Is Using Quillbot Cheating?

Is Using Quillbot Cheating

QuillBot is the most popular paraphrasing tool used by both professors and students. And although paraphrasing tools get a bad rep in some circles, their usefulness is undeniable when used properly as intended.

Unfortunately, students sometimes use these paraphrasing tools to cheat as some of these tools can help students paraphrase already existing articles for submission. As a result, most premium plagiarism checkers are getting smarter in an attempt to identify paraphrased content.

That said, even premium plagiarism tools like Turnitin and SafeAssign cannot easily detect QuillBot as it uses artificial intelligence to replace words with synonyms and to alter the sequence of sentences and paragraphs.

Using QuillBot to rewrite an article for submission is considered plagiarism that could lead to consequences including cancellation of paper and dismissal. On the other hand, when properly leveraged, QuillBot can be used by both teachers and students to enhance their writing.

Both students and teachers can use it to enhance any sentence, paragraph, or article to make it more presentable. Although the tool is meant to be used positively, some students resort to using it to cheat. The question is whether the use of the tool should be considered cheating.

As an instructor, I had to summarize an article for a presentation one time, and although I knew about paraphrasing tools, I simply refused to use them as I was under the impression that these tools simply served to encourage student plagiarism.

The article was well-written and interesting once I managed to understand the phraseology but required careful thinking and a dictionary to process and understand each sentence. I had no choice so I had to spend my weekend struggling through this task.

I come across some paraphrasing tools weeks later and decide to give QuillBot a try. Turns out QuillBot would have proven to be an asset as it could’ve simplified the article making it easier for me to understand, thereby completing my task quicker.

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Is QuillBot Cheating

No, using QuillBot does not constitute cheating if used as intended to help enhance sentences, paragraphs, and articles. However, using QuillBot to paraphrase someone else’s writing without appropriate citation constitutes mosaic plagiarism, which is punishable under the school educational body’s academic integrity policies.

Academic institutions have strong policies governing academic integrity. Anyone caught using QuillBot or any other paraphrasing tool to turn in someone else’s work as theirs faces cancellation of their paper or expulsion from the academic institution.

It’s advisable for students to use QuillBot as intended in their education. Unfortunately, premium plagiarism checkers like Turnitin and SafeAssign cannot easily detect content paraphrased using QuillBot.

Teachers who are able to determine the general similarity of an article to an already existing one could open up an investigation as paraphrasing other people’s writing and submitting them as your own constitute plagiarism.

Punishments for students caught in the act could face consequences ranging from paper cancellation to expulsion or dismissal from the school. To avoid this, students should endeavor to use the tool as intended.

Can You Get Caught Using Quillbot

While some paraphrasing tools can be easily detected by premium plagiarism checkers like Turnitin and SafeAssign, the remains whether content paraphrased with QuillBot can also be detected.

No, premium plagiarism checkers like Turnitin and SafeAssign cannot detect QuillBot as it uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to replace words with synonyms and alter sentence and paragraph sequences.

These plagiarism checkers simply compare comparable phrases and sentence patterns to identify similarities. This makes it difficult for them to identify plagiarism in well-paraphrased writing.

That said, it’s advisable to review paraphrased content to ensure quality before submission as some sentences could lose their intended meaning when paraphrased using paraphrasing tools.

Regardless of how thoroughly you paraphrase your writing, it’s advisable that you properly cite your sources to avoid penalties for mosaic plagiarism. Teachers with years of experience under their belts would be able to easily identify the general idea of a sentence especially when they’ve read such articles multiple times.

Your paraphrasing may not be identified if done properly but an experienced teacher would be able to detect paraphrased work even when plagiarism tools are unable to do so.

Can Teachers Find Out If You Used A Paraphrasing Tool

Most educational institutions now leverage some form of plagiarism checkers in their effort to promote academic integrity among their students. Students caught plagiarizing content stand to face the consequences depending on the severity.

It depends on the paraphrasing tool used and the result. QuillBot for instance leverages artificial intelligence to replace words with synonyms and alter sentence and paragraph sequences making it difficult to be detected by premium plagiarism checkers like Turnitin, SafeAssign, and Unicheck which simply compare comparable phrases and sentences to identify similarities.

That said, it’s advisable to review any content paraphrased using QuillBot to verify the uniqueness of the sentence before submission. Additionally, properly citing your sources even on paraphrased content will help avoid any breach of academic integrity complaints.

Is Quillbot Paraphrasing Free

Yes, QuillBot has two free modes with a 125-word limit, as well as a premium version with five additional modes and unlimited words. It also includes a Chrome extension and a Microsoft Word desktop add-on.

While the premium version comes with an unlimited word limit that can be paraphrased at a time, the free version can get the job done for most users. The 125-word limit in the free version simply applies to the number of words that can be paraphrased at one time.

Users on the free version can simply repeat the process as much as necessary to ensure they completely finish paraphrasing their full article. That said, the premium subscription will simplify the job by making it possible to paraphrase a full 10,000-word article in one go.

Is QuillBot Safe

While there’re multiple paraphrasing tools on the market, QuillBot is arguably the most popular. However, is it a reliable tool to use?

Yes, Quillbot is a safe and reliable paraphrasing tool that leverages state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to replace words with synonyms and alter sentence and paragraph sequences making it difficult for premium plagiarism checkers like Turnitin and SafeAssign to detect.

That said, it’s advisable to review content paraphrased with Quillbot to ensure quality content delivery. You should also note that Quillbot as a paraphrasing tool is intended to be used to aid writing by enhancing paragraphs, sentences, and articles.

A typical example of how Quillbot can be used is using it to enhance a paragraph to make it much more readable. When used appropriately, Quillbot becomes a huge asset to both teachers and students.

Is Quillbot Premium Worth It

Yes, Quillbot is a great paraphrasing tool that leverages state-of-the-art AI to rewrite any content and a premium subscription offers even more features. However, a premium subscription is only worth it if you do a lot of content writing as the free modes can get the job done for non-demanding usage.

The 2 free modes do a good job paraphrasing any content submitted although limited to 125 words per paraphrasing command. Users can simply repeat the paraphrasing action as many times as necessary to completely rewrite longer articles.

For users doing a lot of writing, the premium subscription would be essential as it includes unlimited words and many other features.

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