Can A Teacher Tell If You Have A Crush On Them

Can A Teacher Tell If You Have A Crush On Them

Romantic relationships between teachers and students are forbidden by most schools including tertiary institutions. But that doesn’t stop teachers from crushing on students or students from crushing on teachers.

In the case of teachers, they may do a better job of hiding this from their students. If you’re a student on the other hand and you’re wondering whether your teacher can tell that you have a crush on them, the simple answer is “yes”.

Teachers have a lot of experience with student crushes and possibly relationships in general. They’re able to easily tell from the obvious prolonged stare in their direction when they aren’t looking, general body language, blushing, over-eagerness to help or get close, nervousness, and more.

Keep in mind that it’s completely natural for students to develop crushes on their teachers especially since they spend a significant part of their days in school. You don’t need to be ashamed that the teacher may already know of your crush.

Most teachers are trained professionals who understand that such crushes will pass just as quickly as they come during that stage of maturity.

How Do Teachers Know When Students Are Crushing On Them

Students crushing on teachers is nothing new in the academic field. However, teachers are forbidden from dating students. But this doesn’t mean they don’t notice when a student is crushing on them. Tell signs usually include most of the following:

Keep in mind these signs, when considered individually, do not necessarily mean a student has a crush on their teacher in any way.

However, students with genuine crushes on their teachers would exhibit the majority or all of these signs.

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Students Attempt To Impress The Teacher

They’ll try to impress the teacher by being attentive in their class and trying their best to participate. This is an attempt to show the teacher they care about the teacher’s course or what the teacher cares about.

After all, teachers would most likely care more about students who actively try to make progress in their subject.

Never Miss The Teacher’s Class

Because teachers may have busy schedules depending on the level of education they teach and various other factors, students may not be able to see their teacher much outside of the classroom or their lecture times.

The only chance students who may be crushing on their can may be able to interact with them would be during their class time.

As a result, these students would endeavor to be present and on time to enjoy every moment of the teacher’s time. They would engage the teacher with questions even when the rest of the class may not be enjoying the ongoing lesson as much.

Not only will they be present for each lesson, but they’ll also try to make a good impression by being the first in class.

Willing To Help/Volunteer

The student would always be willing to volunteer when the teacher needs help with something. The student would always be happy to assist the teacher, whether it be with their belongings or just a glass of water.

They would be happy to accept tasks like class monitoring which they may ordinarily feel uncomfortable with.

Refrains From Misbehavior

The student would try to behave themselves in front of the teacher. Even when interacting with their peers, they would comport themselves when the teacher is present to avoid the teacher’s disapproval.

Attentive In The Teacher’s Class

The student would always pay attention in the teacher’s class as they may simply enjoy hearing the teacher’s voice and wouldn’t like to interrupt them unless to get them to talk more.

Additionally, they want good grades in the teacher’s class, so paying attention to every single word is necessary to better understand their lessons.

Staring At The Teacher

A student who has a crush on their teacher may spend every second in class looking at the teacher. They’re unable to take their eyes off them.

High Performance

The student will perform exceptionally well in the teacher’s class in an attempt to impress them by getting the top position in the teacher’s class.

It doesn’t matter how boring their peers may find the class, they’ll put in the effort to try and outperform their peers in the class.

Request Extra Lessons

Except at the higher education levels where students are completely aware of the relevance of any extra lessons the teacher may provide them, students at the pre-tertiary level dislike extra lessons.

Students who have crushes on their teachers may ask for extra lessons in an attempt to spend more time with the teacher.

In cases where the student may request a one-on-one lesson, the teacher should be careful as a student who is unable to control their emotions could make a move that could jeopardize the teacher’s career.

They Know The Teacher’s Schedule

The student would keep a close eye on the teacher’s schedule to identify opportunities to be close to or spend time with them. They would also put in the effort to identify the teacher’s likes and dislikes.

Dislike Teacher’s Absence

Imagine promptly coming to class in hopes of interacting with your crush only to find out they wouldn’t be coming to class. While this happens often between students, it also happens between students and teachers.

A student would be unhappy when the teacher that they have a crush on does not come to class. While most students may enjoy the absence of the teachers, a student who has a crush on the teacher would put in the effort to identify the reason for the teacher’s absence.

Out of concern for the teacher’s well-being, they may reach out to other teachers to determine the reasons for the teacher missing class.

Defend The Teacher

If any student disrespects the teacher in their presence or absence, a student who has a crush on the teacher automatically develops a dislike for that student.

They’re unable to tolerate any criticism aimed at the teacher and instinctively try to defend the teacher.


School campuses are social grounds where information flies easily. Other students may already be suspicious of a student’s crush and may resort to teasing the student.

And although this may be between students, rumors spread easily in school and teachers become aware of any gossip on the school grounds.

Rumors about a student crushing a teacher would most likely reach the ears of the teacher in question. They may hear it from their peers or even from other students.

How To Handle A Crush On A Teacher

Having a crush on your teacher is harmless, so long as you do not act on it. But how do you handle seeing the teacher you’re crushing on every day?

Don’t Act On It

If you care about your teacher, it’s advisable to refrain from acting on your crush. It’s never going to end well as the teacher’s response could end up embarrassing you.

In rare occasions where a relationship develops between yourself and the teacher, you should keep in mind that the teacher’s job would be at risk should the relationship be found out.

The teacher could lose their license or could face legal charges depending on a student’s age and various other factors.

Respect Their Position

The teacher serves in a position of authority in the classroom. Relationships with students would blur the line between professional and personal which could negatively impact the administration of their duties.

It’s advisable to refrain from bringing your crush to their attention. This shows maturity and your genuine care for their professional well-being.

It’s Normal

Don’t be embarrassed as having a crush on someone is quite normal. After all, teachers can be quite cute sometimes. Just know that this will quickly pass as soon as the next person comes along.

Keep It To Yourself

In this age of social media, news travels fast. Keep any crushes on your teacher to yourself as the information could leak if you inform your friends.

Students would end up teasing you with this information and the teacher would also come to hear of your crush on them.

Protect your privacy and also avoid putting the teacher in an uncomfortable situation by keeping this information to yourself.

Focus On School

Schools are places of learning for students and teaching for teachers. Remind yourself why you’re in school and distract yourself from your crush by focusing on your academics in school. Focus on building your future by focusing on your academic work.

Let It Pass

Understand that crushes pass even if it’s your first crush. Before long, you’ll totally forget about your teacher when the next guy comes. It’ll pass just as quickly as it came.

Find Someone Your Age

Developing feelings for someone new can serve as one type of distraction. Find someone in your age group to date. It’s a great way to distract yourself from your crush while also learning more about relationships.

In Conclusion

Teachers can tell students who have crushes on them from the way they stare at them in class, blushing, over-eagerness to please and help them, nervousness, and general body language.

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