15+ Best React Native Courses & Certifications in 2023

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Are you looking for the best React Native courses online? 

The traditional way of building an app for both iOS and Android is quite cumbersome. It involves having to use separate development environments to create unique code to build an app for each platform. 

If you switch over to an iOS-centered IDE, for example, it means having to start on your codebase afresh even if you’ve already built one for Android. So to be a more efficient developer, React Native is a time-saving IDE that enables cross-platform app design with the same codebase.

With a little understanding of the React framework, React Native offers an excellent setup for building cross-platform apps in a single development environment.

In this guide, I’ll be taking you through the best React Native courses and tutorials for developers in 2023 that will enable you to build incredible cross-platform apps. 

Let’s get started. 

1. Complete React Native Developer | Zero To Mastery 
2. Meta React Native Specialization | Coursera 
3. The Complete React Native + Hooks Course | Udemy 
4. React Native and Redux Course Using Hooks | Udemy 
5. Practical Guide to React Native: Build iOS/Android Apps | Udemy 
6. Modern React Bootcamp (Hooks, Context, NextJS, Router) | Udemy 
7. Testing React Apps with Jest and React Testing Library | Educative.io 
8. CS50’s Mobile App Development with React Native | edX 
9. From React to React Native | LinkedIn Learning 
10. React Native: Getting Started | Pluralsight 
11. Building Mobile Apps with React Native | Pluralsight 
12. Build your first app with React Native and Expo | Skillshare  
13. Build the original Instagram with React Native & Firebase | Skillshare 
14. React Native For Absolute Beginners with React Hooks | Tutorialspoint 
15. Build a News App using React Native and Native Base | Tutorialspoint 

1. The Complete React Native + Hooks Course [Udemy]

If cleaning your Javascript code has always been challenging, this is the best React Native course on Udemy to learn how to use React’s JSX to improve the process.

Other course highlights include: 

  • Learning how to use Hooks so you get around React Native classes and create reusable app components. 
  • Creating a highly secure app by mastering how to incorporate user authentication into your design through Firebase
  • With short-video formats and logically flowing topics, this is the best React Native course online in terms of outline and makes for effective learning.

On the downside, the course is a little behind in terms of software updates, but the instructor has solved this by leaving notes on how you go about any problems resulting from this.  

2. Full-Stack Web Development with React Specialization [Coursera]

This 3-in-1 specialization offers you a complete guide on three important aspects namely, server-side, hybrid mobile app, and front-end web development.

The course covers: 

  • Lessons on using MongoDB to implement NoSQL databases on the server-side of development. This way, you’ll know how to create high-performance data storage solutions for your apps.
  • The basics of Node.js, including creating a responsive web page and user interface using Bootstrap 4. 
  • Practical exercises after each lesson, which makes this one of the best React Native Courses on Coursera for applied learning. 

For you to make quick progress in this course, it’s vital to have JavaScript, CSS, and HTML working knowledge. If you are experienced in these areas, this course offers an excellent way to bring together CSS and HTML with React Native in an efficient and practical manner. 

3. React Native: Building Mobile Apps [LinkedIn Learning]

From getting started with the command-line interface to data manipulation in databases at the backend, this React Native tutorial offers a step-by-step process to the entire mobile app development lifecycle. 

You’ll learn about:

  • Using the MobX library to make state management simple and scalable. As a result, this is one of the best React Native courses online to learn debugging and how to secure your app, as you’ll master using MobX to efficiently find errors in large code templates.
  • Deploying Firebase as a server-less backend for data storage and authentication.
  • Using React Native to tap into mobile features such as the camera, to make your apps more interactive. 

As far as support goes, you’ll largely have to find solutions on your own. The discussion forum still makes it the best React Native course on LinkedIn Learning as it provides excellent guidance from other students, so getting assistance shouldn’t be a big problem. 

4. React Native – The Practical Guide (2023 Edition) [Udemy]

From the core theories of the framework to all the steps to get your app in app stores, this is one of the most comprehensive tutorials to teach you all you need to know. 

Some course highlights include: 

  • 13 video previews covering how to create your first mobile app. This makes it the best React Native course online because you get to test-drive the course before actually signing up. 
  • Comprehensive app examples covering how to build React Native apps using both the Expo and React Native CLI. 
  • A deep dive into handling error messages, which makes this one of the best React Native courses on Udemy if you’re keen on troubleshooting.

Web knowledge (React) is essential to effectively learn this course. Although you only need basic React knowledge, there are plenty of refresher sections as well.  

5. Front-End Web Development with React [Coursera]

If your area of interest is in front-end web development and UI design, this may be the course for you.

Course highlights include: 

  • Development of a React application by using JavaScript ES6, thereby making this the best React Native course on Coursera if you’re also new to React.
  • Creation of highly responsive UI designs, thanks to helpful tips on using Reactstrap in Bootstrap 4. 
  • Important pointers on using React Router and Redux to create animations and improve the interactivity of web apps you build. 

While it is one of the best React Native courses online, recent updates on React will mean that you may need to deal with deprecated features. However, with a little effort and research, you can work around these problems. 

6. From React to React Native [LinkedIn Learning]

This course builds on your React experience to enable you to understand and work with React Native in the shortest time possible. 

At the end of the course, you’ll be able to:

  • Use the features and components of the latest version of React Native, to convert a React based project into a React Native app with ease. 
  • Learn where to get additional resources for your projects, thanks to professional tips from an instructor with 20 years of design experience. 
  • Assess the performance of your apps using various app development tools, and easily find and debug problems often missed by many developers. 

Given it’s a quick 1-hour training, it touches on certain subjects at surface level. However, if you’d like to quickly convert a web app into a React Native app, it’s the best React Native course on LinkedIn Learning for this purpose. 

7. React Native and Redux Course Using Hooks [Udemy]

Would you like to build a YouTube clone? 

Then this is the course to give you the Redux and React Native skills you need to replicate the platform and also create various themes for it. 

The course covers: 

  • Building an app with Expo, which offers a less cumbersome way to get started on your app-building before you can move on to the React Native CLI. 
  • Creating beautiful UI to match various screen resolutions. This is one of the best React Native courses on Udemy as there are lots of practice lessons featuring the development of a Weather app, an Employee app, and a Notes app. 
  • Tips on using Hooks to bypass class declaration and speed up your building process. 

While there are a couple of typos to watch out for throughout, it’s nothing too serious to prevent coherency and flow so it’s still the best React Native course online for advanced learners. 

8. Developing Cloud Apps with Node.js and React [Coursera]

Would you like to build Cloud apps? 

Then this is the course that’ll show you how. Some course highlights include:

  • If you’d like to become a professional app developer, this is one of the best React Native courses online because it counts towards your progress of the IBM Full Stack Cloud Developer Professional Certificate.
  • Incredible breakdown of the Node.js framework, that will enable you to create well-optimized, server-side apps.
  • Tips on using third-party packages to expand your Node.js application and even deploy it to the IBM Cloud platform with ease. 

However, this course requires an active IBM Cloud account, so you may have to pay extra for this subscription. If you’re a first-time user, the trial offer should be enough to cover the entire course so it’s still one of the best React Native courses on Coursera. 

9. Learning React Native [LinkedIn Learning]

For an enthusiastic and lighthearted approach to React Native, this tutorial proves a great option.

You’ll learn how to: 

  • Work with Flexbox, to create more flexible and responsive layouts for your apps. Consequently, this is the best React Native course online for flexible UI design.  
  • Create custom hooks so you can reuse certain functionalities without having to copy and paste huge blocks of code throughout the application. 
  • Use the AVD emulator on both Mac and Windows to test drive and debug your prototypes.

The video editing could be better, as the lessons are often cut before the instructor finishes talking. However, it’s still one of the best React Native courses on LinkedIn Learning as these sudden cuts come at the end of the lesson, and don’t really affect learning.  

10. The Modern React Bootcamp (Hooks, Context, NextJS, Router) [Udemy]

Would you like to learn React first?

If so, this course proves a good starting point. It covers: 

  • React Hooks, React Context, and React props, among all the other latest features, enabling you to leverage the most efficient trends of app-building to develop modern iOS and Android apps. 
  • Over 10 projects and exercises to bolster your portfolio. This is therefore the best React Native course on Udemy for practice as you’ll build a huge range of complex and simple apps.  
  • Handouts and cheat sheets on each topic covered, so you can always refer back to them when you need a refresher as opposed to painstakingly scanning through the videos. 

The course is a little outdated given it was last updated a couple of months ago. Nevertheless, it is still one of the best React Native courses online because, with just a little research, you can get everything to work even with newer software versions. 

11. Build Your First React Website [Coursera]

If your React knowledge is a little rusty, this is an excellent bridge to enable you to comfortably get into a React Native class afterward. 

Some course highlights include: 

  • Developing a website from scratch with React components, in a heavily practical learning approach that concentrates on learning by doing. 
  • A quick, 1-hour long class that covers everything about React web development, including important debugging tips for your website. Consequently, you can easily get this out of the way as you move into React Native. 
  • An easy-to-use development environment, with clean code throughout, so you won’t have any unnecessary troubleshooting work.

Unfortunately, the tutorial covers nothing on React Native. On the bright side, it remains the best React Native course on Coursera for a powerful and short React refresher that will enable you to make quick progress in an advanced React Native class. 

12. React Native Essential Training [LinkedIn Learning] 

With React knowledge under your belt, this training enables you to delve into the core concepts of React Native. 

It is the best React Native course on LinkedIn Learning because:

  • It covers how to generate signed Android APKs, which will not only enable you to secure your app but also fulfill the requirements for publishing and installation on app stores. 
  • You get tips on configuring ESLint to find problems in your code fast through static analysis. This is therefore the best React Native course online for debugging. 
  • It tackles how to use the Fetch API to create a data-driven application. With Fetch API, response handling and asynchronous requests are simple. 

Even with decent hardware, you may have trouble running the Android emulator on Windows. In particular, it may be laggy and slow. To fix this, you can opt to plug the physical test device into your computer via your USB and test it that way. 

13. React Native: Advanced Concepts [Udemy]

If you’re an intermediate developer looking for the next step up, this is one of the best React Native courses on Udemy to get you to the next level. 

Course benefits include: 

  • Learning how to use Redux Persist for offline data persistence so you can improve your app’s reliability. 
  • Many opportunities for applied learning, making this one of the best React Native Courses online for learning to build performant and smooth animations. In particular, you’ll learn how to stack cards to build a swipe deck in a Tinder-like layout. 
  • Advanced React Natie concepts such as one-time password authentication and using Facebook OAuth for better app security. 

Unfortunately, this course isn’t great from a practical perspective due to outdated material. Nonetheless, it still offers excellent theoretical foundations you can put to use in newer software. 

14. Introduction to Front-end Development with ReactJS [Coursera]

Front-end web development is one of the most important aspects of design. This training shows you how to use ReactJS to create a GUI that will impress your users. 

Some course highlights entail: 

  • Learning how to deploy conditional rendering in React using various operators. As a result, you’ll gain important web development skills for building highly interactive and dynamic web apps. 
  • As far as understanding simple React Router techniques for displaying multiple views on a single page application goes, it is the best React Native course online. 
  • Learning how to deploy your React apps to Netlify, and make use of the continuous deployment feature to automatically update your app whenever you make changes to the source repository.  

The Rhyme interface platform used for this guided project can be a little strenuous to work with because of screen resolution problems. Even so, the tutorial remains one of the best React Native courses on Coursera as the code templates are comfortably legible so you won’t miss a thing. 

15. Become a React Native Developer Learning Path [LinkedIn Learning]

For an opportunity to enhance your web development skills to React Native deployment, this 5-course learning path creates an excellent learning path. 

Ultimately, you’ll be able to:  

  • Create a CRM mobile application to add to your portfolio and showcase it to your potential clients, while gaining important experience in the process.
  • Leverage the entire React Native ecosystem, and even look beyond it to use other IDEs and frameworks to build a complete application. 
  • Learn from one of the most recently updated and best React Native courses online, with two of the courses having been added very recently.

Given that it covers 5 courses in 1, this learning path is a lot more involving than most of the tutorials we’ve covered. However, it is worth the extra work as it is one of the best React Native courses on LinkedIn Learning in terms of the range of topics covered and technical detail. 

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Are your React Native skills up to speed? 

In order to choose the best React Native courses and tutorials for developers in 2023, it’s helpful to figure out where you’re at first in terms of the knowledge you may need to bring into some of these tutorials. 

If you haven’t used the React framework in a while, I suggest you start with the Full-Stack Web Development with React Specialization before signing up for more complex classes. 

This course is an excellent refresher to bridge any knowledge gaps and comfortably get into React Native. 

However, if you don’t need a refresher, The Complete React Native + Hooks Course [Udemy] enables you to straight away get into advanced concepts. 

It quickly builds off your React background and uncovers mobile design patterns used by experienced engineers. 

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