Do Teachers Know When You Leave Zoom, Switch Tabs, Send Messages

Video conferencing tools like Zoom continue to gain in popularity in various circles including education. And while the pandemic played a role in skyrocketing the popularity of Zoom, schools continue to leverage this popular video conferencing tool even after lockdown restrictions have been lifted.

With the usage of the application comes questions from both teachers and students on what teachers can monitor or access through the application. This article aims to provide information on some of these questions.

Do Teachers Know When Students Leave Zoom

Is it possible for teachers on Zoom to notice when students leave meetings and also identify students who didn’t stay for the entirety of the Zoom class? The simple answer is:

Yes, everyone in a Zoom meeting may be seen through the participants’ tab, including hosts and other attendees. Zoom’s report feature also enables hosts to view and even export individual participant details including names, email, join time, leave time, and time spent in the meeting.

Additionally, teachers on Zoom have the option to enable sound notifications for when someone leaves their meetings. Sound notifications can be enabled for either the host and co-hosts alone or every participant in the meeting.

Simply checking the participants’ tab during Zoom meetings would reveal students who may have left the meeting already.

Zoom’s reporting feature also does a good job presenting participant names, their email addresses, the time they joined the meeting, the time they left the meeting, and the amount of time they spent in the meeting.

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Can Teachers See Your Screen On Zoom

Staying glued to the same screen on your computer for prolonged periods during Zoom classes can be tiring for students. They’re tempted to switch from Zoom to other activities on their computer.

The question that arises is whether teachers can identify students who may not be paying attention or have Zoom as the active application or tab. Even in classes where students are required to turn on their cameras, is it possible for teachers to see students’ computer screens.

No, teachers cannot see their students’ computer screens unless a student shares their screen or the student uses a district-issued computer with a monitoring tool like GoGuardian installed.

Keep in mind that this answer does not put into consideration any computer screen reflections caught on camera during video meetings. Any large and reflective surface within the field of view of the camera could show the computer screen to the teacher.

In the case of a school or district-issued computer, it’s advisable to determine whether a monitoring tool like GoGuardian has been installed. These monitoring tools would make it possible for a teacher to access a student’s computer screen during lessons.

It’s advisable to refrain from using your school’s computer for any activity you’d like to keep private or away from the knowledge of teachers. So long as there’s no monitoring software installed on your computer and you’re not actively sharing your screen, teachers would be unable to see your screen and any ongoing activities.

Can Teachers On Zoom See Your Tabs

It’s normal to find a computer with multiple browser tabs running at any moment. This applies to computers used by both teachers and students in online meetings. During Zoom meetings, a teacher or participant might choose to close any opened tabs to protect their privacy.

The question then remains whether tabs on a student’s computer can be seen during Zoom calls. Can teachers on Zoom see tabs students wouldn’t want them to see and can they also notice when students switch tabs from Zoom to perform other activities?

No, unless a student is actively sharing their entire desktop or a specific tab, Zoom cannot identify the tabs on their computer. Students have the option to share just one tab, application, or full desktop while using screen sharing.

While teachers on Zoom wouldn’t be able to identify students switching to other tabs when their screens aren’t being shared, there’re other ways by which teachers might be able to see ongoing activities on students’ computers during Zoom meetings.

That said, this is only possible in the case of students using district or school-issued computers installed with monitoring tools or students logging into their browser using their school email address.

Students logged into their browsers using the school’s email address essentially have no privacy with any activities on that particular browser. Administrators have full access to any internet history from these email addresses.

Additionally, students using their school’s internet can have their activities tracked, although this may only be limited to internet activities in the case of personal computers on the school’s network.

Can Teachers On Zoom See Your Private Messages

Teachers are usually the hosts of Zoom meetings but can they access every information on these meetings simply because they’re the hosts? Will private messages between participants be visible to the teachers?

No, teachers cannot see private chats between meeting participants. However, teachers have the option to enable or disable private chats between participants during Zoom meetings.

Students and other participants in a Zoom meeting can be assured of their privacy as teachers would be unable to read private messages between participants. Public messages on the other hand are visible to every participant on Zoom.

Are Private Messages On Zoom Recorded

To ensure that students have access to information shared during meetings, Zoom meetings are usually recorded by teachers. Some students go as far as to even record the meetings as well on their computers.

But one question that arises is whether public and private chats between participants are recorded as well.

No, private chats between participants on Zoom are not included in Zoom’s cloud recordings but they may be visible on recordings done with third-party applications on the participant’s computer. That said, public chats are included in Zoom’s cloud recordings.

Third-party screen recording applications simply record everything on the screen or a particular area of the screen. Depending on whether a private chat is visible on the screen, third-party screen recording applications would easily record every private interaction within the area specified for screen recording.

Can Teachers On Zoom See Who You Pin

If you’re wondering whether teachers will be notified if you choose to pin a particular participant’s video as opposed to the teacher’s video, you’re probably not alone. There’s this myth that a meeting host will be alerted if a participant simply decides to pin a video other than theirs and the action would also be visible in Zoom’s cloud recording.

No, videos pinned by participants cannot be seen by teachers on Zoom or included in Zoom’s cloud recording. However, this will be visible in any local recordings done using third-party applications on a participant’s desktop.

Videos pinned on a participant’s computer are only visible to the participants but also visible to others if the participant shares their local recordings using third-party screen recording applications with others.

Can Teachers On Zoom See You When Your Camera Is Off

No, teachers cannot see participants when their camera is off as Zoom requires user permission to access a device’s camera and audio. Teachers or hosts cannot directly access any participant’s camera or microphone without permission on the respective devices on which the meeting is being accessed.

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