15+ Best Excel VBA Courses & Certifications Online in 2023

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How would you like to impress with some ninja Excel VBA skills?

If you have been Microsoft Excel for some time then you probably have heard of Excel Macros and Excel VBA, and so are confused as to what the difference actually is.

Now, Macros are the programming code that runs on Excel and is coded using VBA programming, which is a programming language most used for automation in MS-based products like Word and Excel.

So if you’d like to be to automate some routine tasks and generate some custom forms, graphics, and reports for Excel then you have to learn VBA programming.

In this article, we are going to look at the best Excel VBA courses and certifications online for unlocking the power of Excel and Macros.

Through these courses, you’ll learn Excel application development using VBA from beginner to expert level.

So let’s get started.

1. Learn VBA Programming | Zero To Mastery 
2. Excel/VBA for Creative Problem Solving, Part 1 | Coursera 
3. Unlock Excel VBA and Excel Macros | Udemy 
4. Master Macros in Microsoft Excel (Plus Excel VBA) | Udemy 
5. Excel VBA programming by Examples (MS Excel 2016) | Udemy 
6. Visual Basic for Excel – Microsoft VBA Excel Tutorial | Udemy 
7. Developing for Excel with VBA | Pluralsight 
8. Excel Application Development with VBA | Pluralsight 
9. Excel VBA Introduction Series1 | Tutorialspoint 
10. Web Scraping using Excel VBA | Tutorialspoint 
11. Learning VBA in Excel | LinkedIn Learning 
12. Excel: Introduction to VBA | LinkedIn Learning 
13. Microsoft Excel Essentials: Level 3 – VBA Programming | Skillshare 
14. Excel VBA | Macros for beginners | Skillshare
15. AutoCAD to Excel – VBA Programming | Eduonix 

1. Unlock Excel VBA and Excel Macros | Udemy 

For business professionals who’d like to simplify & automate their workflow, this is one of the best Excel VBA courses online to get you started.

Through this course on Udemy, you’ll go from a complete beginner to a Microsoft Excel VBA Expert in just a matter of hours.

The instructor takes you step-by-step through everything you need to know to use VBA to improve your workflow, save time and automate your current Excel projects. 

Using the right VBA syntax is often a very difficult task, and is often not covered enough in other VBA courses. In this course you understand why you write things in certain ways for more efficiency.

So by the end of this training you’ll be able to understand how to use the right syntax in VBA, know useful Excel VBA codes you can directly use for your work, as well as use the macro recorder for simpler tasks and improve the code.

2. Master Macros in Microsoft Excel (Plus Excel VBA) | Udemy 

This  is a great Excel Macro/VBA course for you if you’d like to become more efficient in Excel by automating your daily tasks, because it helps you build a foundation of working with Excel Macros and VBA. 

What’s interesting is that, instead of being a theory based course, you get to build this foundation practically as you engage and participate in project based Excel Macro/VBA exercises, detailed throughout the lectures within this Excel VBA course. 

Besides, since each of the projects will build upon one another, introducing a new concept each time, learning becomes much easier and smoother. You’ll start with the basic building blocks of automating any task within Excel and ending with a fully customized Excel VBA project that will automate a series of Excel tasks.

What’s more, each project contains exercise files that you can download and use to complete the assigned Excel Macro/VBA projects. 

3. Developing for Excel with VBA | Pluralsight 

Let’s be honest for a second.

If you are an Excel power user who can filter data and write formulas but cannot use VBA then you’re definitely not making the most of Excel.

In this PluralSight course for learning Excel VBA online, you’ll learn how to build custom user applications in Microsoft Excel.

Here you’ll learn all about Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), the programming language built directly into Excel. You’ll find out what VBA is and how it became part of the Microsoft Office suite. 

More importantly, you’ll discover how VBA can be used to create user applications, querying a database to perform searches. 

It is one of the best Excel VBA courses online because by the time you finish this course, you’ll have an excellent knowledge of Excel VBA programming, and will have all the skills you need to start creating your own custom spreadsheet applications.

4. Excel Application Development with VBA | Pluralsight 

Would you like to take your Excel VBA skills a notch higher?

If so then this Excel VBA course on PluralSight will help you as an Excel developer, regardless of your level of experience, to add professional touches and techniques to your Excel-based applications.

The course instructor takes you through building custom ribbons using XML to advanced forms and Windows API techniques, so there is something for every Excel developer looking to take their skills to the next level.

In the building an application framework section, you’ll cover the development cycle, multilayered architecture, function libraries and services, as well as debugging, logging and error handling.

You’ll then finish off this course by a code section where you’ll cover preparing to build from source code, exporting applications to source, as well as building applications from source. So by the end you’ll be able to practice and apply knowledge faster in real-world scenarios with projects.

5. Excel VBA programming by Examples (MS Excel 2016) | Udemy 

A Microsoft Excel user who wants to learn automation and VBA programming should definitely take this amazing online course.

In this VBA course on Udemy you’ll learn about Excel VBA syntax, Excel VBA forms, methods of using forms and controls, and several workout examples to see usage of Excel VBA for automation.

So to kick off the course, the instructor takes you through how to automate tasks using Excel Macro recording, where you cover how to record a macro and create a shortcut action, as well as how to run a recorded macro on a new dataset.

You’ll also get to learn how to take input from excel sheets for program execution, how to ensure variable names are correct before execution of program, as well as the If else, and If elseif else commands.

Finally, there is a workshop example involving fetching data from MS Access using Excel VBA where you get to put your skills to use.  

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