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Smart way to learn Data Science


Learn the world's most in-demand skills required for starting a career in the field of Data Science. DataQuest is rated #1 Data Science Learning platform by various Data Science Aspirants.

Ratings :

Join the community of over 1 million learners advancing in their Data Science career with DataQuest.

About DataQuest

Data Science has become one of the most in-demand skills required in the tech industry today. There are various online learning platforms for learning Data Science but DataQuest has become the smartest way to learn Data Science in a short time. DataQuest has helped over 1 million learners advancing their career in the field of Data Science.

DataQuest follows a different teaching methodology which is recommended by 97% of the learners. It follows Retain, Reinforces, Realize, and Relate teaching methodology which provides true practical knowledge. The courses at DataQuest are project-based. Course catalog consists of languages, career paths, and skill paths consisting of the various topic and skill-based courses for learning Data Science.

Dataquest is different from a typical course; there is only reading and doing. There aren’t any pre-recorded movies of teachers introducing the subjects. Instead, all of those ideas are clearly outlined in a brilliantly designed interactive textbook.

Pros 👍

Comprehensive course Catalog. Variety of courses for learning and mastering the in-demand Data Science skills.

Different teaching methodology of Retain, Reinforces, Realize and Relate which is recommended by 97% of the learners. 

Project and Application based learning.

Courses available for beginners to advanced skill level.

A course completion certificate is provided to the user having a premium subscription.

Interactive coding and User experience make the platform a bit more interesting than others.

Cons 👎

❌ There is no video content in the courses.

❌ Some users reported bugs while interacting with the platform.

DataQuest Pricing

Basic Plan – FREE

Premium$24.50 per month billed annually


DataQuest Review

Graduate Reviews

Mohammed M

Mohammed M

Developer & Founder

Ratings :

“Way for Data Science Enthusiasts made easy”

Dataquest provides a wide variety of courses for Data Science Enthusiasts helping them achieve their ambitions.

Dataquest has great courses available for the Students whether they are of Professionals or Beginner’s proficiency. There are three major paths – Data Analyst, Data Science and Data Engineer. The quality of content and practise projects offered here are awesome that really helps one to enrich their knowledge in the selected field.

Dataquest is the ultimate path for students who are willing to get into the fields of Data Analysis or Data Engineering, everything here is great, nothing to complain about actually. The interface, contents, the support team, community is perfectly up-to the mark.

For starters it might be the perfect place to get started in case you are looking to dive into the field of Data Science and Engineering, it has got several courses from Python to R. 


Pedro J

Pedro J

Data Science Specialist

Ratings :

When I started to learn Data Science more and more I realized how much breadth of knowledge is necessary.

I don’t have a CS degree background and have been doing data analysis and BI development in the last 3 years but that gives me only SQL and a few proprietary BI language, however to be a good performing data scientist technically is required a lot of knowledge across various areas and I soon felt lots of gaps, hence the reason I embarked in the Data Science Python path.

By looking at the curriculum it was what I needed to fill those gaps like, Linear Algebra, Calculus, Command Line, Git besides the core Pandas, Matplotlib and Machine Learning.

Regarding the content I think I hesitated not having videos, because I am very visual learner, but in the end was the BEST think for me, because as you take the course you are forced to get your hands dirt and learn by doing through repetition.

The platform is awesome, the explanation, graphics and examples are very well done and start simple and progress to more challenging exercises pushing you to learn a lot.


Dr. Haroon Luswala


Ratings :

The Best Platform to learn Data Science hands down.

The hands-on experience of learning Data Science on this platform is incredible.

I have learnt so much in such a short time.

-via TrustPilot


Data Science Student

Ratings :

I tried other learning paths. 

DataQuest is very complete and a great challenge. 

In my opinion it’s the best way to learn Data Science.

-via CourseReport

Improvement reviews

Bertrand K

DevOps Engineer

Ratings :

“Thoroughly pleasant and involved”

Encourages a fail fast environment.

Easy to trial and error

Decent notes in source material.

But I would like to say that really bad code will break the page. And make the laptop run pretty hot.

Difficult to review older material. Need a better search function.

The exposition is good, the code examples are nice, the puzzles make everything stick together.


Andrew K

UX (User Experience Developer)

Ratings :

The consoles are directly inserted, and each section is easily navigable. There is also nice audio feedback that is sort of addicting whenever you pass an exercise. One member of the support team was extremely responsive and was very open to my suggestions and problems.

Things I didn’t like were – There are too many small bugs, typos, and details missed. There could be a hint system so that we can progressively solve exercises. I didn’t feel like I was in touch with the wider Dataquest community.



Start learning on DataQuest


Nothing, there is no hard prerequisite for learning Data Science with DataQuest. The Courses and paths are designed for beginners and you will be guided from scratch to become a job-ready Data Science aspirant.

Apart from choosing a course from the complete course catalog, you will also get access to 30+ guided projects, unlock all practice problems, lifetime community membership, and Premium community features.

Whenever your plans renew automatically, you have 7 days to request a refund if you do not wish to continue using the service. DataQuest only refunds accounts with no course activity during this 7 days period.

DataQuest Community is a great place where you can easily collaborate with other DataQuest students and share your ideas and thoughts about careers or different Data Science topics.

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Akshay Vikhe


I am an aspiring Data Scientist with a huge interest in technology. I like to review courses that are genuine and add real value to student’s careers. Read my story.

Akshay Vikhe

I am an aspiring Data Scientist with a huge interest in technology. I like to review courses that are genuine and add real value to student’s careers. Read my story

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