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15+ Best Personal Branding Courses & Certifications Online in 2023

Why should you learn personal branding?

If you are either an employee or an entrepreneur, having effective personal branding skills will help you stand out from the competition and enable you to build trust with your prospective employers and clients.

In this article, we are going to look at the best personal branding courses and  certifications online to help you get started learning how to represent yourself to the world.

Through these courses you’ll learn how to strengthen your professional reputation, as well as craft your social media presence. Basically, you are learning a system to reinvent yourself.

Additionally, there are also classes on strategic self marketing for creative freelancers that show you how to build a multimedia internet empire.

Let’s get started.

1. Personal Branding: Strengthen Your Professional Reputation | Udemy 
2. Personal Branding Mastery: The System To Reinvent Yourself! 
3. Personal Branding: Crafting Your Social Media Presence | Kate Arends | Skillshare 
4. Do Things, Tell People: The Power of Personal Branding | Hamza Khan | Skillshare 
5. Creating Your Personal Brand Online Class | LinkedIn Learning, formerly 
6. Learning Personal Branding Online Class | LinkedIn Learning, formerly 
7. Introduction to Personal Branding | Coursera 
8. Strategic Self-Marketing and Personal Branding | Coursera 
9. The Climb: 6 Steps to a Powerful Personal Brand | Udemy 
10. Branding You™: How to Build Your Multimedia Internet Empire | Udemy 
11. Personal Branding & First Impressions: Writing Your Bio for Social Media | Learn with | Hannah Morgan | Skillshare 
12. The Personal Branding Process for Creative Freelancers | Lindsay Marsh | Skillshare 
13. Personal Branding Master Course| Become THE Go-To Person | Udemy 
14. Personal Branding: Deliver a Clear Elevator Pitch | Udemy 
15. Masterclass in Personal Branding: Career and Life Evolution | Udemy 

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