6 Best Paraphrasing Tools Online (Free & Paid)

6 Best Paraphrasing Tools Online (Free & Paid)

I recently spent my weekend trying to prepare for a presentation that required summarizing an article on Learning technology through three generations of technology enhanced distance education pedagogy”.

Although I’ve experienced challenges in my years in the education and technology fields, this was by far one of the most difficult challenges I’ve ever embarked on.

The article alone was interesting once I managed to understand the phraseology. Every sentence in this article required careful thinking to completely understand after processing each word.

I finally managed to deliver on my task and successfully summarized and created a PowerPoint presentation from this article.

Fast track a few weeks later and I’m researching an article when I come across some paraphrasing tools.

I’d always been critical of paraphrasing, thinking that it made learners lazy as one learner simply needed to finish an assignment while others could paraphrase and submit as their delivery.

Although I used plagiarism checkers in my role as a teacher to verify student deliverables, paraphrasing tools were different to me.

This was my moment of reflection and realization. How easy my life would have been a few weeks back, had I not totally neglected this technology.

Using a paraphrasing tool could have simply made the article easier to understand and by extension making it easier for me to summarize the article.

I did a bit of research on these tools and their uses and concluded that they solve a real pain in academics and writing in general.

Understanding Paraphrasing

There’s a reason teachers ask learners in class whether they understood what was taught or even a particular concept or sentence expressed in-class moments before.

The teacher doesn’t call out the learner to quote exactly what was said but phrase what was said in different wording.

That’s exactly what paraphrasing is. It’s essentially conveying the exact contents of a statement by leveraging varying phraseology from the original.

Benefits Of Paraphrasing

  • Enables writers to leverage their understanding of quotations from other publications without the fear of plagiarism detection from the exact quotation.
  • Makes concepts clearer and easier to understand
  • Ensures the writer and the reader are on the same page thereby avoiding miscommunication
  • Helps in the reduction of plagiarism
  • Shows your readers your level of understanding of the original content

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Best Paraphrasing Tools Online

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TypeWebWebWebWebWeb & DesktopWeb
TrialFreeFree7-day moneyback5-day trialFree3-day trial

My research brought me to numerous online paraphrasing tools both free and paid. And although some free tools I tried had consistently poor accuracy, others were impressive in their sentence structuring.

This article will be focusing on the best free tool and some premium paraphrasing tools on the market.

If anyone knows better plagiarism tools, feel free to include them in the comments and I will review them and include them in this article based on the quality of delivery.

QuillBot – Best free paraphrasing tool

Price: Freemium

Of all the free paraphrasing tools I tried, this was by far the best I found on the market. The platform itself is easy to use and has many features available to tweak your output.

Unlike most other free paraphrasing tools that simply replace words with synonyms, QuillBot employs cutting-edge artificial intelligence to assist users to rewrite and enhance phrases, paragraphs, or articles.

QuillBot is also free for all users with some limitations on the number of characters that can be paraphrased at a time.

This shouldn’t be a limitation to any users though as individual paragraphs of up to 700 characters can easily be paraphrased one after the other.

QuillBot has seven separate modes from which users can choose for paraphrasing. Additionally, users also have the flexibility to choose the level of changes in synonyms they would like in their articles.

With the click of a button, users can rephrase a paragraph and also click on any word they would like to change to be presented with a list of synonyms for that word, from which they can choose, as a replacement.

If you’d like more functionality and an increase in character limits, a premium version is available which provides a character limit of up to 10000.

To sweeten the deal, the application also comes with Google Chrome, Google Doc, and Microsoft Word extensions to simplify your paraphrasing tasks.

Grammarly – Best Online Writing Assistant

Price: Freemium

This application needs no introduction as it is the world’s number one AI-powered spelling and grammar tool.

Although most writers use this application, most usually leverage only the free version which comes with great functionalities with no knowledge of the functionalities of the premium, and business versions which include “Clarity-focused sentence rewrites”.

The free version of Grammarly still provides suggestions to paraphrase sentences, but the premium and business versions come with an even greater tool to facilitate paraphrasing, sentence structures, and syntax.

With Grammarly, you also get an application that integrates perfectly with your most used applications including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Google Docs, and many more.

This makes the application available to the user without the need to open a browser to switch to a different tab to paste your articles.

Conversion.ai – AI-powered Content Writer

Price: Premium

If you’re looking for a tool to avoid copyrighting challenges, Conversion.ai is the application for you. From helping you to write blog posts to paraphrasing, this tool can do it all.

Like the Grammarly premium and business plans, conversion.ai is not free and requires a monthly starter or pro subscription plan.

Using artificial intelligence, Conversion.ai is able to easily rewrite any content with no reduction in the quality of delivery and even generate content for users.

It is subscription-based and quite pricy, especially if you don’t intend to do more writing but I would recommend this tool if you produce a lot of content.

If you’d like to experience the power of this application for yourself, simply sign up for the pro version and receive a 5-day trial.

Don’t forget to cancel your subscription to this product before the trial period ends if this application is not for you.

Spin Rewriter – Best ENL Spinning Algorithm-Powered Article Rewriter

Price: Premium

If you’re looking for an application that can rewrite your article in various forms, Spin Rewriter is the one for the job.

Using the ENL Semantic Spinning Algorithm, Spin Rewriter is able to determine the context in which individual words are used in the sentence and replace it with the appropriate word or phrase.

It is also able to restructure your sentence to produce the same meaning as many times as necessary.

Want to manually make some changes to your rewrite? Spin Rewrite not only gives you the capability to do so through the application but also provides users with suggestions to help them get the job done faster.

With Spin Writer, users can automatically rewrite their articles as many times as they wish with the click of a few buttons.

The application is one of the best on the market but unfortunately doesn’t offer a free version. Pricing offers include monthly and yearly subscriptions as well as lifetime subscriptions.

If you’d like to use this application, watch out for their special offers as you can get a good discount on their subscriptions.

SpinnerChief – Desktop & Web Article Spinner

Price: Freemium

Using the latest cutting-edge Statistical Replacement Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Part-Of-Speech analysis, and Emulated Natural Language methods, Spinner Chief 6 can automatically create content that is close to human quality.

Unlike most other paraphrasing or spinning tools in general, both desktop and web versions are available for SpinnerChief.

SpinnerChief also comes with multiple pricing plans ranging from free, elite, ultimate to team versions.

It comes with many great features that help users easily create articles and also rewrite articles as many times as necessary.

The free version has limited functionality but should give you some insight into the capabilities of this application.

WordAi – Popular AI-Powered Article Writer

Price: Premium

WordAi uses artificial intelligence to understand text, and can automatically rewrite your article with the same readability as a human writer.

It is one of the most popular spinning tools on the market and doesn’t just replace words in your article with synonyms but tries to understand the sentence before rewriting a completely new sentence with the same meaning.

With a system like this, that can read through the entire paragraph to attain a better understanding of its content and then rewrite it from scratch, acquiring completely different iterations of an article becomes an easy task.

But like all spinners, WordAi isn’t perfect and a manual review of generated content will help you correct any potential mistakes.

WordAi is also fast which means writing or rewriting articles doesn’t need to take much of your time.

The Bottom Line

Like with every application, there’re multiple competitors on the market providing similar services.

Unfortunately, the limitations on free tools compared to the premium tools are evident but if you’re looking for a free tool that can do the job well, QuillBot is definitely the right choice for you.

It is the most popular free paraphrasing tool and based on my experience with other free tools, it easily beats the competition.

If you’re looking for premium tools that can help you write or even rewrite content, any of the premium options on this list can get the job done.

Additionally, these options also provide free trials on subscription, so feel free to leverage that to try them out before making your decision.

It is advisable to ensure you cancel your subscription before the trial expires to avoid any charges especially if you’re not interested in continuing your usage of the application.

Users should also note that although these applications do a good job of writing or rewriting content, they’re not perfect sometimes and a manual review would be beneficial to users to avoid mistakes.

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