A Well-Researched ArtistWorks Piano Review (2024 Updated)

ArtistWorks Piano Review
ArtistWorks Piano Review

Artistworks Piano Review 2022: Is It Worth It?

In this review of Artistworks Piano, I will share my experience of learning with them along with some pros, cons, and conclusions.

Be it for hobby, passion, or profession, playing a musical instrument has its own benefits. And the piano is one popular musical instrument. If you are looking for piano lessons online and are confused about which to join, you are at the right place. This article discusses one popularly known site for music lessons- ArtistWorks.

Regardless of how enthusiastic you are about your musical abilities, improving as a musician takes time. It requires a lot of hard work, constant practice, and a range of knowledgeable teachers.

Our ArtistWorks piano review will give you insights into its piano lessons, instructors, and everything else you need to know before enrolling for music lessons. So, hop in and let us discuss more.

Before moving towards ArtistWorks, let us know how learning piano can be beneficial for you.

ArtistWorks Overview:

ArtistWorks Piano Review

Unable to find any acceptable teacher to learn Jazz guitar from in his area, David Butler realized the need to connect learners with teachers. He and Patricia Butler established ArtistWorks in 2008, aiming to teach world music.

Soon, ArtistWorks became a revolutionary online platform that connects music learners with world-class teachers. Today, ArtistWorks features 35 teachers, hosts 50000+ video lessons, and has taught music to thousands of learners from over 80 countries.

Bottom line up, ArtistWorks is one of the best music schools online, having world-renowned artists teaching their art of music.

ArtistWorks students love their music lessons and teachers. However, there are a few negative reviews regarding ArtistWorks’ refund policy and customer support.

Why Learn Piano?

Learning piano or let it be any musical instrument for that matter nourishes your mind, body, and soul.

  • Improves your motor skills with better hand-eye coordination
  • Improves your memory by giving the brain a great workout
  • Cognitive, intellectual, and creative abilities
  • Soothes your mind and helps deal with anxiety and stress

Now, let us know more about Artistworks!

Features Of ArtistWorks:

1. Learn music anytime and anywhere

ArtistWorks is an online school of music that enables you to learn piano at the comfort of your home. With the internet and a smartphone, you can access all your music lessons 24X7.

2. Learn from the best teachers

All the piano teachers at ArtistWorks are masters of their instruments. They are world-renowned personalities for their music and also their teaching style.

3. Video exchange Technology

ArtistWorks goes a step ahead to personalize and make learning music online a heartfelt emotion. Using the video exchange technology, you can record yourself playing the piano and send it to your teacher. Your teacher will then give personalized video feedback that is like a mini-lesson.

You can also learn from video reviews of previous students in the video exchange library. It helps you learn from the mistakes of other students.

4. Lessons to suit all levels

Whether you want to learn at beginner, intermediate or advanced level, ArtistWorks has lessons for you. Each teacher has their own course structure, but each of them caters to all levels. They teach you everything from the basic techniques and postures to complex songs.

5. Placement video submission

Before starting your classes, ArtistWorks allows you to send a placement video to your teacher. Based on your video, your teacher recommends you the level you should start with.

6. Active student forum

ArtistWorks student forum is a highly active and engaged community. You can participate in discussions, give and provide feedback and learn from other students.

ArtistWorks Piano Overview:

Having three world-renowned pianists Christie Peery, George Whitty, and Hugh Sung, teaching piano, ArtistWorks is a great place to learn piano. We will discuss all overview detail in this ArtistWorks piano review.

ArtistWorks does great work of giving you the right mentors to learn from. All of them teach the very basics like correct posture, hand and wrist movements. They also teach the most complex music compositions at advanced levels.

You will not regret investing in ArtistWorks to learn piano. It is worth every penny. Let us know more about each piano course at ArtistWorks.

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Piano With Christie Peery Overview:

Christie Peery teaches classical piano at ArtistWorks. Winning numerous awards and having performed at the most prestigious halls and venues in the world, Christie Peery is a world-renowned pianist and piano teacher.

In piano with Christie Peery, you will learn classical piano from basic to advanced levels. She teaches right from the basics of correct sitting posture, hand, and wrist movement. After building a solid foundation, she proceeds with teaching to play simple and complex songs.

If you are interested in learning classical piano with a solid foundation, piano with Christie Peery is the best fit for you.

Course description-

Classical Piano Lessons with Christie Peery are divided into four levels-

  1. Fundamentals

This is an introductory section that walks you through the Peery Piano method that shapes the whole course. It focuses on postures, common mistakes, and practice tips.

  • Beginner

The beginner level teaches you to build a strong memory muscle and practice piano with effective exercises. It also teaches you to read sheet music and perform classical pieces. It is divided into four parts- fundamental, muscular, practical, and musical.

  • Intermediate

The intermediate level consists of how to practice piano pieces for skilled players. Here, she teaches you to perform complex classical pieces by Mozart, Bach, etc. It also covers minor, melodic, and harmonic piano scales and much more.

  • Advanced

At the advanced level, Peery completely focuses on perfecting and mastering your piano performance. It includes playing advanced classical pieces by Beethoven Sonatas and Chopin Nocturnes. 

Jazz Piano with George Whitty Overview:

George Whitty, a Grammy-winning keyboardist, is a world-renowned artist. Having over 20 years of experience as a professional pianist, George Whitty is an internationally recognized music composer, producer, and instructor.

Jazz piano with George Whitty consists of the most comprehensive Jazz piano lessons you will find online. It caters to learners at all levels from absolute beginners who know nothing to advance players looking for mastering Jazz piano.

If you want to learn Jazz piano from its very basics, I cannot recommend Jazz piano with George Whitty enough for you. It has the best Jazz piano lessons there are.

Course details: Jazz piano with George Whitty

Jazz piano lessons with George Whitty are divided into five levels with an additional quick start guide and electrical piano and keyboard concepts.

  • Quick Start guide

In the quick start guide, George Whitty exposes the students to foundations of jazz with a variety of chord voicings, piano scales, and jazz progressions. His lessons comprise both theory and practical learning.

  • Levels 1 to 5

From level 1 to 5, George Whitty slowly progresses from simple to advanced jazz concepts. He takes special care to increase difficulty gradually for beginners to understand the concepts clearly.

In all his lessons, he covers the topic with minute details. During the theory lessons, he explains the concepts of jazz piano and provides examples of how they are applied in practice. Knowing the concepts makes jazz piano easy.

He teaches the elements he specializes in like-

  • The blues in F
  • Build a scale-out of F7 chord
  • Bop scales- B flat 7, G minor 7, and C7
  • Electrical piano and keyboard concepts

In this section, George Whitty teaches the concepts of Funk soloing, Rhodes comping, and organ sounds like the Hammond B3.

Overall, you will not be disappointed by the vast knowledge he shares. George Whitty puts his heart and soul and years of experience into teaching Jazz piano. There are many e-learning platforms from which you can choose courses.

Hugh Sung Artistworks piano

Another talented pianist teaching at ArtistWorks is Hugh Sung. Hugh Sung is a world-renowned concert and orchestral pianist. He has the honor of playing piano at famous venues like Weill Hall, Wigmore Hall, and Carnegie Hall, to name a few.

After working as a musical director for over 20 years at Curtis Institute of Music, Hugh Sung shifted his focus to online teaching. He is known for his simple teaching style and an extensive list of video-based training lessons.

In all his lessons, Hugh Sung delivers his explanation. He breaks down complicated theories for students to understand them clearly. One thing that stands out with Hugh Sung is his patience to teach each piano piece note-by-note.

In popular piano with Hugh Sung, he does not limit teaching to only one piano style. He teaches pop, classical, rock, jazz, folk, worship, and broadway. If you do not want to limit yourself to one piano style, Popular Piano with Hugh Sung is for you.

Though you may not master one piano style, you will be trained with a solid foundation of all piano styles. Eventually, you can discover which style interests you the best and move forward with it.

Course details: Popular Piano with Hugh Sung

Piano lessons with Hugh Sung are divided into five levels from Level 1 to level 5.

  • Level 1

The first level focuses on the fundamentals of playing the piano. Hugh covers the concepts like how to learn a song, how to practice, right posture, how to read sheet music, and sight-reading pointers. Then he teaches to play popular songs like Greensleeves, Memory, Spring Dance, etc.

  • Level 2 to Level 5

With each level, Hugh selects little complex popular songs. He teaches you to play popular songs note-by-note. He covers popular songs like Nadia’s theme, My favorite things, Blue Danube Waltz, River flows in you, and many more. 

Pricing & Duration: ArtistWorks Piano Review

ArtistWorks Piano Pricing

ArtistWorks provides membership plans for students to access the video lessons. You will have access to lessons as long as you are a paid member of the site. It does not have any option for lifetime purchase of any course.

It offers three types of membership plans-

  • 3 months plan to cost $35 per month. It is billed every three months at $105.
  • 6 months plan to cost $30 per month. It is billed every six months at $179.
  • 12 months plan to cost $23.25 per month. It is billed annually at $279.

At ArtistWorks, the longer the plan, the less it costs per month.

As all the courses are self-paced, the duration of each course depends upon how much time you dedicate towards learning.

Also grab ArtistWorks Coupon Codes to save more on courses.


  • World-renowned instructors
  • Video review library
  • Placement video submission
  • Well structured curriculum
  • Highly active and engaged student forum


  • Expensive when compared to other courses
  • Slow customer support

Verdict: Is It Worth It?

Yes! It definitely is. ArtistWorks is one of the best online music schools. If you are a complete beginner and want to get a solid foundation with piano or any other instrument, ArtistWorks is a great place to begin.

This ArtistWorks piano review has comprehensively covered all the aspects of ArtistWorks like instructors, curriculum, ease to use, pricing, and duration are in detail. I hope it helps you find your best fit.


Here are the frequently asked questions about ArtistWorks piano review.

I am an absolute beginner. I know nothing about the piano. Is ArtistWorks good for me?

Yes. ArtistWorks piano lessons cater to all levels of learners from beginner to advanced. It teaches from the very basics of correct posture and hand and wrist movements to playing complex songs.

Do I have to study lessons in order at ArtistWorks?

No. When you purchase the subscription to one course, you will have all the lessons in that particular course. You can learn any lesson, in any order you wish.

How do I know which level I should begin with?

At ArtistWorks, you have a placement video submission feature. You can record yourself playing the instrument and send it to the teacher. They will recommend the level you need to start based on your current skills.

Can I download the lessons at ArtistWorks?

No, you cannot download the video lessons. ArtistWorks allows only streaming of its video content. However, you have an option to download other resources like backing tracks, PDFs, etc.

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