15+ Best C Programming Courses & Certifications Online in 2023

Best C Programming Courses and Certification Online

Can you learn C programming completely online?

C is one of the coding languages that is traditionally taught in a formal school environment, and so you might be wondering whether you can or should try to self-teach yourself C online.

Luckily, there are a ton of C courses and tutorials online, some taught by university professors, to teach you the ins and outs of C programming.

So if you want to learn C programming online and use it to script systems applications for Windows, Linux or Mac, signing up for the best C courses online is a great way to start your career in C programming.

In this article, I have reviewed some of the best C programming courses and tutorials online that will teach you C from the ground up.

In the process, you’ll learn how to use C to effectively work with enterprise software, game graphics as well as calculation-intensive applications.

Let’s get to it.

1. Introductory C Programming Specialization | Coursera 
2. Coding for Everyone: C and C++ Specialization | Coursera 
3. C Programming: Getting Started | edX 
4. C Programming with Linux Professional Certificate | edX 
5. C Programming For Beginners: Master C Language | Udemy 
6. Complete C Programming Course for Students | Udemy 
7. C Programming Step by Step: Tutorial For Beginners | Udemy 
8. Advanced C Programming: Pointers | Udemy 
9. Advanced C Programming | LinkedIn Learning
10. C Programming for Experienced Engineers | Educative 
11. C Language: The Big Picture | Pluralsight 
12. Learn C | Codecademy 
13. C Programming Course | Edureka 
14. Pointers In C and C++ By Spotle.ai | Tutorialspoint
15. C Programming from Scratch to Master | Tutorialspoint  

1. C Programming For Beginners – Master the C Language | Udemy 

Learning the C programming language is actually one of the best ways to get your career as a software developer launched, because it will generally make you a better programmer in other languages.

C is considered to be the mother of all languages because so many other languages have been derived from its concepts.

By taking this C tutorial, you’ll get to learn how things really work “under the hood”, understand memory space, CPU architecture and so on, you can create more efficient programs, and obtain a huge advantage over other programmers in the process.

It is actually one of the best C programming courses online that will enable you to understand the fundamentals of the C Programming Language, and make you more marketable for entry level programming positions.

At the end of this course, you’ll understand variables, the different data types, utilize functions and arrays, understand the  concept of pointers and control flow.

2. C Programming For Beginners: Learn C from the Ground Up | Udemy 

If you are looking for the fastest way to learn C programming on either a Mac or a Windows machine then you’ve come to the right place.

This C programming course on Udemy will teach you all you need to know to program in the C language from the ground up. You will learn everything from the very fundamentals of programming right through to the complexities of pointers, addresses and File IO. 

You should also remember that C is one of the most important programming languages, since it is used to program desktop applications, compilers, tools and utilities and even hardware devices. 

First off, you’ll begin with a gentle introduction to C but quickly move on to some of its most confusing features: everything from C’s ‘scoping’ rules to the curious connection between arrays and memory addresses. 

By the end of this course, you’ll know how to program both on a Mac and on a Windows machine.

3. Introductory C Programming Specialization | Coursera 

This specialization on Coursera helps you develop strong programming fundamentals if you want to learn how to solve complex problems by writing computer programs in the C language.

It is spread over four courses that teach you how to develop algorithms in a systematic way and read and write the C code to implement them. This will prepare you to pursue a career in software development or other computational fields.

It is the best c programming course on Coursera that will be considered by admissions as a demonstration of your skill and enhance your master’s application to Duke’s Pratt School of Engineering.

At the end of this C training online, there is also a hands-on practice project that includes writing a sorting algorithm, as well as writing a program to use Monte Carlo simulation to calculate poker hand probabilities. 

4. Computational Thinking with Beginning C Programming Specialization | Coursera 

This specialization is designed to let you explore computational thinking and beginning C programming topics, applying those concepts to develop solutions to a variety of practical problems.

Just like the previous specialization, this one is also diving through several courses. The first course assumes no previous programming experience, which makes it one of the best C programming courses online to get started with if you are a complete beginner.

Through these online courses you’ll learn about both computational thinking and C programming. So by taking this training, you’ll get to build a variety of C programs using the concepts covered in the specialization courses. 

Along these tutorials, you’ll get to apply computational thinking ideas in a number of exercises and topics so that you can understand checks in algorithms; data collection, analysis, and representation;  abstraction; automation; simulation; and parallelization.  

5. Complete C Programming Course – C Language for Students | Udemy 

This course is best for you if you’d like to learn the C programming language in the easiest and most fun way possible. 

In this C programming course on Udemy, you’ll find handpicked coding materials and over 100 exercises with full video solutions, which is basically everything you need to get started developing applications in C.

Since the instructor has practical experience working as an engineer at some of the leading high-tech companies, like Mobileye,  you’ll get to pick up actual C tips and tricks that are actually being used in the real world.

In this course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of C programming like input and output, how variables work, conditions and control flow, as well as the different types of loops.

By the end of the course you should be able to analyze and solve various C programming problems on your own.

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