International Open Academy TESOL Review 2024

International Open Academy TESOL Review

In this International open academy TESOL review, I will share my experience of learning with them along with some pros and cons

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My Story: What Made Me Enroll?

After completing my bachelor’s degree in English literature online, it took me quite some time to figure out what exactly I wanted to do with it. And frankly, for roughly two years, I just couldn’t figure out anything. test

After discussing the problem with one of my next-door neighbors, I decided to become an English teacher. At this point in time, I had already begun a regular study of French and Spanish.

And in speaking to some of my language partners – who I met while studying – I found out how there was a real need for people who wish to learn English to learn how to fully understand it utilize it.

After doing some research on what would be required to become either an English teacher or an English tutor, I came to know how I was going to need to be certified in any one of many different programs, such as TESOL, ESL, and CERTA, to name a few.

This is what brought me to Google, where I might find a reasonably priced program, which would provide me with one of the necessary certifications. And that search brought me to International Open Academy.

While perusing the website, I took in all of the programs and certifications that International Open Academy offers. It turns out, many are directly related to the educational field. Some of them involved going into counseling; some of them entirely different certification programs, but all worthwhile.

I chose my TESOL certification program, as I believed it offered what I was looking for to educate people. Unlike ESL certification, TESOL is a more internationally recognized certification.

This means that if I ever wished to leave the United States of America, I could more easily find employment in other countries by merely possessing it. Hence I decided To write an International open academy TESOL review.

Do I Think this Platform is Legit?

Of course! The International Open Academy is a real organization. Although there are no TESOL accreditation bodies, the international open academy is accredited by ICOES, allowing you to demonstrate to potential employers, coworkers, and customers that the course you took came from a reputable organization that complies with high standards for online education.

My Learning Experience with IOA:

My overall learning experience with International Open Academy provided me with an opportunity to develop a mindset suited for education.

And as I am seeking to enter this field, I do not feel I could have made a better choice when choosing where I wanted to take my program.

Furthermore, I believe I have gained a sense of accomplishment by following this program through to completion.

That sense of completion has led me to want to follow through with other goals that I have in my life. And that is something I have never felt before.

Now let’s move to some unique features of the International open academy TESOL review

Some Advance and Unique Features:

I cannot recall much of the Advance or Unique features, which IOA offers. However, I found the cultural aspects to which I would have to pay attention with each of my students both challenging and exciting.

One of the features which are found valuable about the program was the testing factor after each lesson. The questions within the exams will be directly related to the material found within the coursework which preceded the exam.

Having this relation allowed me to apply what I had recently learned in the course work, which in turn made the information more readily available to me as I moved on into the next set of lessons.

However, this program taught me the necessity of it, and now I look forward to it.

Benefits of Having a TESOL Online Certificate

Many online schools informed their professors that beginning on January 1, 2019, the Chinese government would require all online instructors to hold valid teaching credentials.

This was done before the close of 2018. If you are currently employed as a Brick & Mortar teacher and possess a state- or province-issued teaching license, all that was required of you was to upload your teaching certificate.

Many online schools informed their instructors that failing to meet these new requirements by January 1 meant losing their ability to teach on their platform. This led many teachers to look for an accredited TESOL certification online that was reasonably priced and could be finished quickly. Chinese-based ESL companies like Magic Ears and others started recognizing the IOA TESOL certification as a teaching credential in 2019.

Impact On My Life:

I have had many exciting interviews because of it. I’ve even gotten a couple of job offers, which I couldn’t take due to scheduling conflicts. But overall, International Open Academy has had a positive effect on my life.

Opportunites After Course:

I have been granted the opportunity to utilize my certification to help my, go through job interviews, son with his homework and develop a multilingual book, Especially the last one.

To teach others about the intricacies of one’s mother tongue, one needs to know and understand those intricacies themself. In this section of the International open academy TESOL review, we will cover some opportunities after the course.

I have developed a better understanding of my language’s complexities, my mother tongue, by trying to understand its functions through the voice and vocabulary of another language.

And because of this time I have taken to know how my language functions, I feel I can help people in trying to learn it themselves.

Differences Between TESOL and TEFL

The qualifications you obtain to teach English online make no difference because both are generally recognized in the field.

While TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) may be more appropriate for instructing English learners in an English-speaking nation, TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) may be more helpful if you wish to teach English abroad in a brick-and-mortar school.

They both have broad meanings and can be used to teach English to English language learners. The IOA TESOL and the IOA TEFL apply when instructing English learners online.

Benefits of the International Open Academy TESOL

The “120 Hour TESOL Certification” TESOL course was created by International Open Academy. Any online ESL teacher or teacher wishing to teach ESL in a school context would benefit from taking this online TESOL certification course.

Online teachers frequently use this 120-hour TESOL certificate because it is recognized and valid. A course created for ESL teachers and relevant to individuals who desire to teach English online has been designed using the most outstanding research and theory.

Although it is christened “120 Hour TESOL Certification”, it does not take that long. This training might take anything from 4-6 hours on average. The course can take longer for some students and less time for others. It depends on you, how much time you have to master the modules, and how much time you have available.

About the Instructors:

The designers of my particular program seemed to be knowledgeable in their fields, This made the material more accessible.

Because of its accessibility, I could utilize the information to not only take the exams, which directly followed the course lessons, I could continue to use it, and thus further my understanding of future lessons.

Because of this, it is my conclusion, that the designers of the program deserve special praise for their work.

Thoughts On Course Pricing:

As I have earned my certification a while back, I cannot remember the price I paid. However, I know that I got a deal on the program, which made it a bargain.

That bargain made my decision much easier when choosing to go through with the program.

Thoughts On Course Timeline:

As a homemaker, once my wife leaves for work and I do my chores, I am left with a fair amount of time to study. I simply applied this study time to my International Open Academy program. In doing so, I quickly completed the program.

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I will try to cover all important aspects of the International open academy TESOL review

What I liked

I enjoyed how the coursework as its information was put into bitesize bits, which were easily digestible for the most part. Because of this ease of digestibility, I gained a relatively instant understanding of much of the material.

And that which I could not immediately understand, I soon came to understand through review. And by understanding, I could further apply it.

What I did not like:

I only disliked the spelling errors and the grammar errors found within each of the lessons. As a grammarian, they stuck out to me pretty badly.

The educators who wrote the program should fix these errors before presenting the material to the public. But this is a relatively minor complaint out of an overall decent program.

Conclusion: Do I recommend it?

For those trying to gain a foothold within certain positions, I feel I would recommend the International Open Academy programs to them and encourage them to fill out their understanding of the material through more thorough practice.

By moving forward with thorough practice of what they have learned, any future students will be able to enjoy all the benefits that come along with such a learning experience

Jack Ellite

About The Author

Jake Elliott 

I am a Certified TESOL Teacherwriter, blogger, language student, amateur Stoic philosopher, proofreader, and editor with an interest in helping adults with their education currently living in California, United States



Which Plan is most suitable?

I took 1-year plan, According to me 1-year plan is sufficient to complete and revise the content.

Is there any Refund Policy?

Yes, there is 14 days refund policy on this course

Can You save course pages and check the progress?

Yes you can, Just click on the ‘save and continue’ button where you can save pages and you can check progress in % displayed in the course panel of virtual campus.

What about certification and accreditation?

It is accredited by the international council for online education standard and continuing professional development (CPD)

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Jake Elliott

I am a Certified TESOL Teacherwriter, blogger, language student, amateur Stoic philosopher, proofreader, and editor with an interest in helping adults with their education currently living in California, United States.

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