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Get a chance to learn from more than 160 member univeristies with edX. In the recent year edX attracted nearly 10 millions new learners from all over the world and become one of the most popular MOOC provider.

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Boost your career, get a degree and level up your skills with edX

About edX

edX has become the rising Massive open online course provider today. In the year 2020 edX has registered over 10 million new students from all over the world. This online learning platform is popular for offering courses on various subject and topics such as Architecture, Economics, health, Computer Science, Designing, Data Analysis, etc. 

A reliable online learning and education platform. It truly has more than 44 million students and was founded by professors from MIT and Harvard. Some of the best institutions and leading businesses in the world design and instruct its courses.

The vision of the edX is to transform the world so that every learner can access education to unlock their potential without the barrier of cost or location. Apart from their course they also offer professional degrees and programs for students and professional which can help them a lot in advancing in their career.

Pros 👍

Degrees and programs are run in association with prestigious universities and colleges such as Boston University, Berkeley University of California, Harvard University, etc.

✅ They provide associated and accredited course completion certificates.

They have 14 days refund policy. For getting a refund you have to unenroll from the purchased courses or program within the eligibility period.

Most of the courses are self-paced which means that you can finish them at your terms and speed.

✅ You can audit the course for free and access all to the course materials for free except the verified certificates and assignments.

edX provides courses and programs for all levels, from beginner to advance.

edX provides financial aid to all the students and learners who are not capable of  affording the course fees.

MicroBachelors program, MicroMaster programs, and professional certificates are beneficial for professionals and students who want to advance in their careers. 

XSeries programs help students to master a particular topic or a subject.

Courses and programs are available on various in-demand skills and topics trending in the industry.

Cons 👎

❌ Different courses and programs can have different curriculum and patterns as associated partners have the right to design the course curriculum as they like. 

❌ For earning a certificate you will have to purchase, enroll in the course and complete it with all the graded assignments and projects. 

❌ The MicroBachelors and MicroMaster programs are a bit more expensive than others.

❌ Courses and programs only related to the field of Computer science, technologies, and Data Science are popular.

edX Pricing

Note – Students can Audit and review the content of the courses for free

Verified track Courses and Programs – $50 to $300

XSeries Programs – $100 to $500

MicroMaster Programs – $500 to $2k

Graduate Reviews

Software Engineer Raja B

Raja B

Software Engineer

Ratings :

“Clear and Concise Educational Experience”

I found the way the quiz and the exercises to test your knowledge well organized on the Platform

Platform, in general, is easy to navigate – courses are easy to find, quizzes and problems are adequate, and based on the content + a bit of reflection, you should be most of the time able to reply or find the solution to a problem.

Some courses had great instructors and it is not only the way they teach but the way they share some tips and advice – it almost feels like personal tutoring.

I really really liked the format of the quizzes and some of the problems.

-via g2.com




Ratings :

I really appreciated the work that done by edX.

I really appreciated the work that you edX is offering. I mainly focused on free courses, and I gained a lot of knowledge through them!

I usually mention this e-learning site when someone is asking me for a good and sustainable platform in order learning new things!

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United Kingdom

Ratings :

Highly Recommend

I’ve taken one course on edx and am currently on my second, both provided by TU Delft. The content is very good quality and the quizzes at the end of each section actually encourage you to work things out for yourself and actively learn.

I’ve seen other reviews complain about having deadlines however I think this is a good thing because it motivates you to keep learning, which is something I need.

Furthermore, I haven’t paid for a verified certificate on either course yet I still feel as though I’m getting the full experience and have access to a lot of information which is going to help me in the future.

-via TrustPilot

Jana R

Graphic Design Intern

Ratings :

“Great Resource for Continuing Education”

EdX allows you to work at your own pace through university-level coursework. There are a wide variety of courses to choose from, and most are of high quality from well-known universities around the world.

A nice feature some courses utilize is the forum setup that allows you to post, view, and comment on classmates’ work – this is a useful tool that makes courses feel more akin to in-person learning.

I especially appreciate this feature in creative/design-oriented courses where users can upload their sketches and models to communicate more complex ideas.

-via g2.com



Improvement reviews

Deepak K

Ratings :

“Interesting perspective for beginners”

The most helpful thing about edx is it’s a community of helping people and its review system. And access to a large number of courses. Which are mostly open source.

But I need to confess that not many courses are available for specific fields, the courses offered are either general or too broad to be ready to start working in the market.

I have learned to code on a Linux system using edx courses. However, I was not able to resolve any real-world problems yet. The most beneficial thing about edx is it’s freely available for everyone.

-via g2.com


Ratings :

Terrible customer service and dysfunctional service overall.

Terrible customer service and definitely not designed for the busy professional!

Professor sent us an email saying we have 8 weeks to complete the course, but the website says we have only 5.

I reached out to customer service and they are completely useless. No reason – they just keep repeating that I have 5 weeks, even after I share the email from the professor with them. Edx is clearly not designed for the busy professional.

Switching to Coursera for my next course, which actually has flexible deadlines! Also, their customer service at least seems decent.

-via TrustPilot

Start learning on edX


Courses and programs at edX are either self-paced or Instructor-paced which is also known as Instructor-led. Instructor-paced courses have a fixed schedule while the self-paced courses have suggested due dates and a final course end date.

Verified courses are paid ones. There is a difference in the experience of completing the verified and the audit courses. You will have access to the graded assignments and exams along with the verified certificates in the verified courses. You can only review and access the content of the course in the free Audit track.

Anyone can be stuck at any point in the course and in that case, you can get help from a course or program staff in the discussion forum within your course.

Accessing and Managing things from the mobile app provide various benefits. With the help of edX mobile app, you can do various things such as registering and creating an account, enrolling in the course, completing assignments, watch videos, participate in discussions, read handouts and easily get relevant notifications.

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