15+ Best Postman Courses & Certifications Online in 2024

best postman courses

Do you need to learn Postman as an API developer?

When working as a microservices developer or a software tester, you’ll realize that there is no shortage of tools to get the job done.

That being said, every tool has its own merits and demerits. When it comes to Postman, I find it a very useful tool for both application testing and API development.

In order to learn Postman and use it to facilitate your software development tasks, the best Postman courses online will really go a long way to give you the initial push you need, and then the rest of the skills you’ll pick through practice.

Once you learn Postman, you’ll be able to build, test, and modify APIs, while converting your code to various languages like Python and JavaScript.

In this article, we are going to look at the best Postman courses and certifications for API development and automation testing of web services.

Let’s get started.

1. Postman: The Complete Guide – REST API Testing | Udemy 
2. Quick Introduction to Postman and API Testing for Beginners | Udemy
3. Postman – Intro to APIs (without coding) | Coursera 
4. Start Your API Testing Journey With Postman Tool | Coursera 
5. POSTMAN API Testing – Step by Step for Beginners | Udemy 
6. REST API Testing, Automation using POSTMAN | Udemy 
7. Introducing Postman Online Class | LinkedIn Learning
8. Postman Essential Training | LinkedIn Learning
9. Webservices API Testing with Rest Assured API & POSTMAN 2022 | Udemy 
10. Postman for API Automation Testing with Javascript | Udemy 
11. API Testing Using Postman: Ultimate Course(With Newman, Jenkins, and CI/CD). | Pramod Dutta | Skillshare 
12. Postman: Learn REST API Testing | Victor Gorinov | Skillshare 
13. Webservices API Testing with Postman – Complete Guide | Udemy 
14. API Testing using Postman | Newman |JMeter | Udemy 
15. Postman API Testing 2021 | Step by Step for Beginners | Udemy 

1. Postman: The Complete Guide – REST API Testing | Udemy 

If you are an experienced testing engineer and developer then you probably already are using Postman API testing for manual and automated tests. 

RESTful APIs are all the rage these days but at the same time they are getting more complex to get started with: different HTTP methods,, headers, cookies, dealing with file uploads or authentication with API keys, tokens, OAuth and so much more.

However, this is one of the best Postman courses that will teach you how to create a request with the required HTTP method and parameters, submit the request and easily inspect the results.

The instructor starts off the course with a section on exploring the features of Postman and then continues by writing API tests with the intention of integrating them in a CI server where the tests will run on a current basis.

You’ll also learn how to run API tests in Jenkins or any other CI server.

2. Quick Introduction to Postman and API Testing for Beginners | Udemy

How would you like to learn 80% of Postman in only 20% of the time?

If you need a quick introduction to Postman for your new position or for a job interview, then I recommend this course. It can help you get up to speed with it and learn REST API & testing real FAST. 

By taking this Postman course on Udemy, you’ll learn how it can help you during the development of your API as well as after the API is completed, by running tests that make sure your API is still working as intended.

The instructor starts off this tutorial by exploring the features of Postman, creating requests, and building simple workflows. Then he continues to write API tests and automatically runs a Postman collection using the Postman Collection Runner and Newman.

However, just watching the video tutorials may not be enough to learn the Postman skills you need. So you have to do the work and the practice assignments.

3. Postman – Intro to APIs (without coding) | Coursera 

This Coursera project based training is one of the best Postman courses online for learning how to use this testing framework without writing any code.

Did you know that we practically use APIs everyday, like when checking the news, or when logging into online service? APIs are actually used by many companies as a way to interact with their products or services. 

By taking this Postman tutorial online, you’ll be able to understand and send API requests.

If you work alongside or interact with APIs in your job, or you want to use APIs in your tech or data projects, this course is a great introduction to interacting with APIs without writing any code.

By the end of this Postman project, you will understand what APIs are and what they are used for. So you will feel comfortable reading API documentation and writing your own requests.

4. Start Your API Testing Journey With Postman Tool | Coursera 

This is another interesting Cousera Postman project that focuses on helping you start your API testing career by learning Postman online.

Postman is a collaboration platform for API development that simplifies each step of building an API and streamlines collaboration so you can create better APIs faster.

By taking this project, you’ll learn through step by step instructions how to write scripts to test APIs using Postman, how to test CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) operations with HTTP methods like GET, POST, PUT and DELETE, how to interpret JSON request and response, as well as adding assertions to the API response.

To make it more interesting, the video tutorials play in a split-screen with your work area, so your instructor will walk you through these steps as you follow along to make learning Postman faster and more practical.

It is particularly one of the best Postman courses online intended for complete beginners with no previous experience.

5. POSTMAN API Testing – Step by Step for Beginners | Udemy 

I can’t imagine a better way for learning Postman than through a step by step tutorial from scratch that focuses on real world examples that most developers can relate to.

This is why I think this Udemy Postman course is great for complete beginners because every lecture starts from scratch and you do not need any prior knowledge on Postman for API testing.

By taking this course you’ll learn what Postman is to begin with.

Then you’ll proceed to cover how to download and install it, understand the Postman GUI, create collections, variables, environments and tests. The lessons that follow this will teach you data driven testing, as well as how to run from command-line and Jenkins.

Finally, there is a workspace section that takes you through how to create and manage workspaces, how to create API monitors, as well as how to create API documentation.

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