15+ Best Coding Interview Courses & Certifications Online in 2023

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If you would like to launch a successful career as a computer programmer, then coding interviews are a necessary evil you’ll have to deal with.

While some interviewees find the coding interview an inconvenience, it is a very useful tool for employers to establish the depth of their coding skills and efficiency.

So you’d better kick off your coding interview preparation by taking the best coding interview courses and tutorials online.

In addition to that, while preparing for a coding interview, most coders think it will only be about coding. Yes, there are tons of coding exercises, but principally your soft skills are also tested.

In this article, I have reviewed the best coding interview courses and tutorials to help you prepare for the technical interview by honing both your technical and soft skills.

You’ll find a tone of coding questions and answers, algorithms, and data structures problems for acing the technical interview.

Let’s get started.

1. Master the Coding Interview: Data Structures + Algorithms | Udemy 
2. Coding Interview Bootcamp Algorithms, Data Structures Course | Udemy 
3. Coding Interview Essentials: Data Structures & Algorithms | Ibrahim Irfan | Skillshare 
4. How to Pass a Coding Interview | Edaqa Mortoray | Skillshare 
5. Top Coding Interview Questions (Essential to Getting Hired) | Udemy 
6. The Complete Data Structures and Algorithms Course in Python | Udemy 
7. Get Ready for Your Coding Interview Online Class | LinkedIn Learning, formerly Lynda.com 
8. Mastering Common Interview Questions Online Class | LinkedIn Learning, formerly Lynda.com 
9. Software Engineer Interview Unleashed | Udemy 
10. Nail A JavaScript Interview (With These Practice Problems) | Udemy 
11. C++ for Coding Interview: Algorithms + Data Structures 2020 | Harsh Kajla | Skillshare 
12. Engineering Interview: Improve Problem-Solving in Python! (Coding Interview) | Lukas Vyhnalek | Skillshare 
13. Break Away: Programming And Coding Interviews | Udemy 
14. LeetCode In Python: 50 Algorithms Coding Interview Questions | Udemy 
15. Data Structures and Algorithms in C++ For Coding Interview | Udemy 

1. Master the Coding Interview: Data Structures + Algorithms | Udemy 

Making an effort to improve your whiteboard coding skills will definitely help you nail the coding interviews that stand between you and a great job offer or a salary raise.

This ultimate coding interview bootcamp, is one of the best coding interview preparation courses online that will help you land jobs at some of the big tech companies like Google, Tesla, and Amazon.

So technically this coding interview course teaches you how to use the strategies, lessons, and exercises in this course, to land offers from all sorts of companies, by mastering algorithms, data structures and the notorious Big-O Notation. 

Through this online training, you’ll be able to get on the same level as someone with a computer science degree by learning the fundamental building blocks of computer science, which will give you a big boost during interviews. 

At the end you’ll also know what to do during interviews, after the interview, and how to handle offers.

2. Coding Interview Bootcamp Algorithms, Data Structures Course | Udemy 

If you are preparing for a tech job interview that will involve some JavaScript coding challenges then you definitely want to kill it stone dead by mastering JavaScript data structures and algorithms.

Often that not, most interviews will ask you tricky questions that you can only answer if you had seen the problem before.

That makes this coding interview course on Udemy a great place to learn the most common coding interview questions that you’ll see in an interview, giving you the tools you need to ace your next whiteboard interview.

However, you are not only just going through dozens of questions to practice on, you’ll also understand the tricks behind solving each question, so you can perform in an actual interview.

By the end of this training you’ll have a thorough understanding of the most important data structures, sensible strategies for tackling systems design problems, and insider tips on correctly answering what interviewers are really looking for.

3. Coding Interview Essentials: Data Structures & Algorithms | Ibrahim Irfan | Skillshare 

The technical coding interview is inevitable today when you are looking to land a serious software developer job at a reputable company.

So if you find yourself constantly struggling to get interviews or solve coding interview problems then this is the best coding interview preparation course online to teach you the ins and outs of a successful interview.

Contrary to what you think, and as you’ll discover in this course, you don’t really need to prepare for months on end for a coding interview. You just need to master the absolute essentials for getting and acing the coding interview.

You’ll start off by covering how to set your resume up for success, how to best apply for jobs, and how to optimize your LinkedIn, GitHub, and personal portfolio.

For the technical skills, you’ll cover stacks and queues, dynamic programming, and Math, Bitwise, and Design questions, among others.

4. How to Pass a Coding Interview | Edaqa Mortoray | Skillshare 

Learning the secrets to passing programming interviews will help put you ahead of your competition when the rubber meets the road at a job interview..

Despite the fact that most coding interviews are a challenging test of your technical knowledge, they also focus on assessing your inventiveness, and composure. 

This course will help you prepare for the coding interview by learning from someone who actually conducts many coding interviews, and watches candidates stumble with a variety of mistakes. 

So by sharing her experience with you, the instructor will help you get on the fast track to success.

Basically, you’ll be learning how to prepare and write code, how to interact with the interviewer, as well as how to deal with those tricky algorithm challenges.

Even though there is no magic formula for killing coding interviews, as they are fraught with random perils, this is one of the best coding interview preparation courses that helps you avoid common mistakes that will improve your performance.

5. Top Coding Interview Questions (Essential to Getting Hired) | Udemy 

When it comes to improving your general coding skills, coding interviews are a great way to go because they enable you to learn some handy problem solving techniques, before the d day comes when you need them.

By taking this coding interview preparation course you’ll pick up a few problem solving techniques you’ll be able to use right away in your next coding interview.

The course instructor then carefully walks you through the 11 essential coding interview questions and their answers, the very questions that surface often in programming interviews.

And they basically have to do with the concepts behind the use of arrays, strings, two-dimensional arrays, linked lists and trees, etc.

In order to follow along well, though, you should have basic knowledge of two dimensional arrays, breadth first search, and linked lists and trees.

I’d recommend this course to an intermediate to advanced learner who is preparing for their software engineer programming interviews.

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