Top 3 Math Assessment Online Tools For Teachers

Math Assessment Online Tools

According to Bloom’s taxonomy, evaluation is the highest level as well as an integral part of the cognitive process.

With online assessments becoming more popular with the continual growth of the eLearning industry, it’s necessary to leverage some of these tools to make the assessment process easier.

From kindergarten to higher education, there’re various tools available online to aid teachers in assessing their learners.

However, assessing mathematics can be quite challenging especially since it involves a wide range of equations from simple to complex.

There are some platforms dedicated to providing already made math assessment questions for learners but most of these platforms do not provide teachers the option to create their own equations for learners.

This article will list out platforms that will enable teachers to create their math assessments or quizzes using their own questions.

However, some of these platforms also enable instructors to leverage their question banks when needed.

It is worth noting that the applications listed in this list are not in any order and are only included because of their functionalities, usability, and pricing.

Some come with both free and premium features but the free versions come with most of the features an instructor would need for any mathematics assessment or quiz.

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Price: Free/Premium

First on our list is one of the most popular quiz applications on the market. Quizizz is known for helping instructors to create engaging lessons and gamified quizzes.

The online platform is easy to use and the users also have the option to leverage their android and iOS mobile applications.

That said, there is no desktop application for Quizizz but users can simply leverage any web browser to access the platform or install the Quizizz apps on their mobile devices.

You can create various forms of maths quizzes by leveraging the user-friendly maths equation feature to create your preferred mathematics equation.

The maths equation feature provides you with the options to toggle between basic maths formulas, Greek, and more advanced formulas.

It is also designed to look and function like a scientific calculator making it quite easy to create equations.

Additionally, teachers can also record and include audio to individual questions and images if necessary.

Teachers can also save questions into their question banks and also include questions from other instructors in their quizzes.

The application is also free to use with most features you’d need but a premium version is also available to users. Teachers can also choose to either time the individual questions or the overall quiz.

The best part about Quizizz is that learners don’t need to log in to take the quiz. You can organize a live quiz and simply direct learners to visit.

They can then enter the join code and a name to identify them to begin taking the quiz. This means learners can take quizzes anonymously if that’s an option.

Simply go to your dashboard to get access to detailed learner performance in general or on individual questions.

Microsoft Forms

Price: Free / Premium

If you’re a fan of Google Forms then you’ll love Microsoft Forms even more. Powered by powerful artificial intelligence, Microsoft Forms comes fully powered to help maths instructors in creating their quizzes.

This powerful tool allows you to input equations and with the help of its artificial intelligence, every character entered is automatically formatted into its appropriate mathematical formula.

Artificial intelligence just helps you create your formula easily. With this platform, writing maths formulas don’t need to be difficult or time-wasting.

The best part about the process is that artificial intelligence solves your equation and then provides you with possible answers you can use as multichoice answers.

Simply click “Add all” for the suggested result and it populates the multiple-choice options with the ai generated results while also shuffling them.

Teachers no longer need to struggle to write a maths question with a complicated interface, or even look for possible multi-choice answers for their questions.

Microsoft Forms has you covered with a powerful artificial intelligence that puts other platforms to shame.

Once a question has been created, simply click “Add new” and watch as you’re presented with some automatically generated question ideas.

Additionally, for questions where you’d like your learners to type in their answers, Microsoft Forms also presents them with a math block for them to type any mathematical answer where needed.

Once your quiz has been created, you have multiple options available to send the quiz to your learners including email, URL, and QR code.

You also select a theme for your quiz or customize your own.

Google Forms – Hypatia Add-On

Price: Free

I’m sure most of us already know of Google Forms. Although mostly used for surveys and sometimes quizzes, maths quizzes were always challenging as instructors had to create an image of equations and then upload them into the quizzes.

This tiring process has now become a thing of the past as 3rd-party extensions are now making it possible to write math equations in Google Forms.

My favorite add-on for the task is Hypatia. This add-on expands the capabilities of Google Docs, Forms, and Slides, enabling instructors to easily create complex mathematical equations.

Simply install the Hypatia add-on, go to Google Forms and create your quiz or form. Click the “Add-on” icon in the toolbar and then select “Hypatia”.

Select “Insert/Edit Math” to open the user-friendly Hypatia math equation editor. Create your equation and then click the “Copy Link” button to create your link.

Copy the generated URL and then close the Hypatia math editor popup. Click the image icon next to your question or multiple choice answer section and then select “By URL” on the Insert Image popup.

Simply paste your copied URL into the provided section and then click “Insert Image” to add your created equation to your Google Form.

Repeat the process as many times as necessary when done you can click the “Send” button on the toolbar to generate a URL or send the quiz via email.

You can also create a QR code for your Google Form by following these steps.

The Bottom Line

Although other tools on the market can enable teachers to create math quizzes to assess their learners, the ones mentioned in this article are some of the best on the market.

From add-ons to artificial intelligence these applications are full-featured and available to make the job of an instructor easier.

My preference is for Microsoft Forms especially for how easy it is to create quizzes and the artificial intelligence powering the application.

That said, both Quizizz and Google Forms also come with great features that can get the job done well.

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