutor.   
  • Entrepreneur – if you are looking for some business ideas & deals, you can try out the vocational category courses of IOA.

How IOA TEFL helps you with your career?

If you are looking to start your journey as an ESL teacher, TEFL certification is vital for your career. 

TEFL courses are designed for ESL specialization, which prepares trainees to teach English in a foreign country. You get trained in the English teaching method, which is very beneficial for your ESL career.

ESL specialization:

Getting TEFL certification from IOA helps you land an English teacher /professor job in the uk, Canada, Europe, and Asia. IOA TEFL provides ESL training, including ESL resources, training skills, content, information, teaching method, & expertise. These programs help to teach English to non-speaking English students all over the world.

Job opportunity After IOA TEFL certification:

Online Tutor opportunity:

 Once you complete the Course from IOA TEFL, you will get opportunities to showcase your skills & learning through various online. The right set of training & learning from the international open academy TEFL will boost your skill. Many teachers make $8-$10 per hour from their online teaching class after getting a certificate from IOA TEFL.

English Language professor:

 You can apply as an online English tutor / English teacher in a foreign country with your TEFL certificate. IOA TEFL has more value than competitors, and you will get a job as an English teacher in most parts of the world with an IOA TEFL certificate.

About the Instructor:

The teachers of the IOA course are specialists and very much experienced instructors that reinforce course substance and pertinence. Most of the instructors have experienced over 8-10 years running their own business worldwide.

Syllabus of IOA TEFL:

  •        Phase one:Teaching and learning 
  •        Phase two: Linguistics 
  •        Phase three: Reading 
  •        Phase four: writing 
  •        Phase five: Speaking 
  •        Phase six: Listening 
  •        Phase seven: pedagogy 
  •        Phase eight: Lesson planning 
  •        Phase Nine: classroom management
  •        Phase ten: Getting TEFL job  

After completing these ten modules of the syllabus, you will be eligible for ESL certification. You will get the original TEFL certificate from the IOA and be called a real certified teacher. 

Certification and Accreditation:

The International Council accredits the courses of the international open academy TEFL for Online Educational Standards accreditation number ICOES/00763/13/36). … 

The 120 Hour of TEFL certificate course is a TQUK (Training Qualifications UK) centre, with the TQUK Center Number: C001157) endorsed Course.

IOA is an interim member of the European Commission’s The Digital Skills & Jobs Coalition, a multi-stakeholder partnership involving the Member States, companies, social partners, NGOs, and educational establishments to advance digital skills training throughout the European Union.

Some Advance Features:

14 days of the free trial period:

The international open academy offers a 14 days course trial. If you don’t want to continue within 14 days, you will get your money back. This feature is excellent; they give you a chance of 14 days of learning through their courses.

Very few students have left the Course within 14 days. 

Check the International open academy TEFL review before you buy the courses.

Full-time Access:

Most of the courses offer one / two years of accessibility.

But they have lifetime access features in some particular cases, meaning you can take that learning info document forever for yourself. 

Offers Going On:

Currently, there is almost 85% off on all courses:

Coupon Code: RK ( Added automatically after selecting the course)

This is valid for only a few days

Generally, the price of this course is $ 99 to $ 119 depending on the course you choose,which after applying the coupons it reduces to 20 to 30 dollars.

Pricing Brief:

The price range of courses starts from $ 10 – $ 400 depending upon the category and discount offer during your current enrollment. 

As we compare the price list of courses with other organizations, it seems moderate & affordable. If you have a low budget and want to learn some new skills, you can go out for IOA courses.

Course Duration

IOA course duration is based upon the subject category.

After going through each International open academy TEFL review, these are the currently available courses:

  • One year plan course
  • Lifetime plan course 
  • Two months plan Course 
  • 120 hrs plan Course 
  • Three weeks plan Course 

The most favourable Course among all is the one-year plan duration.

  • Learn with your pace of skill 
  • One year is enough to learn any professional course 
  • Enough time to interact with tutors during the one-year plan.

Let’s see the Pros and Cons of IOA. 

Every industry has excellent & bad quality with its academic flows.

IOA also has some great positive features and also has some drawbacks in their system. We are giving you honest feedback on courses through this International open academy TEFL review blog.


  • Most of the courses are low budget compared to others, Minimal effort & money-saving Course.
  • Different Number of courses with a wide range of subject categories. 
  • Academic mentors guide you for job search & career development.
  • TEFL courses are appropriately certified.


  • There is a wide range of course diversity and limited course options as per the defined category.
  • There is no guarantee of job placement after course completion. 

International Open Academy TEFL: Is It Worth It? 

  Both their TEFL and TESOL courses have the base required 120 TEFL course hours.These two courses are appropriately Accredited through the accreditation organization ICOES.

Your TEFL Certificate is viewed as Authentic and globally perceived.  Courses are acceptable quality and above and beyond ESL instruction to set you up for your ESL experience.

 You get rigorous training for teaching English which increases your literature skill set. Certificates are utilized to Get employed anywhere on the map or the online market.

 With skill & certificate, you can get a job through digital space. You can work as an assistant professor/teacher in Europe, Canada & the UK.


1- what’s the difference between TEFL and TESOL?

TEFL means Teaching English as Foreign Language, while TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. TEFL certification is popular in the uk region, while TESOL is popular in the USA Region. 

  2- What kind of material is provided by IOA for their courses?

   You get all these following package materials for IOA courses 

  1.   Get certified hard copy issued by ICOES
  2.   PDF file of letter and result 
  3.   Study material & courses syllabus 
  4.   Subscribed entire course package 

3- Is the TEFL certificate expires after a specific date?

Nope, TEFL certificates have lifetime validation. You can apply for an English tutor with a TEFL certificate anywhere in the world. 

4- Which Course in IOA is best for students

 It depends upon your interest in the profession. Every category of courses is available in the International open academy certification. Here are a few courses; fashion design, interior designing, digital marketing, data science, project manager & many more. 

5- What are the criteria for getting a certificate from IOA TEFL?

You have to score more than 55% to get the certificate from IOA. Once you get the certificate, you can apply for jobs anywhere in the world.

6- IS IOA TEFL courses are in demand?

It is growing with time, as non-speaking English countries hire English teachers for their institute. In this digital age, you can land a job offer through IOA TEFL.

7- Is there any job placement security after course completion?

Nope, there is no job placement security after completion. You have to find a job through your skills and knowledge. There is no guarantee of a career in this.

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