All About Financial Analyst’s Salaries: Get Salary Insights

All About Financial Analyst Salaries

A financial analyst is a professional in a company or a business who assesses the company’s financial matters and decides for the same.

A financial analyst is a business expert who analyzes market trends, develops financial models, offers advice, and helps businesses make financial decisions. Financial analysts may anticipate to make a sizable and intriguing salary, but the exact amount can vary greatly depending on the path that each individual financial analyst pursues.

Financial analysts play a crucial role in the company’s investment of money and assets. Salaries of financial analysts vary from region to region and company to company.

They must research and collect data for the company’s investment to make sure it is worth it. Their salary also varies due to skill and experience differences between them.

Some companies hire a team of analysts with a senior head of analysts. This team may have certified Financial Analysts too.

Salaries can vary within the group according to the work and skills of the team members. 

Financial analysts can work as both junior and senior analysts within the company.

They also often recommend the stock exchange ideas for a company based on its overall conditions.

It is the core duty of an analyst to do research over the particular investment and give ideas and make decisions to make appreciable profits. 

Starting Salary For Financial Analyst

The salary of financial analysts varies according to years of experience and the company’s financial condition.

It is found that the average salary of people recruited as financial analysts in any company for less than a year is $62,998 in the US. 

With the increase of experience of the person and profit made by the company, this salary of an analyst can be increased.

The people who’ve gained experience between 3-5 years get an average salary of $71,997

Starting salary can also vary between newly joined analysts. The certified and skilled analysts are paid more than the financial analysts at a lower level.

The work they do may also vary. There follows a hierarchy of analysts and their salaries. 

The starting salaries of newly joined analysts are seen more in New York, Washington, DC, and many big cities. The companies hire analysts at a high pay scale as there is more employment in this field. 

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Average Salary For Financial Analysts

According to their finances, different companies in the US pay the Financial Analyst Salary between $63,000-$123,000 according to their finances.

The average of their salaries, including the companies of high pay level to the companies of low pay level, is given by the Bureau Of Labour Statistics,

The US in 2020. According to their data, the average salary of financial analysts for all experience levels is found to be $83,660

Apple pays its financial analysts a salary of $118,706 per year. This company is a worldwide company that needs to manage its finances properly.

Hence they require highly skilled analysts, and they pay according to that. 

The US Department of Commerce pays a high salary of $110,995 on a yearly basis to its analysts. 

These salaries show how reputed and important are financial analysts for the company, and their skill needs to be sharp to uphold the position they have in their hands. 

Certified Financial Analyst’s Salary

Certified financial analysts hold a better position than normal analysts. Their salaries, bonuses, and everything differ from normal analysts to a scale ranging from a medium increase to a high increase.

Their salaries too depend on the company and region. 

Depending on their skills, they are paid between $80,000 to $300,000. Big companies sometimes hire a certified analyst at $500,000 too.

These salaries are for professional and experienced CFAs. The starting salary of CFAs may differ from $80,000 to 155,000.

Experience plays a key role in their salary and position. 

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Variation In Salaries from Region to Region

Salaries of certified and non-certified financial analysts greatly vary from region to region. A financial analyst is expected to earn more in New York than in Colorado. Let’s check the Financial Analyst Salary in some states.

  • Washington, D.C. is the highest paying region for the financial analysts in the US. They have many highly paid and great opportunities for them in Washington, D.C. The average salary of a financial analyst varies from $90,333 per annum to $100,000 per annum in consecutive years.  
  • Houston, TX, is the second-highest payer of salaries for financial analysts in the US. Their average salaries vary from $85,000 per year to $88,876 per year in consecutive years.  
  • New York, NY, is the third-highest salary payer for financial analysts in the US. Their average salaries vary from $70,000 per year to $73,280 per year in consecutive years. 

How Much Does A Senior Financial Analyst Make?

Senior financial analysts are given a wide range of salaries from company to company. Many big companies pay more than $ 200,000 per year, and many pay less than $84,000 per year. 

The average salary of senior analysts in the US is $101,512 per year which is on the max side of the Financial Analyst Salary. Many factors like skills, education, certifications matter for extra credits.

These high incomes show how much importance the senior analysts have in the company and are recruited less in numbers.

So job opportunities can be more in this field depending on the skills and education. 

Senior analysts have a little more responsibility than normal analysts. They have to train and manage their teams, and at the same time, they have to think of new ideas for investments. This job is demanding; hence the payment for this job is high. 

How is Financial Analysis Compared to Other Accounting Careers? 

Many accounting jobs are similar to financial analysis that require the same skills and education. Personal finance advisory is one of them.

They also help their clients deal with financial issues. Their pay scale is lower than the financial analysts, and so is the workload. 

Some companies hire operation managers at a pay scale lower than the analysts who work similarly to financial analysts.

They too have to think of investments which are to be made by the company and how to make a profit out of it. Small companies hire these managers who are less experienced. 

Small start-ups do not hire analysts as they have to make only small decisions about investments and money matters.

They recruit lesser people in the starting and manage to have more profit to become a big firm.

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Buy-side Analysts And Sell-side Analysts

Buy-side analysts are the analysts of the buyers of services and stocks. They have to choose the best for their companies from various options.

Their responsibility is to make the best use of money to buy stocks at their lowest prices and profit from them. 

Role Of Buy-side Analysts

  • Manage and make good use of clients’ money. They have a responsibility to buy more stocks with the least money possible. 
  • Make investment decisions.
  • Manage risk-free returns if there goes something wrong with the use of stocks, they have to manage a risk-free return. 
  • Grow assets under the management of money. 

Sell-side analysts are the analysts who represent the firms that are selling securities and stocks. They have to find clients according to their needs and on their conditions. They have to manage their stocks to get more profit from them. 

Role Of Sell-side Analysts

  • They have to find big firms that can invest in their stocks.
  • They have to keep records of every investment and efficiently manage the money. 
  • They have to pave the way for them in the market by thinking of the client’s favors and their profits. 
  • They have to plan on selling the stocks and set targets for the company’s profits. 

Requirements For Becoming A Financial Analyst

  • The candidate should have a bachelor’s degree in business, accounting, finance economics, or related fields. 
  • The candidate should have proven experience to get into a big company as an analyst.
  • The candidate should be efficient with spreadsheets, databases, and other financial software applications. 
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills should be there for the candidate.
  • Proven and deep knowledge of finances forecasting, corporate finance, and information analysis should be there in the candidate.
  • The candidate should have a good command of Excel, Word, Outlook, and Powerpoint.
  • The candidate should be comfortable using a computer for various purposes. 
  • The candidate should possess leadership qualities.
  • The candidate should have deep knowledge of financial matters and the institutions involved in them. 

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We learned in this article who are financial analysts and what their role is in the company’s progress. We also learned about Pixaba.

We learned about the factors that decide salaries of financial analysts region to region. We saw how the salaries of less experienced analysts vary from more experienced. We got to know about the starting salaries of new analysts.

We found out the average salaries of analysts and how they change with the region.

We found out about the certified financial analysts and their salaries in different regions of the US.

We saw the role of senior analysts in different companies and found out how much they earn in the US.

We saw how different accounting carriers are similar to financial analysis and how their salaries differ from analysts.

Finally, we learned about the sell-side and buy-side analysts and their crucial role in the company.

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