Top 15 Best Paying Jobs in Military Government Technical (Updated 2024)

Top 15 best paying jobs in military government technical

The military is a terrific career choice for a variety of reasons. For your loved one, joining the military is a great career choice, regardless of how the economy is doing.

Employees who have completed a technical degree, training, or apprenticeship in a subject that requires some knowledge have access to a wide variety of high-paying professions. Because of this, in this post, we’ll show you the highest paying positions in the military, government, and technical armed forces and air force for problem-solving. 

Keep reading to learn more about the top 15 highest-paying occupations in the military, government, and technological fields. There’s always a chance that the next turn in the road will lead you to an interesting and challenging new job!

What is a job in military government technical?

Military/government/technical careers are those in which you work in the military, government, or technological field. These jobs can be extremely gratifying, but they also come with their own set of obstacles.

The following is an example of some of the tasks that are performed by members of the enlisted: 

Participate in military actions, such as combat or training operations, as well as humanitarian or disaster relief operations, or provide help to those operations in some way. Operate, maintain, and repair equipment. Carry out activities that are both technical and support. Supervise junior enlisted personnel.

Are Jobs in military government technical a Good Career Path?

Military, government or IT careers are great. Public-sector labor isn’t as lucrative as private-sector jobs, but it has benefits. It benefits society and the country.

Government jobs offer security and benefits. They pay little yet have wonderful privileges and little turnover. They offer field experience. If you change employment later, your job experience will make you more desirable.

Armed military jobs offer the honor of serving your country. The military teaches its members a variety of occupations, allowing you to choose a path that suits you and preparing you for a civilian job if you so choose.

Let’s get to the 15 best-paying jobs in military government technical

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1. Civil Engineer

Top 15 best paying jobs in military government technical

Median Salary: $76,000

Education: Bachelor’s degree

Projected Growth: 7%

Engineering is an essential skill for all branches of the armed forces. Civil engineers, on the other hand, have a significant part to play because their work focuses on a variety of transportation modes and modes of payment.

They are particularly skilled in the design and construction of bridges, highways, and trains. This implies that if the unit needs to build a bridge in order to advance, they have engineers who can tell them how to do it, what they need, and whether all of their equipment can make it across for a military job and training for pay as information security analysts.

Choosing a job path can be challenging, especially if you want to express your creativity while also working to make the world a little bit better and more efficient every day. Civil engineering is an excellent career option! 

You will not only have several options to specialize in areas of interest to you, but you will also have the satisfaction of knowing that your job is improving society as a whole. Let us have a look at some of the advantages of working in civil engineering.

2. Governor

Top 15 best paying jobs in military government technical

Median Salary: $72,000

Education: Bachelor’s degree

Projected Growth: 44%

The main executive officers of the fifty states, five commonwealths, and territories are known as governors. These governors are all elected by the people living in their respective states. In their capacity as managers of the state, governors are tasked with the duties of enforcing state laws and monitoring the functioning of the state’s executive branch.

The governor holds the position of head of state in each of the states according to our political system. It is highly unusual for someone to go to the position of governor without first gaining experience in a position in a lower office. 

It’s true that the amount of responsibility and power a governor has is determined by the rules of the state in which they were elected, but there’s no denying that being governor is one of the most prestigious positions in government, military, and money.

3. Legislative Analyst

Top 15 best paying jobs in military government technical

Median Salary: $72,000

Education: Bachelor’s degree

Projected Growth: 5%

Legislative analysts examine new bills and changing laws to see how they might influence their employers. As a legislative analyst, you are responsible for watching legislative changes and assisting your business in preparing a response to new bills. Daily responsibilities may involve conducting research, interacting with company executives, attending conferences, and writing reports. 

Legislative analysts operate in a range of fields, generally in policy creation, law, or government. To work as a legislative analyst, you must have strong critical thinking abilities and a bachelor’s degree in political science, public affairs, or a similar profession.

Legislative analysts are responsible for spending their time performing analyses of various pieces of legislation. They will concentrate on the specifics of a draft bill pay and figure out all the implications that the change will have. 

In addition to this, they will attend any hearings that are held on the topic in order to stay abreast of any developments and to determine the positions held by other members of the legislature regarding the issue of requiring a college degree for military service.

4. Army IT Professional

Top 15 best paying jobs in military government technical

Median Salary: $69,964

Education: Bachelor’s degree

Projected Growth: 53%

You will be responsible for the processing, maintenance, and troubleshooting of military computer systems and operations if you work as an Information Technology Specialist. Because of the nature of the work you will be doing, it is essential that you have a strong technical background as well as an aptitude for programming and computer languages.

The administration of networks and systems is another crucial aspect that is heavily reliant on information technology inside the military. They are experts in compiling, assisting in terms of installation, setup, and maintenance, and reporting data about the status of numerous networks and computer systems for the United States Navy A Pay. 

This pertains to military databases, and they are responsible for the reporting of such information.

5. Aircraft Mechanic

Top 15 best paying jobs in military government technical

Median Salary: $69,680

Education: FAA-approved aviation maintenance technician degree

Projected Growth: 5%

Being an airplane mechanic has several advantages for what may appear to be a lesser known or “unseen” vocation!

Most people flying commercially through airports are unlikely to consider how well the aircraft they will be flying on is maintained. However, aircraft maintenance is an essential and important component of the aviation business that protects the safety of both passengers and cargo.

If the pride that comes with being some of the most important and fascinating aviation employees isn’t enough, there are plenty of other reasons to seek a career in aviation maintenance!

Aircraft mechanics in the military are highly compensated enlisted personnel who are responsible for the inspection, maintenance, and repair of military aircraft, such as airplanes and helicopters. 

They troubleshoot the technical instruments that are necessary for operation, maintain the aircraft engine and operational components, and make certain that mission-critical equipment such as weapons systems is secure and operational. 

Those who specialize in the maintenance and repair of military aircraft may find employment in any branch of the armed forces that rely heavily on aviation to accomplish its missions.

6. Military Intelligence

Top 15 best paying jobs in military government technical

Median Salary: $64,207

Education: Bachelor’s degree

Projected Growth: 13.1%

As a Military Intelligence Officer in the Army, it will be your job to keep track of all of the information that is gathered during Army operations. You will supply crucial information that, in many cases, will help save the lives of soldiers who are now engaged in combat on the front lines.

An important role in the military is that of an intelligence specialist. It is required to have a bachelor’s degree in information security analysis and is responsible for the collection, development, and analysis of data information that is to be disseminated concerning the top official government or military personnel. 

This is done in order to create awareness for a particular mission operation, software development, and to meet other requirements.

7. First Officer

Top 15 best paying jobs in military government technical

Median Salary: $54,820

Education: high school diploma or GED certificate and a commercial pilot’s license

Projected Growth: 6%

On an airplane, the first officer works alongside the captain to assist with all of the takeoff and flight operations. Assisting the captain in the operation and preparation of the aircraft is one of the day-to-day tasks that may fall under their purview. 

Providing assistance during takeoffs and landings. Maintaining vigilance over the flight plan and communicating any relevant updates to the captain. First officers fly both fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft in the capacity of second pilots, also known as co-pilots. 

First officers are often assigned to larger aircraft with more complex flight operations, where they provide support to the pilots in order to safely fly the aircraft. There are a lot of first officers in the USAF, and their salaries can range widely depending on how long they’ve been in the service and their rank.

8. Captain

Top 15 best paying jobs in military government technical

Median Salary: $54,561

Education: Educational ; Training Services (ETS)

Projected Growth: 5%

There are several different branches of the armed forces, and each one offers a varied starting salary for captains in their respective ranks. In spite of this, the rank of captain is typically one of the higher-paid posts in the armed forces, particularly when allowances, bonuses, and combat pay are included during deployments. 

Company commanders are called captains, and they are responsible for guiding and commanding anywhere from 100 to 200 soldiers. In both non-combat and conflict situations, they collaborate with noncommissioned officers and pass orders down the chain of command.

9. Translator

Median Salary: $47,238

Education: Bachelor’s degree

Projected Growth: 5%

In your role as a translator, you will be responsible for converting written content from one or more “source languages” into the “target language,” ensuring that the translated version conveys the meaning of the original text in the most understandable manner feasible. In most cases, your native language will serve as the target language.

Translators in the military are responsible for putting together written communications, both technical and non-technical, by transforming documents either from English into other languages or from other languages into English. 

They may support military service members in combat zones, intelligence operations, and other mission assignments that require translating papers and sensitive intelligence communications. They may work in a variety of capacities.

10. Interpreter

Median Salary: $47,103

Education: High school diploma or equivalent

Projected Growth: 5%

Interpreters can speak one or more languages in addition to their mother tongue and serve in all branches of the military to assist deployed troops in communicating with the population of the countries in which they are stationed.

 Interpreters in the military may be required to work in a wide variety of environments, both in times of peace and during times of conflict, depending on the nature of the assignments they are given. The translators’ base compensation can also change depending on their level and the number of years they have been employed.

11. Combat Engineer

Median Salary:  $46,201

Education: Bachelor’s degree

Projected Growth: 4%

Constructing bridges, clearing barriers with explosives, locating and avoiding mines, and other environmental hazards are just some of the tasks that you will be responsible for as a Combat Engineer. You will work quickly and skillfully to assist other soldiers in their navigation during combat missions.

Engineers have a variety of applications outside of the building industry, including service in the armed forces. Engineers who specialize in combat support are known as combat engineers. They are responsible for navigating the terrain where the operation is being conducted, constructing bridges for transport routes, and removing hazards such as land mines, debris, coast guard, medical school, nuclear engineering, and explosives in exchange for payment.

12. Drone Pilot

Median Salary: $44,858

Education: Remote Pilot Certificate from the FAA

Projected Growth: 51%

Military drone pilots specialize in remotely piloted aircraft for aerial reconnaissance, finding, and plotting military soldiers, armed forces, and network protection for a fee.

Drone pilot military training has grown in popularity in recent years. The demand for drone pilots is rapidly increasing. Are you interested in becoming a drone pilot? If so, you should think about taking a Drone Pilot USA course.

Military drones are getting increasingly common. They provide new methods for capturing photos and video footage. Furthermore, they can be used for business purposes. Drones, for example, can be used to monitor crops or take aerial photographs of construction sites.

Drones for military purposes are becoming increasingly popular due to their unique perspective. They enable us to see things that we would not otherwise be able to see. As a result, they are suitable for a wide range of applications.

13. Pilot

Median Salary: $43,482

Education: Bachelor’s degree, Pilot’s license

Projected Growth: 5%

The US Navy has a lengthy history of providing carriers to our country’s military. From combat in World War II to serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, the United States army is always structured to protect America.

For those who want to serve their country, the United States Navy military offers a wide choice of job opportunities. Whether you’re looking for a process or wish to join the navy, the United States military can give you the education and enjoyment you need to be a triumphant air force.

They are in charge of numerous military aircraft. Air force pilots in the military can be assigned to any sector. They specialize in completing flight operations for compensation such as carrying troops, moving equipment, assisting law enforcement, and providing air combat support for an air force, air traffic controllers, and armed forces.

The average compensation for a pilot is $43,482 per year, depending on rank and specialized training.

14. Military Police

Median Salary: $41,245

Education: High school diploma or equivalent

Projected Growth: 3.96%

In Army facilities, military police officers are responsible for the enforcement of military regulations, the management of incoming traffic, and the response to emergency situations. This helps to ensure the safety of both civilians and service members. 

Anti-terrorist activities, force protection, area security, and intelligence operations are often the primary responsibilities of military police officers.If they have served for a longer period of time and have achieved a better rank, military police officers have the possibility to earn more money. 

Allowances, sign-on bonuses, and even battle pay are all ways that a number of military police personnel might earn additional money that can be taken home.


Those who have completed an apprenticeship, a technical degree program, or technical training have access to high-paying jobs. This article provided a rundown of the top-paying problem-solving occupations available in the government, the armed forces, the air force, and the military. Positions in the government are known to be stable, well-paid, and advantageous, with low employee turnover rates.


What qualifications must I meet in order to join the Military?

It is not necessary for you to possess any special qualifications in order for us to take you into consideration for a position unless you are interested in working in a technical field such as engineering or communications. Furthermore, your age must be anywhere between 16 and 33 years old.

What will disqualify you from joining the military?

It’s possible that you won’t be able to join the military if you don’t meet the requirements for your age, citizenship, physical, education, height/weight, criminal record, medical history, and drug history.

How many years does a US Army personnel serve?

When you enroll in the military, you will typically sign up for a time of active duty that lasts for four years, followed by a period of inactive duty that lasts for four years. 

If you wish to continue serving after you have finished your active duty time, you have the option to either re-enlist or extend the term of your current contract. Officers make up a much smaller share of the total workforce than other positions do.

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