[Verified] CFI Coupon Code – (Exclusive 2023 Updated)

CFI Coupon Codes

CFI Coupon Code (2023 Updated)

In this article, we will discuss the CFI Coupons and discount codes and give an overview of CFI.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Active CFI Coupon Codes 2022:

Exclusive All Access Subscription – Try Limited Code: OCGRAD10

CFI Pricing Plan
Both subscriptions come with access to the entire CFI course catalog and certificates.

How Much Can You Save with CFI Promo Codes?

Self-Study Subscription:

CourseActual PricePrice After Coupon Code
Modeling & Valuation Analyst
Commercial Banking & Credit
Analyst (CBCA)™
Markets & Securities Analyst
Intelligence & Data Analyst

Full-Immersion Subscription:

CourseActual PricePrice After Coupon Code
Modeling & Valuation Analyst
Commercial Banking & Credit
Analyst (CBCA)™
Markets & Securities Analyst
Intelligence & Data Analyst

Careers & Expected Salaries After CFI Courses?

Banking, Financial
Planning &
Analysis, Equity
Private Equity
Commercial Loan
Officer, Risk
Manager & Credit
Adjudicator, Credit
Commercial Loan
Broker, Private
Treasury, Sales and
Trading, Asset

Management, Risk
Data Analyst,
Business Analyst,
Analyst / Data
After 1

How to Use CFI Coupon Codes?

cfi coupon code

Head over to the CFI website. Once here, first, create an account for yourself using your email. Set a password, and then you’re almost there. Choose the program or course you want to enroll in.

How to apply cfi coupon code

Once you reach the checkout page, click on the “Have a Coupon Code?” button. Paste the code OCGRAD10 in the box, and you just got 10% off on your course fees!

Hope this CFI coupons helps you out. Also, read corporate finance institute reviews to get a better idea

Why Should I Choose CFI?

Before we dive into why you should choose CFI, let’s do a quick introduction to the institute. CFI or Corporate Finance Institute was started back in 2016.

It is an e-learning institute that aims to give students from across the globe a top-notch education in Finance. It offers several professional certifications and courses in corporate finance, accounting, investment banking, and more.

Having taught over a million students across the world, CFI has become a reliable, trustworthy institute. CFI has got great reviews from its students.

It’s got a mighty 5.0 on TrustPilot, with 87% of excellent reviews.

Based on reviews from students on TrustPilot as well as other platforms, here are the top
reasons why you should opt for CFI’s courses:

● Excellent Curriculum — The courses at Corporate Finance Institute are well-designed.These are made keeping in mind the career goals of students.

The curriculum is well-rounded and covers all aspects of the subject at hand. Plus, the course material is up to date, which means your knowledge and skill level will also be up-to-date.

● Certification & Reputation — CFI has made a name for itself. When you have a CFI certification on your LinkedIn profile or your resume, it holds a lot of value. So, doing a course will CFI will prove to be beneficial to your career for years to come.

● Excellent Instructors — What is a course if it doesn’t have good instructors? Most students of CFI have spoken highly of the instructors, their teaching style, and their knowledge.

CFI Pricing: 

CFI offers a Self-Study plan and a Full-Immersion plan. Both subscriptions come with access to the entire CFI course catalog and certificates.

The Self-Study plan, as the name suggests, you will receive the study material from CFI, but the rest is up to you. You don’t get any guidance from the instructors, or any additional study material. The Self-Study subscription costs $497 for any of the certifications.

The Full-Immersion plan costs $847. Here, you are entitled to plenty of premium profesional support from the team at CFI. Plus, you get access to many case studies that help you in the learning process.

You should see which one fits into your budget, and go ahead accordingly. Many would say that the fees are on the higher side, but with everything that you gain from doing the courses, there is value for money too.

If you find the Full-Immersion plan too expensive, you should go ahead with the Self-Study plan and make sure to put in the work.

It’s just as good because, at the end of the course, you’ll still have a CFI certification, and a much deeper understanding of the subject at hand.

You can use the active FMVA Coupon Codes to save money.

CFI Coupon CodeOCGRAD10
Activate Coupon Code ➜

CFI Customer Care Review:

cfi support

When you buy any product or service, customer care is extremely important. When it comes to e-learning, a lot of us are usually skeptical.

When you know that the institute you’re enrolling in has efficient customer service, you’re more at ease shelling out money for online classes.

Many of CFI’s reviews specifically speak about its customer care. You can reach its customer support via phone, chat, messages, email as well as go through. It’s a help center for commonly asked questions.

CFI has a prompt and reliable customer care setup, and that adds to the positive experience that students talk about in their reviews.

One review states “the customer service is quicker than amazon prime with its deliveries”.

You can also read the best financial analyst courses online.

CFI Short Review:

In short, CFI has a good reputation among students, employees, employers, and industry big-names alike. The certifications are accredited and add a lot of value to your profile.

The courses are well-designed and the instructors are experts. The Self-Study plan can be tough to follow through on because of the lack of guidance and support.

However, it is a lot more affordable than the Full-Immersion plan. The latter offers a lot of support from instructors and gives students a much more rounded learning experience.

I guess this corporate finance institute coupon code article is helping you out.

Verdict: Is It Worth It?

Yes, CFI’s courses and certifications are worth it. If not for anything else, the value that CFI certificates add to your profile is ginormous.

Plus, the courses offered are well-designed and interactive and constantly updated. So, the value isn’t just the certificate. It’s the knowledge and skills you gain too.

It might be on the expensive side. Especially the Full-Immersion plan. However, that gets compensated by the value add.

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Does CFI have a refund policy?

CFI only offers a 14 day refund to European citizens. If a student is unhappy with the course, they can request a full refund within 14 days of enrollment.

Can I get a discount using corporate finance institute coupon codes?

Yes, you can. All you have to do is use the code OCGRAD10 to get as much as 10% off on your course fees.

Are our CFI certificates accepted in the industry?

Corporate Finance Institute is approved and recognized by the CPA institute. All their certificates will be verified and they are accepted in the industry.

When I enroll for a course with CFI, how long can I access the course material?

You can access all course materials for a period of one years.

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