[Verified] CFI Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale (2024 Updated)

CFI Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale
CFI Black Friday Sale and CFI Cyber Monday Sale

CFI Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale 2022: Is It Worth It?

In this article, we will discuss the CFI Black Friday Sale and Cyber Monday Sale 2021 deals and coupon codes and give an overview of CFI.

Black Friday CodeOCGRAD10

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Active CFI Black Friday Codes: (Verified)

All-Access Subscriptions – Limited Offer CodeOCGRAD10

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Active CFI Cyber Monday Sale Codes: (Verified)

10% OFF All-Access Subscriptions – Code: OCGRAD10

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CFI believes everyone should have access to education. Hence they provide discount codes to the ones who are in dire need of it.

In order to avail of the discount codes directly from CFI, you have to send a mail to CFI and explain your personal situation and how it would benefit you.


How Much Can You Save on CFI Coupon Codes:

Actual Price Price after using coupon code Price Saved
15% OFF on Self-Study Subscription $497 $422.45* $74.55*
15% OFF on Full-Immersion Subscription $847 $719.95* $127.05*
10% OFF on Self-Study $497 $447.30 $49.70
10% OFF Full-Immersion $847 $762.3 $84.7
* the mentioned amount is our estimation, not a guaranteed amount
Get 10% Off

Claim CFI Deal Before It Ends


How to Apply Coupon Codes?

Once you have picked the coupons to use, it is simple to redeem the discounts. Here’s a step-by-step method on how to apply the coupon code and avail of the discounts and deals.

Step 1: Select the course of the program that you want to enroll in. For example, if you want to enroll in Business Valuation Modelling Part I click on that course.

cfi black friday sale and cyber monday sale

Step 2: Next you will be taken to the course page. Here you can find the overview of the course, what you will be learning, how to get the certificate, reviews from the students, and FAQs. You can select Free Preview of the course or you can choose to enroll in the course.

Step 3: On the next page, you will be asked to create an account with CFI and then it will take you to the checkout page. Here is where you will be able to apply the coupon code.

cfi pricing


Overview of CFI

Corporate Finance Institute

CFI Home Page

Corporate Finance Institute is an e-learning company that provides a platform to learn financial education online. CFI is the best online platform to learn finance and they also provide training for financial modeling, valuation, and other finance programs.

CFI was founded in 2016 partnering with MDA training. Their aim is to help anyone in the world become a world-class financial analyst. CFI has a 5-star rating in Trustpilot with only excellent things said by their students.

Over the years, more than 1 million students have enrolled in CFI and 5000+ lessons have been covered with 100+ courses provided in their platform. Thus students will have the option to pick the right course which suits their requirements.

Since CFI courses are online courses, students will have the flexibility to learn at the comfort of their home or any place.

CFI Black Friday Sale And Cyber Monday Sale: Is It Legit?

Because of the courses provided by CFI, it is exciting to hear about the CFI Black Friday and CFI Christmas Sale. Now you can select whatever course you want and use the CFI coupon codes to grab the discounts.

CFI Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale coupon codes are 100% legit and it’s the perfect opportunity for those who want to purchase their courses at a discounted price.

CFI is a big believer in helping everyone around the globe to have access to education. They provide amazing discounts and deals and you can get these amazing deals in this CFI Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale window.


Who is CFI For?

Corporate Finance Institute is for the ones who want to gain financial knowledge. With the courses provided by CFI, anyone can get educated in the subject.

Finance students and professionals get practical skills, knowledge, and tools to advance their careers. Here’s an article from one of the students of CFI sharing their experience.

CFI for Teams allows enterprises to equip their finance teams with the necessary skills and bridge the knowledge gap.

CFI’s corporate training program offers courses for both non-finance managers and finance professionals, which makes the program even better.

This training assesses the skills gap of an employee, creates a personalized learning plan, and a timeframe for the training which is convenient for both employees and the enterprise.

CFI University Partnership Program is available in select universities. It is designed for students who want to make a career in Investment Banking, Commercial Banking, Private Equity, Corporate Finance, etc.

Pricing Details Of CFI Courses

There are Free courses available in CFI, which you can access and see if CFI is the right fit for you.

The price of CFI is $497 for Self-Study Subscription and $847 for Full-Immersion Subscription. All the courses offer a free preview so that you can have an idea about what you will be getting from the course.

CFI offers various enrollment options like the One-time payment fee option and 6-month payment plan option.

Subscription Plans

CFI Pricing

CFI has two subscription plans, Self-Study Subscription and Full-Immersion Subscription. Self-Study Subscription costs $497/year and you will get access to all the course videos but will lack premium support.

Full-Immersion Subscription price is around $847/year, it has everything from the Self-Study plan including premium support and access to more tools.

Course Bundles

cfi courses bundle

The CFI also offers ‘Course Bundles’ which are designed to train you to get full expertise in a specific area like Finance Modelling or Commercial Banking. Access to all bundles Is included in your one year subscription. The Course Bundles available on CFI are:

You can read the reviews of those programs and make a decision on which program is the right fit for you. Get more exciting offers using cfi black coupons and cfi cyber monday coupons.

Benefits Of CFI Christmas Sale And Cyber Monday Sale:

The Corporate Finance Institute offers great benefits and CFI coupon codes provide an amazing opportunity to grab those benefits.

Affordable: The CFI offers world-class finance education and with the help of CFI Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale coupon codes, it is affordable to everyone.

Real-World Knowledge: Students of CFI always have high praise for the education provided by CFI which focuses on practical knowledge.

Top Instructors: CFI has a team of world-class financial analysts and educators, who have vast experience in the subject.

Bundles: The course bundles are an amazing deal offered by the CFI. One bundle contains more than 20+ courses and it allows the students to expertise in one specific area.

No Prior Financial Knowledge: CFI has trained students who had no prior financial knowledge and helped them understand finance, accounting, and business strategies.

Pros and Cons of CFI


  • All the courses are online and pre-recorded videos, which gives the students the flexibility to learn at their comfort.
  • Gives practical knowledge which can be implemented in your real world.
  • Helps you get expertise in finance even without a financial background.
  • Personalized learning plan for Teams.


  • CFI does not provide the option to download the lessons.

Conclusion: Is It Worth It?

So, we’re at the end of this article. Hope you have understood what CFI has to offer and how you can benefit from the CFI black Friday and cyber Monday sale coupon codes.

CFI coupon codes are 100% worth it. They are one of the world’s best finance education providers.The courses are created by top analysts and they are well-designed, which gives complete practical knowledge to the learners.

Some of the courses and plans might seem expensive but however, you can use the CFI Christmas Coupons and CFI Cyber Monday coupons to get good deals and offers.

Get 10% Off

Claim CFI Deal



What does CFI provide for free?

CFI provides free courses from accounting to finance. They also provide free templates on  Excel, Word, and PowerPoint Templates.

Does CFI provide Financial Aid?

CFI offers an application-based financial aid solution to students who demonstrate the need for financial assistance, where approved applications may enroll in the program for only 50% of the Self-Study bundle fee.

Do I have to enroll in a program or can I just enroll in individual courses?

With both subscriptions you get access to all CFI courses. You can enroll in individual courses and get a certificate of completion for each course that you complete. You also have the option to upgrade your enrollment to Full-Immersion by paying the price difference.

Can I take multiple courses at the same time?

Yes. There is no restriction that a student can take only one course at a time. You can take multiple courses.

Are CFI Christmas Promo Code and Cyber Monday coupon codes worth it?

Yes. CFI black Friday and Cyber Monday sale coupon codes are 100% worth it. It helps you to access the CFI courses at an affordable price.


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