15+ Best Angular Courses & Certifications Online in 2023

best angular courses

If you’d like to be a productive Angular developer, then you need to know the ins and outs of this framework so that you can spot inefficiencies in your code with speed.

Before we go further, let me mention that I mean Angular and not AngularJS as the former runs on a better algorithm for data binding which makes it multiple times faster and more resource-efficient than AngularJS.

Now, you can very easily learn Angular online using the best Angular courses online and start writing reusable and test-friendly code.

In addition to that, you’ll also be able to build compelling user interfaces for both your mobile and web applications which means a great user experience for your users.

In this article, I have listed the best Angular courses and certifications online to help you master Angular 7 for front-end web development.

You’ll also learn the MERN stack for full-stack web development as well as some TypeScript essentials.

Let’s get started.

1. How to Become an Angular Developer | Zero To Mastery 
2. Full Stack Web Development with Angular | Coursera 
3. Single Page Web Applications with AngularJS | Coursera 
4. Become an Angular JS Developer | Educative
5. Angular Course: Getting Started for Beginners | Pluralsight 
6. AngularJS Course: Front to Back With the Web API | Pluralsight 
7. Master Angular 7 : Complete Course | Udemy 
8. The Complete Angular Course: Beginner to Advanced | Udemy 
9. Angular with NodeJS – The MEAN Stack Training Guide | Udemy 
10. Build an app with ASPNET Core & Angular from scratch | Udemy 
11. Go Java Full Stack with Spring Boot and Angular | Udemy 
12. Angular Essential Training  | LinkedIn Learning 
13. Full-Stack App with Angular 2+ & Java Spring | LinkedIn Learning 
14. Master Angular 2 – Part 1 – Quick Start | Skillshare 
15. Angular Course Online | Edureka 

1. Master Angular 7 (formerly Angular 2): The Complete Course | Udemy 

If you are a complete beginner or an experienced frontend developer interested in learning a modern JavaScript framework, then this is the best Angular course on Udemy to get you started.

By taking this course, you’ll get to master Angular 13 (formerly “Angular 2”) and build awesome, reactive web apps with the successor of Angular.js.

The instructor starts you off with setup and deployment then advances to components, directives, services, Forms, Http Access, authentication, optimizing an Angular app with Modules and Offline Compilation, among others.

What’s more, through this Angular course you’ll also learn how to use the Angular CLI and features a complete project, which allows you to practice the skills you learned throughout the course.

And if you do get stuck with your code, you can benefit from extremely fast and friendly support from the instructor, together with other learners provided in the forum.

2. The Complete Angular Course: Beginner to Advanced | Udemy 

I’d particularly recommend this course to a back-end developer who wants to learn front-end development and become a full-stack developer.

It is the most comprehensive Angular 4 (Angular 2+) course on Udemy that helps you build a real e-commerce app with Angular, Firebase and Bootstrap 4. If you want to establish yourself as a front-end or a full-stack developer, you need to learn Angular.

In this course, Mosh, author of several best-selling courses on Udemy, takes you on a fun and pragmatic journey to master Angular 4, where he teaches you how to build real client apps with Angular on your own, troubleshoot common compile-time and run-time errors, as well as the best practices when building Angular apps.

However, since Angular 2+ has been written in TypeScript, this Angular tutorial online also introduces you to the fundamentals of TypeScript and object-oriented programming to better understand and appreciate this powerful framework. 

3. Angular Course: Getting Started for Beginners | Pluralsight 

In this Angular course online, you’ll learn how to create components and user interfaces, data-binding, retrieving data using HTTP, and more.

The course instructor takes you step by step through creating great web apps and staying up to date on the latest app development technologies, by coming up to speed quickly with Angular’s components, templates, and services. 

It is the best Angular course on PluralSight that teaches about components, templates, and data binding and how they work together. Here you’ll discover how to build clean components with strongly-typed code, building nested components, as well as how to use dependency injection to inject the services you build.

There are also lessons on how to retrieve data using HTTP, navigation and routing.

So by the end of this PluralSight course, you will be up to date on all the latest Angular knowledge and you will be able to use Angular to create great apps in the future.

4. AngularJS Course: Front to Back With the Web API | Pluralsight 

How would you like to integrate your Angular application to work with a back end service based on the popular ASP.NET framework?

This is one of the best Angular courses online that focuses on the touch points between an Angular front-end client application and a back-end service built with ASP.NET Web API.

Angular is great for building front-end client-side applications to interact with the user. But most fully featured web applications also need back-end services to handle data management, user authentication, and other logic processing on the web server.

So in this course, you’ll get started with Angular and the WEB API, where you’ll cover web application architecture, and creating WEB API projects.

Then there is a section on retrieving data where you learn about building the WEB API model, the repository and controller.

Finally, your project involves user authentication and login where you’ll build a functional login form and register users.

5. Angular with NodeJS – The MEAN Stack Training Guide | Udemy 

I’d say that if you’re already pretty familiar with the basics of Angular and NodeJS, then this course provides you with a detailed guide on how to connect both technologies.

It focuses mainly on teaching you how to connect your Angular frontend to a NodeJS & Express & MongoDB backend by building a real world application, ground up.

So you’ll basically be able to create modern, scalable and high-speed web applications with Angular + Node.js + Express + MongoDB.

Like I already mentioned above, this is not an Angular course, so you shouldn’t take it if you are completely new to this framework. However, it includes detailed explanations of the core concepts used as well as about Angular in general. 

What’s more interesting is that this Angular course online follows a practical hands-on approach to learning, so that the whole course is structured around one big application and the different concepts will be explained as they are introduced in this application.

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